Hey Chutzpah fam,
Naija (or Nigerian) music has grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade, and its tremendous progress can be related to the rising number of super-talented artistes and producers whose sounds have become world-class and can rival anything produced elsewhere. Introducing…A sizzling new music producer who’s taking the industry by storm. His record label is called ***drumroll*** ALLNAIJABEATS!!! and he was gracious enough to grant us an interview. So here are excerpts from the interview with Donzizi, founder.

MizChutzpah: Hello CEO, could you tell us a little about yourself.

Donzizi: I am Dr Azeez Oseni though I go by the name ‘Donzizi’ and I am the founder of and Creative Director at ZiZi Records. I am also a Medical Doctor and a Public Health Practitioner. I come from the Niger Delta and work in the northern part of Nigeria.

MizChutzpah: A doctor and an entertainment mogul at the same timen wowzer! How on earth do you combine this?

Donzizi: Well…I am not a mogul yet LOL but we will get there! Combining entertainment work with a hectic and time-consuming job as a medical practitioner is simply insane. That’s the only way to describe it. I work by day and produce music by night and weekends. It’s a punishing schedule and leaves me little time for anything else…including family! Sometimes, I have shows and can’t attend because I have to travel for a meeting or a seminar.

MizChutzpah: Which one takes the most priority?

Donzizi: None actually…I value my music as much as I value my medical work and would not trade one for the other but in the future, I see the music winning the battle as I have great entertainment plans for Nigeria. My primary entertainment skills are producing, song-writing, rapping, singing, studio/sound engineering and artiste development. I have completed a number of music courses and I am currently a certified Digital Sound Designer. I am involved in other things which I have not mentioned like playing video games, writing poetry and dancing, I also perform on stage from time to time. I have been in the entertainment world for about 5 years now.

MizChutzpah: Wow, impressive. Since most of us are actually getting to know you for the first time, we’d love to listen to some of your work

Donzizi: That’d be great. I have uploaded a few songs I produced over the last 6 months or so. They can be streamed and even downloaded at
Several songs are not included though, as the artistes have specifically asked me not to. I have some songs from a French-speaking hip hop artist from Niger Republic called RC. Other artists include BeeCeeJay, Skah, MX, Sorkretis, JPO, Alama, Fetchi and TV Squared.

MizChutzpah: Let us talk about now. What exactly is it?

Donzizi: Allnaijabeats is a website dedicated to promoting good music within and outside Nigeria. We provide premium beats and instrumentals in different genres and from great producers/studios all over the world. You can either lease beats (non-exclusive) or buy full rights or better still just download and enjoy the free beats under each genre. Beats are available either as exclusive or non-exclusive. Exclusive beats are sold ‘full rights’ to the artiste and deleted from the site so the artiste can use that beat exclusively for their productions. Exclusive beats are typically more expensive. Non-exclusive beats are beats that can be downloaded over and over again by different artistes and used freely. They are typically cheaper and cannot be resold or used to make money. There are also lots of free beats.

MizChutzpah: That’s so cool! Ahem, so I can download beats for my upcoming single *wink* 😉
On a more serious note please could you spell out what artistes and producers stand to gain from this.

Donzizi: Artistes avoid the hassle of going to a studio to pay huge fees for a studio session where an impatient producer just makes a really silly beat and pushes the artiste away. This is not imaginary, it happens all the time in studios across Nigeria, and I have personally witnessed it at a friend’s studio in Lagos. Allnaijabeats offers an opportunity to sit at home and download the beat of your choice and pay very affordable fees.
Producers will be able to create free accounts and upload their beats for free. Such beats will be displayed for sale or lease and proceeds paid to the producer. So it’s a win-win for all parties, producers and artistes alike…

MizChutzpah: Hmmm so you are a producer’s producer! #Godfathertinz hehehe.
What type of beats do you host on allnaijabeats?

Donzizi: LOL at being a Godfather. Well I’m working towards that (big grin). And in response to your question, all types of beats are hosted. Even though we are big on afrobeats and other Naija genres, we have beats from almost every known genre category because we believe that music is a universal language. In actual fact, the first producers to contact me for collaboration were from the US and we hope to have a worldwide base of producers and clients.

MizChutzpah: So assuming I am an artiste and want to buy beats from allnaijabeats, how do I go about it? Hey don’t judge, if Tonto could do it, I can! 😉

Donzizi: You are hilarious! Well first Miz Chutzpah, you’ll have to register and open an account. This is free. Then you will have to fund your wallet by either doing a bank transfer or with your ATM card. Then you just browse the different beat sections and genres, hear a sample of what you want, and then download it. Alternatively, you can just create an account and continue to download free beats all the way! No hassles.

MizChutzpah: Thanks! 😉 Should we expect more services from allnaijabeats in future?

Donzizi: Most definitely, every business has expansion plans. Allnaijabeats is actually part of a business group called THE ENTERTAINMENT CLINIC which includes ZiZi records, a dancing school, a Club, event management outfit, and a music school. So, yes…it’s 360 degrees entertainment.

MizChutzpah: Wow, we can’t wait, Nigeria can’t wait! Thanks so much for your time. One more thing, I know you have no time for family but how about that one woman? Behind every successful man is a great woman!

Donzizi: LOL. Well, will let you know soon as I get my act together! *sheepish grin* Thanks to you for this opportunity. And to all Chutzpah fans, keep rocking! I absolutely love your blog by the way.

MizChutzpah: Thanks *grin*

So there you have it. Instead of going to a studio to pay huge amounts for limited-time studio sessions where any low-quality beat can be churned out, for the first time in Nigeria, a company is rising to the occasion and providing a platform where beats can be bought and sold. Cash-strapped artistes can simply lease a beat for a knock-down price and use it for their productions or stage performances or buy exclusive rights to a beat. And yes…there are lots of free beats for download. Only on!!!
Producers also stand to gain too as they can upload their beats for sale.

You can also follow allnaijabeats on twitter (@allnaijabeats) and like the page on Facebook ( Also check out the blog for Nigerian producers on and don’t forget to checkout some of the songs he has produced on

Have a great day chutzpahfam and thank you Donzizi! 😉



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