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Drunk in love? When is it OK to sober up?

Drunk in love? When is it OK to sober up?


Hey Chutzpah fam, been a long while. Got all riled up about domestic violence and played with the lyrics of my favourite song. This is such a serious issue and so many women suffer in silence. Please read and pass it on…there’s no excuse on the planet for that blow or slap babe, wisen up!


I’ve been drinking, I’ve been drinking
I feel so fly when that love gets me high
I’ve been thinking, I’ve been thinking
Why can’t you keep your hands off me, baby?
No more beat downs, na
Why can’t you just be civil when we fight, baby?
I want peace, na na

[Verse 1:]
Bruises on ice, bruises on ice
Feeling like I was attacked by an animal but it’s just the man in my grill,
Blackouts, Blackouts,
You got me faded, faded, faded
Baby, I love you, na na,
Wish this love didn’t hurt my fatty
Daddy, calm the f*ck down, na na
Drunk in love, I need help

We woke up in the kitchen saying
“How the hell did this shit happen?”, oh baby
Drunk in love, we be fighting all night
Last thing I remember is your
Fist slamming into my face, the pain and then it was all a blur
Drunk in love

We be all night, love love
We be all night, fear fear

[Verse 2:]
We be all night, but everything’s not alright
So many unspoken complaints. Body and soul so broken
Boy, I’m drinking, walking in my l’assemblage
I’m rubbing on it, rub-rubbing
So scared, but can’t call that reverend
Boy, I’m drinking, tryna think it right
How did I end up a gangster wife
Louis sheets, but the money doesn’t move me no more, blood on the sheets, feel like a washed out rag, he beat me up
Boy, I’m drinking, I’m wailing out loud in my room full of expensive toys
Then I fill the tub up halfway maybe if I took my life I would finally get some peace
Soberup, soberup
This love has me by a thread hanging, hanging, hanging on that thread
I’m swerving past that blow, swerving, swerving past that hot, dirty slap
Serving all this, swerve, surfing all of this gone gone

We woke up in the kitchen saying
“How the hell did this shit happen?”, oh baby
Drunk in love, we be fighting all night
Last thing I remember is your
Fist slamming into my face, the pain and then it was all a blur
Drunk in love

We be all night, love love
We be all night, fear fear

[Verse 3: His response]
Hold up, hold up
I do say she deserved this shit if I do say so myself
If I do say so myself, if I do say so myself
Hold up, stumble all in the house tryna backup all of that mouth
That you had all in the car, talking ’bout you the baddest bitch thus far
Talking ’bout you be repping that 3rd, wanna see all that shit that I heard
Know I sling Clint Eastwood, hope you can handle this curve, uh
Violence in a foyer, fucked up my Warhol
Got the bitch to act right, pushed her attitude to the side
Ain’t got the time for a woman who talks her mouth off
On sight
Catch a charge I might, beat the box up like Mike
In ’97 I bite, I’m Ike Turner, turn up
Baby know I don’t play, now eat the damn cake, Anna Mae
Said, “Eat the cake, Anna Mae!”
I’m nice, but I demand respect. I’ll treat you right or beat you blue
4, 5, 6 flights, sleep tight
The pain will be less in the morning, your breasteses won’t have the bruise by breakfast
You can’t leave me bae, we be all night

We be all night, love love
We be all night, fear fear

[Verse 4:]
So very tired, very tired
I been sippin’, that’s the only thing
That’s keeping me on fire, me on fire
Didn’t mean to spill that liquor all on my attire
I’ve been drinking, watermelon
(I want to get the hell out of here, daddy, I want out, right now)
This is definitely goodbye, gotta protect my fatty
Daddy, I hate you

We be all night, no mo love
We be all night, fear fear

…..this is the me-rix! 😉 😉

On the real tho’, for all you ladies getting beat down on a regular in secret and pretending like it’s all good. Life is too short to endure such pain. Nobody cares about your image especially when you are six feet under because your man couldn’t stop beating you down. You deserve better, you deserve peace and love and a body which doesn’t hurt so damn much. Run while you still can babe, it’s time to sober up, being drunk in love ain’t all its cracked up to be!

Thank you Beyoncé and Jay-Z , couldn’t have done this without you!

Another Chutzpah post…
Missed you guys,

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It’s all for the money $$$- A tale of one Lagos big girl….New beginnings: Part 2 Episode 3


The look on Barry’s face scared me. I knew something terrible awaited me in the living room. I wondered if it was the police or worse still Samsudeen. I wondered if whatever lay ahead would signal the end of the fairytale life I lived. I wondered if Barry would stick with me regardless of what he had heard or was gonna hear. His silence was deafening.

“I love you Barry”
It was a silent, gut-wrenching plea. It was a desperate affirmation of what we shared and a subtle reminder of the vows we took.

Barry held me hand and squeezed it softly without saying a word and then I opened the door and walked into the living room with a deep breath suspended in my lungs…

Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw. I let out the air in my lungs in a loud whoosh as I ran to Siki’s side.

“OMG, Siki were you in an accident? Are you alright? Is that a hand print on your face? Who did this to you? Oh God!”

Siki had been battered. Her face was red and there was a distinct hand print on her cheek. Her clothes were torn and she had cuts and bruises in several places. She groaned in pain, unable to answer my barrage of questions. Her eyes were wet with tears and filled with regret.

“Babe let’s take her to the clinic. That’s why I needed you to dress up”.

I was startled by Barry’s voice. I had forgotten he was behind me. No wonder he had looked so grim when he walked into the bedroom. This was obviously domestic violence and Siki’s husband was his very respected boss. I guess Barry couldn’t fathom how a man so cultured could batter his wife but I knew many men were two faced monsters. I felt really bad for Siki.

Barry and I had to carry Siki to the car. She had no strength left in her. At the hospital Barry called Siki’s husband and the doctor informed us that Siki had three fractured ribs and would be admitted. I quickly called Amaka and Zainab. I didn’t call Mamus, I figured Azeez would still be at her house and didn’t wanna risk seeing him again. Siki’s husband arrived at the hospital very alarmed and making a whole lot of fuss. If I hadn’t already found him guilty in my head, I would have believed he was innocent. He made quite a show and some of the nurses began to sympathize with him. An older matron walked up to me and whispered that many wife batterers were good actors. I guess she saw the confusion in my eyes. She eyed him coldly and walked off.

Siki’s husband walked up to us and shook Barry’s hand thanking him for bringing his wife to the hospital. Barry asked him what had happened with the last shred of civility he had. I knew Barry was protective about my friends and anti-domestic violence. Siki’s husband sensing the accusation in the air, swore that he had just gotten home when he got Barry’s call. As we were talking, Siki was wheeled past us on a stretcher enroute the theater. Apparently the doctors needed to perform a procedure and as she saw her husband her eyes widened with fear. He ran after her but the matron who had spoken to me earlier blocked him and asked him to take a seat.

Three hours later, we were still there and Barry and Siki’s husband were struggling to keep their eyes open. I told Barry to go home that I would stay here till Siki was stable and suggested that Siki’s husband take him home and get some rest himself. The men protested but I told Barry that the wine I had drunk earlier in the evening had me very alert and that I would be fine and besides both of them had work the next day. They finally agreed howbeit reluctantly. I had other motives for wanting to be alone with Siki. I needed to hear the truth. Just then Amaka called and said she and Zainab were on their way and that they had had to pick up Mamus hence the long delay.

Siki finally came out, weak but alive and she was bandaged up in so many places that if I could find the humor within I would have likened her to an Egyptian mummy. How did we women get ourselves into such situations? I wondered if this was the first time her husband was beating her. I wondered if she knew of his violent streak prior to marriage. I reckoned she did, these days it was all for the money. I held her hand and she opened her eyes and gave me a painful smile.

“Siki who did this to you?”

There was a long pause and she turned her head slowly to see if there was anyone else in the room.

“My husband”

“I knew it, that evil son of a…Na God go punish him. Ah! Men can be so wicked…”

Siki raised her hand as if to say no;

“My first husband”

I opened my mouth and closed it and opened it again. No words came out. What was Siki saying?

….to be continued

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