Border Access Nigeria: Immigration made easy!

With Boko Haram and the almost-total removal of subsidy, it’s no wonder people are thinking of themselves as less Nigerian and viewing the world as their oyster. Now they remember that the world is a global village and many Nigerians have hurriedly renewed their passports in typical flight or fight fashion. The number of Nigerians being shipped back home everyday from other countries doesn’t even serve as a deterrent. These people are ready to embrace the word immigrant and see beyond the shores of Nigeria not just as fertile business ground but a haven away from all the rubbish we have grown accustomed to.

While we are looking for ways to get out, my dear Kenyan friend is frustrated with his job in Lagos but can’t leave because his company promised to sort out his work permit years ago and never got around to doing it…#reallysucks

So what’s your story? Are you tired of the prayers and fasting that precede a visit to the embassy only to get yet another NO? Would you like to contest it but you don’t know how or if it’s even possible? Or are you just a foreigner struggling hard to blend in and finally rep Naija? Well I rep Naija everyday and I know that sometimes all you need is a great lawyer, objecting to the bullshit the immigration gods throw at you!

So that’s why Border Access Nigeria is the way to go. The company’s legal department is run by Barrister Ese Edor & Co and I can tell you that this woman definitely makes things happen.
She’s a guru at immigration cases, appeals and legal issues. The Company has legal associates in Nigeria and world wide and are experts in UK, USA, China and Schengen Visas, Appeal Cases, Work permits and more. They provide expert consultation in regards to immigration from one country to another and also immigration into Nigeria for Business, investment as well as showing you the way to go where letters of invitation and incorporation of companies are concerned, as well as providing you with general guidelines for investment in Nigeria.
This is serious stuff!

I rep Nigeria but if I ever had to bail or go on that much needed vacation, Border Access Nigeria would make it easy as pie…

RC: 2182153
Call 08137160072 or 07040777376 for more details.


One response to “Border Access Nigeria: Immigration made easy!

  1. Helen Adewole

    March 20, 2012 at 4:26 pm

    this sure is a welcome idea, nothings pays as when an organisation takes the burden off you.
    I love this.


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