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The darkness

Since childhood she was taught to fear the darkness. The monsters lurking within, the stillness before the scream. No one warned her of the darkness within the light, the darkness in broad daylight. No one ever mentioned the darkness that sits in a room full of people or that stands in the corner amidst the brightest lights. This darkness is so terrifying that every adult and a child or two stumbles upon it entirely on their own. 

I met my darkness a few years ago. He goes by many names. Maybe you have met him along the way. 

Some call him fear…

My irrational fear of driving and then swimming and the fear of the unknown that never goes away. He loves it when I dream up the absolute worst possible case scenarios and allow them dominate my thoughts.

Some call him insecurity…

He sits whispering in my ear every time I don’t feel good enough, every time I feel unworthy of love, friendship or goodness. He cheers me on every time I doubt myself.

Some call him loneliness…

Alone in a big town, alone in a small house, alone without friends or alone in the midst of friends and family. He is the constant. The aloneness leading many on to the boulevard of depression.

He goes by many names. Seducing you in the name of all that’s careful and cautious. Promising to protect you from harm if you only let him in and then like the proverbial monster he devours all that is in his path, making a mockery of the greatness you carry within. 

But if only you’d dare. Just a little dare, dare to defy him and see what happens. He would lose his power, he would tremble and flee leaving behind the remains of the smokescreen that served as your shackles. He needed your fear to feed him strong and now he has nothing!

Be a true slay queen today! Slay your dragon & slay your darkness 🙌🙌🙌 

He is lurking behind every excuse, every self-doubt or depreciation and every ‘can’t‘. You can do absolutely anything you set your mind on to do. You just need a little dare

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