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10 Awful Things that the World could do Without!

10 Awful Things that the World could do Without!

1. Losing a friend because he broke your girl’s heart and you had to pick a side.


2. Losing a lover because you wanted him to take you seriously and gave him an ultimatum.


3. Having to attend boring management meetings because you got promoted.


4. A lie being told about you in a place or manner that a rebuttal can never be made but impressions have been formed.


5. Expecting you to play nice when someone says you should be thankful for a loss in your life because having that thing isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.


6. Not knowing whether to keep quiet or speak your truth about a situation that could potentially escalate.


7. Not being able to kiss your aged parents or grand parents because they could catch covid-19 and die.


8. Seeing the status updates of someone who used to be your very best friend and now he or she is just a stranger who knows all your secrets and is happy without you.


9. Being stuck in a relationship that makes you more sad than happy, just because of the optics.


10. When you can’t give an elder or boss a piece of your mind because of that thing called respect.


What awful thing should be added to this list?

While you are thinking of a time when you felt awful about one of the things above, also think about the person or people who have been on the receiving end of your awfulness. Let’s try to live by these 3 principles:

1. Be kinder to one another.

2. Live your truth; makesure your choices make you genuinely happy. It’s your life not theirs.

3. Look at the bigger picture. A lot of things don’t make sense when you look at them in bits and pieces.

Stay safe Chutzpah fam! Some of you are working from home, or may be in self-isolation, while others continue life as they know it. Please remember to be kind. Do not hoard supplies, do not spread the covid-19 virus, maintain safe distances and proper hygiene and remember to say a prayer for the world.

Sending love and light your way!

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Today a colleague said hello to me and his breath smelt really bad. I thought of telling him but couldn’t find any less-awkward way of passing the message across without stealing his smile and deflating his ego. I wish I had a breath mint or a pack of gum to casually offer him as friends fondly do while averting a disaster with the utmost tact. Ah well, I had none of these neither liver nor spunk and since it was but a momentary whiff I let it go and focused on cheerier smells. Later in the day as I lay casually on my bed I began to reason about the very many hows that dictated polite society.

How do you tell a man that you didn’t cum?
How do you tell a date that you really must fart?
How do you tell a cab man to stop talking?
How do you tell a fella that his body odor is murderous?
How do you tell your wife that she is getting fat?
How do you tell your date that his clothes don’t match?
How do you tell your mum that you couldn’t give two hoots about getting married right now?
How do you tell that friend that it isn’t any of her business?
How do you tell that neighbor that you aren’t borrowing her a dime?
How do you tell that guest that it’s time to go home?
How do you tell that woman that her vajayjay reeks?
How do you tell that man that his fuzz is an evil forest?
How do you tell that admirer that he is damn creepy?
How do you tell your boss no for any reason?
How do you tell your lecturer no when he demands sex to pass his class?
How do you tell the politicians who used their resources to fund your campaign that you are done with their corrupt arses?
How do you tell your inlaws to let you breathe?
How do you tell your child to let you sleep?

If anyone has deduced how to get around telling the truth without hurting another’s feelings please share. The truth is supposed to liberate but how damning the truth becomes when the shoe is worn on the other foot…


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