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10 Questions for the Nigerian government!


When Kema Chikwe began to ask questions a few days ago about the inconsistencies in the Chibok story, the nation was enraged asking her how on earth she could doubt that 234 girls had been abducted but the thing is the inconsistencies surrounding the story can no longer be ignored.

A lot of discussions on various platforms have gotten me thinking. There are so many unanswered questions and we the people of Nigeria demand answers from the FG!

Here are some of the questions Nigerians are asking:

Why is the government failing to act on obvious leads?

Why hasn’t the offer of international organizations and other countries to assist us been embraced by the FG?

Why have the neighboring countries not been compelled to produce concrete information on the whereabouts of these girls who may have crossed their borders?

Why has a list of names of girls abducted along with picture identification not been released to the press?

Why does the principal of the school have conflicting stories about the incident?

Why is the government not declaring a state of emergency, why does it seem like business as usual?

Why is the total number of girls abducted and released constantly changing?

Why did the armed forces do nothing when news of the camp where the girls were being held was circulated?

Why were the accounts of the escaped girls as well as eyewitness accounts not used to formulate strategies to track down the abductors?

Why is a committee being set up to look into this instead of emergency action?

I still believe there is a lot of fear, hidden threats, political propaganda  and blackmailing going on behind the scenes that’s the only thing that can explain why everyone in power seems to be going about this the wrong way.

Two bomb blasts and over two hundred girls missing and the most we have gotten out of our president in the last few days is his response to the untimely death of the VP’s brother. Are the other deaths and losses not as important? Why are we not getting updates on what exactly the government is doing about the issue and what breakthroughs they have had so far?

The government was elected to serve the people and we the Nigerian people deserve answers. Presidents have resigned over smaller incidents and even though I am not agitating for the resignation of Mr President, I would love to see more action. The snail speed response reeks of political propaganda. Who has Nigeria by the balls Mr President? Who has crippled us to the point where we can no longer intelligently respond to crisis situations?

Surely Boko Haram is not the problem, they are merely a tool. Mercenaries in the hands of someone more powerful. But if the blood of our citizens is the sacrifice you have chosen to offer to this unseen menace then I must ask what it is you would gain in the long run. Mr President be a hero- a great man would do far more with much less than is at your disposal. Dare to be different or save your neck and vacate the seat for someone whose courage surpasses yours but please do not give in to blackmail, do not let fear cause a complacency that will make you stink before your nation. Tell us what is going on. Talk to us, your people are far from stupid.

I wonder how you sleep at night. A shiver runs down my spine when I think of those little girls. It’s crazy to think about the suffering, oppression and torture they go through every single day that they stay within the enemy’s camp. How would you feel if your own daughter was kidnapped? Mr President you are a father not just to the nation but to your home. Fight, again I say fight!



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Goodbye Blog, Hello Website!


Hey chutzpah fam,

I started this blog in October 2010 and 7 awards, 821 email subscribers and 129,724 hits later I think it’s time we took it to the next level!


I present to you (yeah I ditched the WordPress in the url)

Please bookmark this new website and for all my loyal subscribers, I would ask that you do me the immense favour of subscribing again. The box is at the bottom of the left column.

2014 will definitely be an awesome year.

Excited much

P.s: This is my last post here, all your favorite posts have been moved to the new website

Thanks and God bless,
Miz Chutzpah

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Happy New Year!


As we begin the new year, I want you to look in the mirror, take a deep breath, brace yourself and say from the depths of your heart that “THIS YEAR I AM GOING TO TAKE CHARGE!”. Yeah you heard me, no more sitting in the back seat while people, events, old habits and reckless decisions drive you through the town of mediocrity and into the valley of destruction.

When I first heard my mentor Rev Ben Akhigbe II speak those words “Take charge”, I felt a spark ignite within my very soul. That was exactly what I needed to do. I had to stop blaming the system or the economy or the people around me. I needed to stop relying on them like they were guide dogs or I was helpless. The truth is that life is tough and more often than not, that break you desperately need is NOT gonna fall in your laps like a bag of cherries and making or breaking a couple of half-hearted new year resolutions is NOT gonna change who you are or more importantly where you are headed in life.

You need to TAKE CHARGE physically, mentally, socially, financially and spiritually this year if you expect it to be the golden year of your dreams!

Here are five points to serve as indicators that YOU are now in charge of your affairs:

1. Your CV gets updated before the end of the year. Do a course, acquire a new skill, get a degree etc Just make sure you have something to add to it this year.

2. You finish something. Many of us are surrounded by heaps of unfinished business. Abandoned projects litter our lives and we blame them on everything and everyone except our inability to take charge. The men on Forbes richest didn’t have it easy trust me but being resilient is key!

3. You set yourself free: From that relationship going nowhere or that job that makes you sick or that toxic friendship. There’s nothing like freedom.

4. You create a box called conquering impossibilities and fill it with mementos of stuff you achieved against all odds. Scared of water, learn to swim. Take charge of that phobia, that impossibility and that disability and aim for the sky.

5. You find a reason to smile everyday: YOLO YOLO YOLO! You only live once! Take charge of that thing that makes you lose your smile, that threatens to give you a headache. God has already given you dominion now you need to TAKE CHARGE!

No more complaining about things you think you can’t change. No more saying ‘it is well’ and relapsing into the pseudo-comfort of complacency. NO more MR NICE GUY.

Take Charge!!!


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