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How to spot a Nigerian player!!!

You can’t miss ’em, lurking at parties, clubs, office functions all dapper and looking for whom to devour. This is what a Nigerian man only out to play games with your heart and score looks like:

1) He wears a white flowing agbada or a sharp suit with swag dripping to his toes.

2) He doesn’t pick his calls while seated.

3) His social media profile doesn’t have any pictures of girls just he and his boys having tons of fun.

4) He knows every female in a 20mile radius.

5) He is the perfect gentleman.

6) Your mom and all your aunts adore him.

7) His phone has a super complicated password.

8) He doesn’t have an ex-girlfriend, he says he has never really dated anyone.

9) He is very particular about his looks.

10) Your older sister’s friends don’t approve of him but they won’t say why.

11) He has a type. Every woman he has been with looks like a clone of the very next.

12) He knows what’s hip and cool and his fashion advice is always on point! You literally take fashion and style lessons from him.

13) He has an impossibly long list of what he wants in a woman.

14) He has a baby mama.

15) He’s got the moves like Jagger in bed. Super hot.

16) He is so romantic, he absolutely melts your heart every time.

17) He is a great cook and his house is impeccable and well groomed.

18) He has more phone numbers than you have BBM contacts.

19) All his friends are married.

20) He is one step ahead of every get him to settle down trick in the book!

So before you give him your heart, be sure he isn’t out to cause catastrophe and vamoose!

Disclaimer: the delightful caption photo is only to serve as eye candy, he is not guilty of the felonies listed!

Have a great weekend chutzpah fam,


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