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Goodbye Blog, Hello Website!


Hey chutzpah fam,

I started this blog in October 2010 and 7 awards, 821 email subscribers and 129,724 hits later I think it’s time we took it to the next level!


I present to you (yeah I ditched the WordPress in the url)

Please bookmark this new website and for all my loyal subscribers, I would ask that you do me the immense favour of subscribing again. The box is at the bottom of the left column.

2014 will definitely be an awesome year.

Excited much

P.s: This is my last post here, all your favorite posts have been moved to the new website

Thanks and God bless,
Miz Chutzpah

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Copy and Paste Blogging: SPEAK OUT!

Two days ago, I stumbled upon one of my original articles: on Stella Dimoko-Korkus’ blog:
    No acknowledgement had been given to me and I immediately sent her an email drawing it to her attention. This was the response I got:

” My dear. Im sorry bout this oh. Even punch stole all my original words last week when they went to defend a story and did not give me credit. I did a double take and almost fainted.
Before i became a blogger. My magazine articles was taken by Linda without giving me credit for yrs. She and others and there was notin i cud do.
There is no. Effective law on this. Just stop puttn out ur articles until u device a way. I cant say more but i have decided to join them since they will not stop oh.”

I was too stunned for words. Stella didn’t change her blog post after the email. As far as she was concerned she had mentioned in the post that she didn’t write it and linked back to the website she took it from. More importantly intellectual property theft was normal since she had been a victim in the past but I wasn’t ready to let it go. I wasn’t angry with Stella for taking my work, I was angry that she chose not to fight for herself when others took her work and now expected me to follow suit!

On a whim I googled that particular post and these blogs had also stolen that post without any acknowledgement:

After the first Google page had yielded these four as well as two other blogs who did the right thing and acknowledged me, I was too angry to search for more. I wondered how many of my posts had been illegally reproduced elsewhere on the internet and what my next line of action should be.

So many people have suffered this in silence, from the big shot bloggers to the newbies and it continues to be a disturbing trend. Now in Nigeria, every Tom, Dick and Harry feels they can start a blog with zero imagination and zero creativity just as long as they can ‘copy and paste’ from the vast material available on the Internet. These materials were written by human beings who in many cases do not require any form of financial settlement in exchange for using their materials but just an acknowledgement and perhaps a link to the original post so that they get the recognition they deserve.

Nigerians especially are guilty of this copy and paste menace. In my first year as a masters student at the University of Sheffield, I was amazed at what emphasis the University placed on plagiarism. It wasn’t even enough to include your source as a reference, you were not allowed to lift the contents word for word and before submitting your assignment you had to first submit a draft to turnitin which was an automated plagiarism checker. The penalty for plagiarism was not a laughing matter and facing a panel or repeating the course were just a few of the punishments.

People have been involved in lawsuits costing them thousands of dollars due to intellectual property theft but like Stella sadly pointed out such laws are absent or lax at best in Nigeria and common in all spheres of the entertainment industry. I remember when Nollywood actors and actresses came together to fight against piracy and even in the music industry it’s a serious problem. One might say Piracy and Plagiarism are two different things but if an artist sweats to come up with some good stuff and someone else takes the recognition, glory or gains then it is just wrong. It is daylight robbery to pass someone else’s work off as yours and to all those who justify themselves that they got it from someone else who was the actual thief, ask the policeman whether he doesn’t arrest a person found with stolen goods even if the person claims the stolen goods were bought from the actual thief.

I have been advised to stop putting articles out till I device a way and this is one way I hope will make a difference. I am speaking out today against intellectual property theft in Nigeria and copy and paste bloggers. Honest, talented bloggers in the blogosphere should unite and put a stop to this. No more monkey dey work, baboon dey chop! If you doubt that this is a legit issue, contact a lawyer. I have two working with me who are encouraging me to sue. Now that I have put this post out in the open, I will make stealing posts from my blog/website a legal issue from henceforth.

Please stop copy and paste blogging. I don’t think any writer would prevent you from reproducing part of their work if you gave them some credit in the post. Let’s fight for what’s right and shake off the Naija mentality and oppression. I almost didn’t write this because some people kept tryna scare me into letting go but now is the time to SPEAK OUT! Please keep sharing this post till the word gets out.

Have a blessed day Chutzpah fam,


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The Docs of Hazard!

…Daddy I wanna be a doctor when I grow up…

Many a child has uttered that cry as he/she got an epiphany. Some buried those dreams the first time they caught sight of blood gushing from an open wound, others were never given a chance to choose a life beyond medicine and yet for majority of the doctors in Nigeria, it was a life-long dream, which involved years of sweat, toil and tears (6yrs+X for some).
Now one can write about the many benefits of being a doc, from the title to the ‘efizzy’, to the respect, to the ‘god-complex’, to the money (not in Naija), to the certain degree of immunity from the police, to the good karma that arises from helping others, to the high market-value in the dating and marriage market, to the widely open arms parents use to welcome a would-be, doctor-in-law. The list could be longer and however long it takes to achieve this status, for some, it’s to die for. But no one ever talks about the bad…

We doctors have become the ‘Dukes of Hazard’ and here are 10 awful things you should consider before sending your child to medical school…

1. Med school is tough. To even start the race, you have to have been a really brainy kid in secondary school and the work load is structured so that the frail fall by the way-side.
I know a guy who ran mad during his exams in med school. #shocking-but-true! And then there are the strikes that thankfully, have become rare but sometimes keep a kid in school for up to 10 years. There’s also the issue of accreditation which has become a nasty new trend, leaving students hanging for long periods till their schools can get their acts together and sometimes totally interrupting their studies. My friends F and I who are currently doing masters in the UK say after med school, you can basically face any academic challenge or stress that there is. For them, the workload seems a bit too light at the post-graduate level when compared to the hassle of becoming a Nigeria-trained doctor.

2. They will rebel. Many parents think a doctor in the house is a must-have and have grown tired of paying the family doctor, desiring one of their own. While this is a noble thought, forcing people to do what they don’t wanna do is akin to delaying their destinies because one day, many years after, they’ll realise what exactly it is they are supposed to do in life. My friend A started out in med school and dropped out in his second year. Today he is a seasoned DJ and radio/tv presenter studying a business course on the side and says he has finally found fulfilment. My friend T now works in an auditing firm and if she had been allowed to follow her dream from the very beginning, she could have gained 3 years and would have been on a level far above where she is today. I have countless classmates who were forced into med school by their folks and dropped out of the race with alacrity as soon as they obtained the title. According to my friend F, “Daddy here’s the title you always wanted, now can I live my life?”…

3. The risk of infection. Doctors are prone to needle-stick injuries and blood and body-fluid borne infections on the job, HIV and Hepatitis top the list. Some call it carelessness but I tell you that many of these accidents are freaks of nature and some have been both life-altering and life-threatening! A colleague of mine was pricked by a needle she had introduced into a child with HIV when the child jumped suddenly. The mother was supposed to be restraining him and was profusely sorry but sorry doesn’t cut it when you have to take HIV medication for 6 weeks. She can never take back those 6 weeks of her life that she spent sick and vomiting due to the side-effects or the constant anxiety about the probability of testing positive to HIV. Thankfully she tested negative. I also know a male doctor who tested positive to Hepatitis when he was asked to do the test by the church weeks to his wedding… 😦 so many doctors have been paid with a measure of the patient’s illness in return for their services and have learnt the hard way that even if the hospital or government doesn’t put in place measures for personal protection, it is imperative that you protect yourself!

4. Any doctor who has worked in a teaching hospital or community clinic will regale you with tales of how doctors have had to run for dear life even jumping through windows because they failed to perform magic on a badly injured patient and as a result became targets for violently angry and grieving family and friends. It happens quite frequently in teaching hospitals where mortality is the highest because they are the highest point of referral especially those located in poorer neighbourhoods…

5. There was an episode at a hospital some years ago where doctors were robbed and molested sexually at night, while on duty by a gang of hoodlums that attacked the hospital. No one knows for sure if the offenders were brought to book but the memory of the trauma lives on in those doctors’ minds…

6. Doctors are their own enemies. We don’t have a strong enough governing body and many times it is outrageous how the doctors at the top are the very ones standing in the way of progress. A while ago doctors went on strike in a teaching hospital on orders from the Association of Resident Doctors (ARD) and were fired en masse by the state. Adverts were put out for new doctors and doctors flooded the institution not caring about the events that preceded the jobs becoming available nor the cause for which the other doctors tried to fight. The ARD seemed powerless but thankfully, the governor of the state granted the doctors leniency and recalled them. It was quite amazing that their sack didn’t incite a nationwide revolt. Wasn’t it a worthy cause they fought for? Every man for himself, God for us all… 😦

7. Patient wahala! Sometimes patients can be a handful and I’m not talking about the average run off the mill, disgruntled or stubborn patient. I’m talking big wahala! A female patient being managed for infertility was found to be problem free and the doctor suggested, as is routine, that she bring her husband to the clinic for tests as the fault may not have been hers. The next day an angry man with a raised voice barged into the consulting room accusing the doctor of telling his wife that he was impotent! Now you can imagine the scene that unfolded and there have been far worse scandals…

8. The residency exams. I know people who have failed those exams up to 5 times regardless of the depth of their knowledge on the subject matter all because they failed to satisfy an examiner in an exam which is highly subjective. Exams cost as much as 50k and there are update courses to pay for from our meagre salaries too. Abroad, most exams are objective so you can hardly fail because an examiner thinks you are cocky or thinks it is your right to taste failure in this lifetime!

9. We do not work for the devil! Some patients treat us no better than the devil but in their defence, it should be expected since we constantly deliver bad news. I have grown weary of patients giving testimonies in church that start with; “The doctors said I had…..but my God put them to shame…..”
It is not doctors versus God!!! We also offer hope and look after you, remember? We care but God heals!- Our mantra 😉

10. It has been said that doctors dress horribly and have terrible cars. The salary doesn’t help matters and sometimes a doctor has to do ‘locum’ (part-time job) apart from his main job to keep body and soul together. In other countries, doctors are amongst the highest paid but every time we rise up in protest, the people angrily tell us we earn enough already and should be content as our job is ‘humanitarian’. Humanitarian my foot! I know an elderly doctor who had to beg for 5,000 naira to feed his family because salaries had not been paid. With the above-listed hazards, should this ever occur? He had given almost his entire life to the people, I think it’s time the people gave back!

Most doctors after realising what they signed up for, look for the easiest way out. They try to leave the country but alas, a doctor trained in Nigeria is not readily hired in other countries despite his experience or skill till he has passed myriads of hurdles, exams inclusive and many have returned, after losing years abroad because they were unable to find suitable work.

So peeps, carefully consider these before you decide the life of a doctor is the life for you. I won’t even mention our crazy 24-hour work schedule or how our families suffer as a result because that would be complaining and we knew this was part of the package when we signed up and besides despite everything, I love being a doctor and wouldn’t pick any other life…

Today before you shout at your doctor or act rudely, remember this and realize that we are under-appreciated and a smile and a thank you from you, not to mention your co-operation would go a long way to help us serve you better…

‘Be careful how you treat me because I may be your doctor one day!’ 😉 😉 😉

Have a great weekend peeps, T.G.I.F (though I’m working tomorrow!)….xoxoxo 🙂 🙂


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*5 nominations…Yippee!!!

   Guess what peeps? Our very own ‘Memoirs of a woman with Chutzpah’ got nominated for 5 different categories in the Nigerian Blog Awards. My heart was beating so fast when I clicked the link to see what blogs got nominated. I warned MTN under my breath to better behave as the page loaded and lo and behold there we were. I couldn’t have done it without you guys, my avid readers. And to celebrate, I poured a libation of cold Coca Cola down my throat. Ah well that ruined my diet for the day, but it was all for you… 😉

It’s not over yet guys, the race just begun. We have to VOTE! VOTE!! VOTE!!!

Warri no dey carry last oh!

so here are the categories we were nominated for: *Drumroll*

-> Best Blog by a Nigeria-based Blogger

-> Best New Blog

-> Best Personal Blog

-> Most Inspiring Blog

-> Nigerian Blog of the Year


I feel like a politician trying to get votes.

So my people here is my manifesto… 😉

– If you vote for me, I will make sure every chick with a big bele gets a free tummy tuck!

– If you vote for me, I will ensure that every corrupt politician is kidnapped and his entire stolen wealth demanded for as ransom!

– If you vote for me, I will make Friday a work-free day!

– If you vote for me, I will ensure that only hot celebrities have nude pics on twitter!

– If you vote for me, I will ensure that all the policemen on the road have at least 10 twenty naira notes in their pockets at all times!

– If you vote for me, I will ensure Boko Haram gives us at least a week’s warning before bombing a place!

– If you vote for me, I shall scrap NYSC and make all graduates collect allowee till they get jobs (social security)

– If you vote for me, I will ensure the presidency sends a delegate bearing gifts to every inter-tribal marriage to foster national integration and unity!

– If you vote for me, I shall post a picture of me planking! (#planking-new fad…go to twitter for details or

– and lastly if I win, I shall post a 2 second video of me dancing windeck in your honor! hehehehe

Terms and conditions only apply if your votes lead to victory! 😉

So what are you waiting for? VOTE VOTE VOTEEEEEEE

Get your friends and friends of friends to vote!

Let’s make chutzpah-history! 😉

😉 😉 😉

P.S: Go to to vote or click on the link on the lower right side of my blog. Voting ends on 9th July, 2011. Remember to check your mail boxes/spam for the confirmation email and to click on the link in it so that your vote can be counted!

I crave your indulgence, new posts coming soon.

Love and appreciate you all! xoxoxo 😉


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