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Die another day!


Another bomb blast. Another tragedy. So
many dead and even more injured. I look at the mangled bodies of the victims of the Nyanya bomb blast and feel a mix of sorrow, anger and horror. When did life become so worthless, so easily snuffed out, so taken for granted in this country?

I weep for the woman who kissed her husband goodbye not knowing she would never set eyes on him again or the mother who watched her three kids leave for school not knowing that tragedy lay at the bus station. There’s so much blood and gore and it angers me that no one will pay the price for this heinous crime.

It’s no longer enough to exclaim, it profits us nothing to have unending minutes of silence to pay out respects to the dead. How do we avenge the wounded and the  maimed? How do we protect the remnant of our population from this violent rampage? We can no longer sit back and do nothing, blocking unsavory images from our minds; images that are someone else’s reality, another citizen’s nightmare. Do we wait till terror engulfs us all or fight because we have a right to survive. Do we sit back and wait to die another day?

I say fight! Let us smoke out the villains from their bush-holes. No one is above the law. Whoever is responsible, the politicians, the cabal, Boko Haram, even the bands of village men that meet after dark. Someone knows these people and that someone needs to face his fears and speak up. You are an accomplice every minute your lips fail to tell what your eyes have seen. That piece of information you are overlooking may be the last piece of the puzzle to help the authorities nail these terrorists once and for all. Let’s begin a man-hunt, to catch these perpetrators before they utterly destroy our beloved country. You can make an impact in your own sphere of influence. Let us act, now is the time.

May the souls of the victims of the bomb blast find rest and may their families find solace. My deepest condolences. God help us all.


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