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Working with the wrong tools!


I recently became a professional makeup artist. I have always had a passion for makeup and wanted to make everyone around me look beautiful. So I did the needful, went to a renown makeup school, registered the business, bought the best makeup tools I could find and practiced with most of my spare time (you’d be surprised how much spare time a doctor can have when it’s for a potential money generating passion hehehe). I even taught myself how to tie gele something I had always abhorred doing (the janded makeup school didn’t have that in their curriculum) and even got pretty good at it but something was missing. The photos of my work didn’t have that wow factor on social media, they were nice no doubt but still not comparable to the makeup artists that I looked up to! It wasn’t my technique, I looked and looked to make sure there wasn’t something I was doing wrong when I painted those faces. It wasn’t the quality of my makeup either so what was it?

This weekend two good friends of mine told me what it was…Moleye and Kay spelt it out clearly and one must be grateful to have friends who encourage your work especially with helpful criticism. I needed a new camera simple. It had never once occurred to me that taking shots of my models with my blackberry Z10 camera was like shooting myself in the foot. After all the phone is supposed to be pretty decent ay? Well it has an 8 mega pixel camera but like Kay aptly said, he owned a camera with more pixels way back in 2008! (Way to go Blackberry, thanks for nothing.)

I felt like a hard working farmer who goes to the farm with a chain saw and tries to dig up the soil with it. OK maybe I am exagerrating with that analogy but it sure did get me thinking. There are so many people who are stuck in a rot because they are using the wrong tools for the job. Are you getting frustrated because you work so hard and for so long and yet other people seem to be getting far more out of it than you are? You need a tool check. Here’s my check list and it applies to every aspect of your life. Hope you find it as helpful as I did! Meanwhile the search is on for the best camera or phone for a rookie makeup artist. Please send in a comment if you have the answer. 😉

So here’s the tool appraisal checklist:

  1. Is there a better tool you could use to carry out this same task? Find out from people in the same field as you are + Google is your friend!

  2. Do you have the expertise required to make the most out of your existing tool? There are numerous short courses to help you on the Internet. Your problem might not be solved by a change of tools if you haven’t learnt the necessary know-how.

  3. Is this what you ought to be doing? No matter how great your existing tool is, if this is not what you are meant to be doing you will not make the headway you are supposed to. A supermodel would suck at farming even if she knew what to do and had a hoe. You can’t be strutting the farm yard like it’s a catwalk, find your calling before it’s too late! Simply put, it’s also one of the main reasons why guy A will be mega rich doing the same hustle that guy B has been struggling to do for a decade!

  4. Do you actually need the tool? Sometimes a malfunctioning tool might just be an unnecessary tool. You will never know if you can do the job without that tool unless the tool gave you drama right?

  5. What other tools do you need? Since you are doing an appraisal get it right this time. The world rarely gives you time for a second impression much less a third. Be the best you can be when you need to be so if you feel you are not bringing it yet, you need to make the change once and for all cos you may not get a third chance!

Have a fab week people and I hope that the week will be as peaceful as yesterday’s elections were and may the best man lead this great nation. I hope you all voted and didn’t sit pretty waiting for the elections to come and go. I couldn’t vote sadly, I registered in Lagos and I work outside Lagos and since Friday wasn’t a public holiday (I was hoping it would be), I couldn’t travel to Lagos to vote but the turnout was impressive. God bless Nigerians. Heard about some bribery that went on at some polling booths with Nigerians getting 5000 naira if they showed evidence that they voted for a particular party and have also seen a lot of unverified results making the rounds on social media. Please let’s all be patient and wait for INEC to officially announce the results to avoid stirring up trouble.

God bless this nation.

Lots of love Chutzpah fam, xoxoxo


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