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10 things that scare women away- Guys listen up!

10 things that scare women away- Guys listen up!

Ok so there you are feeling fly, you check the mirror and give your reflection a thumbs up, today is the day you conquer that fine lady you have been stalking for a while. You walk up to her and as soon as the words leave your mouth, she wrinkles her nose, rolls her eyes and walks off. What the hell did you do wrong? Don’t fret, I will tell you at no extra cost. 😉

Here are 10 things women find unattractive and of course most of you men haven’t figured it out yet:
1. The Stink: It isn’t overrated trust me! Our delicate nostrils cannot stand bad breath, body odor and smelly feet. It isn’t cute or manly and it doesn’t show you are active or work hard (just shows you are in need of a scrub) and don’t ever believe those books that equate such overpowering unpleasantness with sex-inducing pheromones! (ain’t the same thing bro)
2. Overconfidence: Yes there is such a thing as being too confident. We don’t want you acting like every woman is your play thing or ‘NO’ is a foreign word to you. It irks us and will make us say no just so that we can have the satisfaction of seeing your crestfallen face.
3. Sagging: We hate it, we hate it, and we hate it!!! This ain’t the 90s bro, we don’t wanna see your boxers or your butt crack (sic). Buy a belt or two, jeez!
4. Grabbing your package: We know you have a cucumber and nuts and if it’s impressive trust me we have already noticed. Do not grab your package when talking to us. It’s not going to fall out and you have had it all your life so forget it is there and focus on us! It surely is not passing on the message you hoped it would.
5. Being a slob: We hate constantly having to clean up after you. You are not a toddler and we ain’t yo mamas! If you throw something into the trash can and miss, walk over there and pick it up! If you spill water on the table clean it up. There is only so much we can do and making our job more difficult scores you very bad points.
6. The NFA: Any man with NO FUTURE AMBITION is as unattractive as a pot of spoilt beans. We need to know what your plans are and how you plan to achieve them and don’t even think about giving us a cock and bull story, we will find you out!
7. Scratching your balls and butt: What germs are you carrying in there? Don’t you dare do that in public or worse still scratch and then try to caress me afterwards. Simply gross man! (Go see a doctor, you might have candida or lice and shave off your pubes while you are at it)
8. The control freak: Guy I ain’t yo child! Being controlling, domineering or overprotective reeks of poor self-esteem. Don’t bully me, pick on someone your own sex! Jealousy is not cute.
9. The New Age Man: Listen up guys, being a godless, metrosexual with no respect for tradition or chivalry doesn’t score points with us. There’s a reason women like old, romantic movies; they paint stories of men who love, honor and protect their women, men who pay the bills and pray to God; Men who look good without trying and don’t compete with us for mirror time or fashion accessories not all this new age nonsense. (There I said it!)
10. Dishonesty: Contrary to popular belief women can handle the truth. If we couldn’t, we wouldn’t spend ages trying to catch you in the act or find out the truth for ourselves. Don’t lie about your possessions or position. Don’t think running a red light or cheating a customer is going to make you look like a superhero to us. We want an honest man not a snake!

Ladies what other behavior do you think should be added to this list? Men need to know!
Have a great day fam,

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