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Ten Crazy Truths About Going To School!

Ten Crazy Truths About Going To School!


Going to school is the law! Well even if it isn’t no right thinking parent would allow you skip school entirely but is school really doing for us what it’s meant to? Are we in actual fact better than those who only know how to read and write and have no other form of organized learning? So many great men and women didn’t go to school and many more dropped out but they seem to have higher qualifications in the school of life than many so called educated people.

Here are 10 crazy truths about school!

1) You learn conformity
Conformity is defined as compliance with standards, rules, or laws or behaviour in accordance with socially accepted conventions. Conformity means you never ask questions, not the questions that are actually important. Conformity means not questioning the system even if it’s unjust and keeping your opinions and future actions in la la land in favor of doing absolutely nothing while offering watery smiles and profuse lip service to the very system that kicks against you! That is conformity!

2) You forget how to think outside the box
You do as you’re told or as others have done before you. You never stop to think for one minute how your life would be if you didn’t do what was expected but instead did that which made your heart glad. We become deathly afraid of the unknown, preferring to die in captivity than entertain a life beyond our confines! It sucks I tell you!

3) You start to believe that more degrees will get you the money and respect you crave
The Secondary school leaving certificate became the bachelor’s degree and then the master’s degree and now you are considering a doctoral degree not because you love school oh but simply because of the hundred thousand Naira difference in salary (before tax) the higher you go academically. Money that one young boy will blow in one night at a club! No wonder with each new degree attained the emptiness inside seems to grow, you are not living life my friend, you are merely existing!

4) You realise too late that those with the real money and power didn’t go to school
Yep, the reality hits you just after you bag your first certificate and then see a Nigerian musician who didn’t go to school spraying your future salary on a babe in the club! If you have doubts check out this link: Billionaires who didn’t go to school

5) They don’t tell you that half of the s*it you learn in school is not going to help you in the real world
I still can’t understand how dy,dx features in my every day life as a medical doctor. Someone once said it taught me analytical skills, heck I probably learned more analytical skills from watching Inception!

6) You are programmed to do what everyone else does as sheep do!
If the crowd is running in one direction, you just run with them without asking why. School makes you feel like the majority has to always be right, like minorities don’t matter and being popular is more important than revelling in your uniqueness. Hasn’t it occured to anyone yet that the nerds in school become the future successful ones and the popular ones are stuck with mediocrity when they get into the real world? Of course it has but it usually occurs to us after we are done with school! Check out this behaviour that aptly describes how sheepy we can be! Click here: Human experiment.

7) Your self esteem and abilities are reprogrammed by bullies and disgruntled teachers
It doesn’t matter if you come from a loving home, if you do not possess strength of character or perhaps an iron fist, a sharp tongue or bodily enhancements, then you are fed to the wolves as soon as you make your school debut! And the more you get maltreated by teachers and students alike, the darker and more insecure you become even if you can fake otherwise. School thrives on the fear of the weak and the prey are left scarred for decades after.

8) You spend all your time learning about other people’s inventions instead of creating your own
Your creative abilities are harnessed and then buried forever! Harnessed in preschool with endless drawings and compositions and Plasticine and perhaps the occasional science project but eventually buried in favour of learning about the inventions of men who instead of serving as pace setters and role models have unfortunately become mere fictional characters whose formulae you must memorise to pass Physics class!

9) You look down on the subjects that could actually make you rich- French, Arts, Music, Food and nutrition and Agricultural science and instead focus on the ones that would only get you into more school
And now you are 32 and can only speak English and Yoruba because you never took French seriously and your company can’t send you to work abroad! #missedopportunities.
Imagine if you had taken agricultural science seriously? The tomato crisis could have been your big boom!

10)You learn too late that knowledge really isn’t power
Nope, money is power and influence is power and influence only comes with money so again money is power. Respect is the distant cousin of influence and being respected is entirely subjective. People will respect a well read man but when push turns to shove they will cast him aside for the man with the money. That’s the reality in which we live!

School doesn’t teach you life skills or tech skills, check out this video: Don’t stay in school

…But we have to go to school or have already gone to school just because we don’t wanna be like the proverbial old man who cries tears of regret because he wishes he had stayed in school or maybe because we actually like school (some great memories made there) but school doesn’t bring success, fulfilment or happiness that’s entirely up to you! You need to realise it’s a flawed system and cast off all restraints. You need to maximise your potential and do what makes you happy and what you know you are awesome at, regardless of what society thinks of it! MAKE SCHOOL WORK FOR YOU, it’s supposed to give you an advantage so USE IT!

Stay in school but don’t let school brainwash you into becoming a lesser version of yourself!


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