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My new gig and all the other stuff I need to tell you!

Hey Chutzpah fam,

I am sorry.
There are not enough words to excuse my absence.
I am so sorry for leaving you guys hanging for almost 3 months. Gosh that really is a long time!

I would like to thank Michelle, Sir OJ and Adesuwa for being my top commenters for the year 2015! You guys make blogging worthwhile, love you! I would also love to thank everyone who took out time to read, share and comment on my posts all year round. God bless you all and may the last hours of 2015 bring you a dumbfounding miracle!

Great news, I got a job writing for Cosmopolitan magazine. I grew up reading cosmos and it’s amazing that now I get to write the same type of articles that stole my heart and made me the woman I am today! Yayyy! I have already written a bunch of posts for them using my real name Anita Benson. So here’s part of the reason why I haven’t been blogging so often and I do promise in the new year to strike a balance because I’d hate to disappoint you guys more than I already have.

Then there’s the not so great news. My older posts are all over the internet shamelessly plagiarised by wannabe bloggers. I think it’s despicable for someone to claim my intellectual property as theirs but I really don’t know what to do about it! Any ideas people?

Then there’s the petrol wahala! Some sanity seems to have returned to Lagos with fewer queues and filling stations selling at 87 naira but in Benin city, the queues are still long and the evil filling stations sell fuel at 120-135 naira per liter. Does anyone know who is supposed to be in charge? Oshiomole doesn’t seem to care at all! #Buharitakenote

And then I’d like to say a huge congrats to my sister and her beau who just tied the knot. God’s blessings darlings! And to all my friends who recently had babies (it’s raining babies this season). May joy never cease in your lives.

And my friends, the ones who made 2015 beautiful… Ruky Orife, Tolu Sowande, Funsho Orepitan, Isoken Ulikhinfo, Oke Onuwaje, Uche Agboje, Ufoma Obademi, Wura Olusanya, Dunni Ajayeoba, Chioma Agokei, Ame Nehikhare etc. Love you guys. God bless you for loving me flaws and all.

So barely 36 hours left till 2016 and here are seven things I want you to carry with you into the new year!
1) You do not have space in your life for toxic people. Any one who doesn’t uplift, encourage, improve or comfort you should have no place in your life in the new year. Zero tolerance for BS! Only allow positive people into your life so start spring cleaning your social circles, phone book, Whatsapp, BBM and social media from today!
2) There is absolutely nothing you cannot do as long as you put your mind to it. Nobody remembers how many times you failed at it once you finally do succeed so let your mantra be ‘I can and I will’!!!
3) Start and end your day with God! It’s the only way to stay victorious, happy and at peace!
4) Make room for family. Call your parents, siblings, relatives. Let them know how much you care. You won’t always have them with you, ask those who unexpectedly lost their loved ones. There will never be enough time, you need to create time!
5) Save and invest! Those who will be poor in the new year will be those who eat everything that comes into their hands. Set something aside for later regardless of how tight things may seem. You’ll be grateful you did!
6) Help the poor. Find someone that you can make smile at least once a month either with cash or kind. The bible says those who help the poor lend to God and you know lending to God is the best investment ever.
7) Don’t stop believing. You may not have achieved a whole lot of your goals for 2015 or even the year before and your prayer requests may seem unanswered but don’t lose hope, don’t stop believing. He has a plan for you and His timing is perfect. Be steadfast and patient and you’ll be glad you waited for His time.



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Copy and Paste Blogging: SPEAK OUT!

Two days ago, I stumbled upon one of my original articles: on Stella Dimoko-Korkus’ blog:
    No acknowledgement had been given to me and I immediately sent her an email drawing it to her attention. This was the response I got:

” My dear. Im sorry bout this oh. Even punch stole all my original words last week when they went to defend a story and did not give me credit. I did a double take and almost fainted.
Before i became a blogger. My magazine articles was taken by Linda without giving me credit for yrs. She and others and there was notin i cud do.
There is no. Effective law on this. Just stop puttn out ur articles until u device a way. I cant say more but i have decided to join them since they will not stop oh.”

I was too stunned for words. Stella didn’t change her blog post after the email. As far as she was concerned she had mentioned in the post that she didn’t write it and linked back to the website she took it from. More importantly intellectual property theft was normal since she had been a victim in the past but I wasn’t ready to let it go. I wasn’t angry with Stella for taking my work, I was angry that she chose not to fight for herself when others took her work and now expected me to follow suit!

On a whim I googled that particular post and these blogs had also stolen that post without any acknowledgement:

After the first Google page had yielded these four as well as two other blogs who did the right thing and acknowledged me, I was too angry to search for more. I wondered how many of my posts had been illegally reproduced elsewhere on the internet and what my next line of action should be.

So many people have suffered this in silence, from the big shot bloggers to the newbies and it continues to be a disturbing trend. Now in Nigeria, every Tom, Dick and Harry feels they can start a blog with zero imagination and zero creativity just as long as they can ‘copy and paste’ from the vast material available on the Internet. These materials were written by human beings who in many cases do not require any form of financial settlement in exchange for using their materials but just an acknowledgement and perhaps a link to the original post so that they get the recognition they deserve.

Nigerians especially are guilty of this copy and paste menace. In my first year as a masters student at the University of Sheffield, I was amazed at what emphasis the University placed on plagiarism. It wasn’t even enough to include your source as a reference, you were not allowed to lift the contents word for word and before submitting your assignment you had to first submit a draft to turnitin which was an automated plagiarism checker. The penalty for plagiarism was not a laughing matter and facing a panel or repeating the course were just a few of the punishments.

People have been involved in lawsuits costing them thousands of dollars due to intellectual property theft but like Stella sadly pointed out such laws are absent or lax at best in Nigeria and common in all spheres of the entertainment industry. I remember when Nollywood actors and actresses came together to fight against piracy and even in the music industry it’s a serious problem. One might say Piracy and Plagiarism are two different things but if an artist sweats to come up with some good stuff and someone else takes the recognition, glory or gains then it is just wrong. It is daylight robbery to pass someone else’s work off as yours and to all those who justify themselves that they got it from someone else who was the actual thief, ask the policeman whether he doesn’t arrest a person found with stolen goods even if the person claims the stolen goods were bought from the actual thief.

I have been advised to stop putting articles out till I device a way and this is one way I hope will make a difference. I am speaking out today against intellectual property theft in Nigeria and copy and paste bloggers. Honest, talented bloggers in the blogosphere should unite and put a stop to this. No more monkey dey work, baboon dey chop! If you doubt that this is a legit issue, contact a lawyer. I have two working with me who are encouraging me to sue. Now that I have put this post out in the open, I will make stealing posts from my blog/website a legal issue from henceforth.

Please stop copy and paste blogging. I don’t think any writer would prevent you from reproducing part of their work if you gave them some credit in the post. Let’s fight for what’s right and shake off the Naija mentality and oppression. I almost didn’t write this because some people kept tryna scare me into letting go but now is the time to SPEAK OUT! Please keep sharing this post till the word gets out.

Have a blessed day Chutzpah fam,


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