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Memoirs of a Naija Wedding Planner!

Memoirs of a Naija Wedding Planner!


Another guest blogger in the house, Uffy’s a rookie at blogging but a don at planning weddings and she is going to be spilling all the secrets and drama that happen behind closed doors prior to the wedding and dishing out advice to soon to be brides! Enjoy… 😉

Why wHY WHY do I love weddings so much???

Maybe it’s the fact that we spend so much time planning this one day event and when everyone gets in the day goes oooh so fast (I must have a 3 day wedding) or is it the tantrums the brides throw before the big day that happen to be all new to them after the wedding day? I had a bride who has of course become a lovely friend, call me at 3am on the wedding morning for assurance that she was doing the right thing!!! 3yrs after I’m certain she has no regrets.

 Then there are the mothers of the bride and groom who constantly use me as their fighting bait with things like “Make sure, MAKE SURE! you don’t feed the groom’s side my small chops” and when the groom’s side complains you hear: “Haba!!! Why didn’t you feed them as I instructed?”.

 Then there is the father of the bride who maybe upset about all the spending he has just done, is mega keen on making church early and takes it out on the bride and her lovely bridesmaids (I’ll personally term that dadzilla). 😉

Dealing with the pushy bridesmaids… sigh…I have done weddings where I almost wanted to chop off the bridesmaids’ eyebrows; the bride could be the calmest person on earth but once there’s a bridesmaid who feels she has an opinion about everything, there is WAR!

In the end weddings are a beautiful affair and the marriage an even better union.

I have been a wedding planner for three years and the gist I have would get your knickers up in a bunch but let me save it for next week! 😉

*Word for today: Start your wedding planning in good time; gives you time to negotiate and pick out superb vendors…

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