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Only skin deep…

I love groundnuts, always have! Even before I could chew, my mum claims the smell of groundnuts always had me crawling at top speed into her laps and I’d look at her with big doey eyes and ask for it in the best way I could. I couldn’t talk and I had more fingers than teeth but I’d literally eat it out of her mouth all in a bid to get at the lovely stuff-  I was hooked! It sounds thoroughly gross now that I’m older but I absolutely loved it back in the days. My aunt testifies of my greedy groundnut slurps and I wonder why they didn’t just buy me a jar of peanut butter? Maybe it hadn’t been invented yet! Hehehe! 😉

Anyway fast forward two decades and then some and here I am eating boiled groundnuts (my favourite) and I must tell you that each one is lovingly selected from the pile and only the ones with fresh, sexy groundnutty bodies get picked and then cracked as I eagerly anticipate the nut inside. I always prefer the 4 in 1 groundnut, value for my cracking ;-). So there I was with a tummy full of nuts and left with just two. I always crave my last two and if you are one of those people that wait till my food is almost finished before you beg, O.Y.O! Anyway back to the groundnuts. I had two left, one had just two nuts in it and didn’t look so great while the other was my specs 😉 four in one, nice beige colour, fresh and begging to be savoured. I chose that first for obvious reasons and cracked it open and OMG! It was awful. My mind was transported to a dark place that lay among the pests I’d suffered to memorize in Agric.Science class in QC, Gastro unit in Medicine and the patients with liver disease thought to be caused by the fungus in bad ground nuts and then the disappointment of trusting a beautiful nut to deliver and No it did not! It was painful and I threw it away in disgust. I glanced at the last one and grimaced. What good could come out of Nazareth I asked? Anyway I’d never been one to waste ground nuts 😉 so I cracked it open anyway and…wait for it…it was bad too! Now if only it had been good, it would have made perfect sense right? We would have reminisced about the Tales by Moonlight and why choosing the smaller calabash was better than the bigger better-looking one but no, that wasn’t it at all. I was feeling quite let down and I decided to just pack up the whole groundnut nonsense and move on with my life and in my usual fashion, my mind began to wander…

People are like groundnuts. Sometimes there’s no way of judging from how nicely they clean up if they have left their interiors chronically filthy. Growing up, I loved Agatha Christie novels cos the usual suspects were never guilty. It beat the cliché bad-guy-looks-like-a-meanie profile that books, movies and life in general seemed to lean towards. I changed my BBM display pic as my mind continued its solo journey and it struck me how important image was. Everyone constantly recycled only the best pictures of themselves & tried to always portray themselves in the best light and those who seemed more FEARFULLY than wonderfully made usually had the shorter end of the stick but was image really everything?

Regardless of what society has accepted as the norm, ugly doesn’t mean bad and beautiful doesn’t equate good neither does your outer charisma match the deepest recesses of your soul. Many times a beautiful person seems much less appealing when her character reeks and I’ve fallen for the Beast as opposed to Johnny Bravo more than once because his character, nature and mindset drew me into a seductive  trance. So think of the peanuts and ask yourself; “What do God and the people who know the real me, actually think of me?” It’s easy to fool the world, easy to look like you have it all figured out but think about just how annoying it is to spend hours scoping and stealthily pursuing a gorgeous bloke only for him to open his mouth and his bad breath and recurrent ‘H’ factor sends you scurrying for dear life?

My mum used to say when I was really young, that God created everything and everyone beautiful and that thought process was responsible for making me the optimist I am today. I have learnt that many times trapped within the most undesirable of creatures is a beautiful, gifted spirit who has known pain and therefore appreciates laughter. Sometimes when life is all good, it doesn’t necessarily make you a better person. Every once in a while we need a trial of some sort to mould our characters and that’s probably why God permits them.

Beauty after all is only skin deep and though it is cliché to say that all men were born equal, I would like to say that the inequality of men lies in the stuff that they are made of- Not skin, bone or flesh but mind, soul and spirit. Is your mind as manicured as your french-tipped fingernails? Is your soul on the brink of destruction or a fertile ground for the greatness within you? Is your Spirit a kindred one or a divisive one? If today you were stripped of your best feature- that killer body or that perfect smile or those sexy eyes- would you cease to exist? Would you consider suicide? If the answer is yes- then you are yet to realize that it is only skin deep…

Take a lesson from my ground nuts- sometimes the most lovable ones don’t look so great on the outside, sometimes they do but in all you strive to do, ensure that if you are ever stripped of everything you stand for- the rawness of the person within would be a magnificent sight to behold because who you are is more important than how you look!

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