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18. Wedding Chronicles: TOSIN…the concluding story!

Tosin was a man on a mission. He had never had such extremes of emotion in one day in his entire life. He was just grateful to God that it had ended well and he was bent on making sure it remained that way.

He had insisted on driving Aisha home and they had had a long talk. He would handle Tanto and her issues and Aisha would take a long vacation to Paris where she could relax and of course shop for the wedding. He would send her car to her in the morning along with everything she’d need for the trip. It was his way of saying thank you but more importantly he needed to get her away from it all. He knew Tanto wouldn’t go down without a fight and he didn’t want Aisha caught in the crossfire after all, it was his battle!

He got back to the apartment to meet a sleeping Tanto. She was scantily clad and reeked of alcohol. The bottle she brought had been downed in the few hours he had been away from her. He shook her awake.


She slurred as she struggled to sit up.

“Oh, T…tosssssin you are back darling.”

Tosin turned his head in disgust. The thought that this woman carried his child filled him with anger.

“How much do you want?”

His air of seriousness and words brought Tanto some much needed sobriety.

“For what?”

“To be gone for good. You and the baby!”

“WTF are you talking about? I am not going anywhere. Neither is this baby. I cannot be bought!”

“Five million naira!”

“Tosin you are wasting your time!”

“Seven million naira!”

Tanto laughed!

“I wouldn’t budge for even 100 million naira. Tosin why would I want to take your money when I can have all of you?”

“You will never ever have me Tanto. If you continue on this path you will find out just how difficult I can be. If you choose to have this child, after a paternity test is conducted, all you will get from me is monthly upkeep for the child. I will not be a part of its life or yours. I suggest you take the money and leave.”

Tosin struggled to keep his anger under control.

“Tosin you are just bluffing!”

Tanto screamed.

“I will makesure you lose everything if you do not step up to your responsibilities-“

Tosin cut her off with a laugh.

“Do you not know who you are dealing with? I am Tosin McFoy, you are some miserable actress who gained some popularity and thinks she suddenly has a say in the way things work around here?”

Tanto decided to change her tactic and broke down in tears. Tosin was taken quite by surprise.

“Tosin I have feelings for you. Nobody has ever made me feel as special as you did. I love you Tosin. I thought you’d be happy about this baby. Please give us a chance. When you get to know me, you’ll realise that we really are meant to be together. You and I are so alike. We were cut from the same cloth…”

Tanto sobbed loudly.

“Tanto I am sorry. Given other circumstances maybe things would have turned out differently but I love another. You and I can never have any future and I would not want you bringing a baby into this world under such circumstances.”

“ want me to abort?”

Tanto’s silent question hung in the air. Tosin sighed. Now that he stopped to think about it was killing an innocent child really the only solution or just an easy fix for his problems?

“Tanto, ultimately the decision is yours but I want to make it clear to you, what you are getting yourself into before you make any moves.”

“You are a wicked man Tosin! God will punish you!”

Tanto shouted vehemently and began to wail.

“Tanto stop being such a drama queen! Please. For all I know this baby isn’t even mine. I’m really sorry for being a part of this mess but spending the night at my place was entirely your idea…”

Tanto was silent. She never should have listened to her manager. Drugging Tosin’s drink had been fun because Mr. Fine Boy was playing hard to get but getting pregnant for him was another matter entirely. She didn’t wanna mess with Lagos cabal. She knew what they were capable of doing. She needed a plan…

“Tosin I’m leaving now but you will be hearing from me soon!”

And with that she silently packed up her clothes, dressed up and left his apartment.

The next week passed by uneventfully. Aisha was having a good time in Paris though she worried constantly about the Tanto situation. Tosin was just glad to see her happy again. He hadn’t been able to do much work in the last week and wasn’t sleeping much later. His guts told him he hadn’t heard the last of Tanto and his mind tortured him with scenarios. He needed to be prepared.

On saturday, the news was all over town. Nnamdi had woken up a grumpy Tosin who had only managed to fall asleep in the wee hours of the morning, eager to share the news.


“Dude wake up, it’s all over twitter.”

“What is? Geez man, can’t a brother get some sleep?”

“Tanto fired her manager but that isn’t the real news. She released a statement to the press about her relationship with you…”

“Shit! That b*tch, what did she say?”

“Calm down! It’s all good man. Check your phone, sent you the link. I’m coming over!”

And with that Nnamdi hung up.

“God please…”

Tosin began to pray silently as he opened the link on his phone…

“…I and Tosin McFoy are no longer together. We broke up due to irreconcilable differences but in other news, I and Wiz are back together and we are expecting a baby…”


Tosin hadn’t even realised he was reading out loud. He swore again. Was she pawning off his kid to another man? How lame could she be? This definitely wasn’t the plan. While it meant he was in the clear and he and Aisha could get married and live happy ever after, it just didn’t feel right.

Against his better judgement, he dialled Tanto’s number.

“What do you want?”

“Tanto was that the best you could come up with? Does Wiz know the child isn’t his?”

“Shuooo! See me see local trouble. Wetin concern you with my mata? Haven’t I cleared your name from all this? Pikin wey you no want! Abeg abeg leave me ojare, hisssssssss”

Tosin waited for her to calm down a bit.

“Tanto be reasonable. I cannot have my child growing up with another man’s name. There has to be another way…”

“Mr Na-you-righteous-pass! So now you want to do what is right? Abeggy! I thought you were querying his paternity before. Please if you have nothing better to do with your time, don’t spend it wasting mine!”

“Tanto I will take you to court!”

“Mr Big-time-lawyer! Ehn take me na! The publicity will be good for my career but I can’t say the same for you.”

Tosin was silent. He whispered a prayer for strength.

“Tanto I’m really sorry for all I put you through and I am very grateful that you decided to publicly break up our relationship but please let us consider what’s best for this child. Would you want to knowingly bring up a child surrounded by lies and deceit?”

Tanto was silent for a while.

“Tosin, apology accepted. You have nothing to worry about. The baby isn’t yours. I went for an ultrasound scan and the doctor dated the pregnancy. It belongs to Wiz…”

Tosin exhaled deeply. He hadn’t realised he was holding his breath.

“Thank you Tanto, Thank you.”

“Have a good day Tosin and I’m keeping the money as payment for all my effort though I’m sorry things didn’t work out with you and Halima. You are not my type anyway, you too dey worry.”

“Her name is Aisha and don’t worry we’ll be fine. You can keep the money. Take care Tanto!”

“Take care Mr Fine Boy!”

Tosin gave a shout of joy and then hurriedly began dialling a number. He had a very important phone call to make…

*Hey chutzpah fam, the wedding chronicles is gradually coming to a close. Watch out for Tayo, Sheila and Amaka’s concluding stories in the days to come…please remember to leave comments, your comments fuel my imaginative fire! Xoxoxo ๐Ÿ˜‰


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17. Wedding Chronicles: AISHA…the concluding story!

Aisha cried like her heart would break. Things had gotten so bad. Not even the fact that Tosin was seated beside her and not with Tanto could still her aching heart.
The words kept playing in her head;

“I’m carrying Tosin’s baby so I suggest you find another man to shower your pathetic gifts on…”

How could Tanto be pregnant? The triumphant smile she’d seen on Tanto’s face as she left her standing by the door had confirmed her worst fears. She’d lost Tosin truly. Maybe they were never meant to be, maybe God was punishing her for her past misdemeanors. She glanced at Tosin with tear-filled eyes. She wasn’t sure if he could ever make things better. Things were beyond screwed…

“Baby I’m so sorry about Tanto. She means nothing to me. I was using her to make you jealous because I was so mad that you were seeing that Dayo boy…”

“But she’s carrying your baby. That changes everything. How could you Tosin. Every time you have cheated and lied, why are you even here? Do I mean anything to you at all? Damn this is so screwed!”

Aisha burst into tears again.

“I love you Aisha and I’m sorry it took me so long to realise that you were enough for me. I wanna be with you. I don’t care about Tanto or her baby. For all you know it isn’t even mine. I slept with her just once and I was pretty f*cked up that day or I wouldn’t have cos baby it’s always been you…”

Aisha didn’t know what to say. Tanto had a reputation of always getting what she wanted and she didn’t think she had the strength for a drawn out, fierce, public battle with a celebrity over a man. Maybe like Dayo said she should just start over. She was still young, she could find another man and forget Tosin.

“Maybe you should just marry Tanto and forget about me”

Aisha finished tearfully.

“No! Tanto and I can never be together. Don’t you understand? I hired her to do a job. I paid her cash.”

“But you slept with your hired help and now she’s pregnant. Leave me alone Tosin, I don’t want to be involved in your drama. I’ve had enough…”

“Aisha please…”

His unspoken words hung in the air as both fell silent. Aisha had a defiant air around her. She was tired of taking rubbish. She deserved way better. It was time she followed her head and not her heart. Her heart was the one that got her into this mess in the first place.

“Tosin it’s over. Please it’s getting late and I’d like to go home.”

“Back to Dayo?”

Tosin replied scathingly.

“Dayo’s my cousin, was using him to punish you. Not that it matters anymore…”

Aisha replied wearily. All she wanted was for him to leave her car and allow her drive home in peace. She knew Tanto was still in his apartment and the last thing she needed was a scene. She wasn’t even ready to fight for Tosin. She had stopped seeing him as worth all the trouble. She really needed a break. She made a mental note to take her long overdue leave and go someplace quiet by herself. Maybe the Gambia…

“Aisha, I’ve made so many mistakes. I know I do not deserve you but baby I could never live without you. Please give me one more chance to make things right. I promise to spend the rest of my days making it up to you…”

“One more chance? Tosin you are gonna be a father in some months. You have a ready made family. What role could I possibly play in your life?”

“Tanto will have an abortion. Every woman has a price-”

“And what if she doesn’t? It was this your flawed logic that got you into this mess in the first place! Love is not a game!”

“Look who’s talking about games? I asked you to marry me Aisha and instead you pulled a Dayo from your hat of tricks- to punish me? You are one to talk!”

The atmosphere was tense and both Aisha and Tosin were breathing hard. Aisha felt so drained. She didn’t wanna have this conversation, didn’t wanna argue. She had preferred the tempo of the previous conversation.

“Tosin I don’t wanna argue. We’ve both made mistakes. But things are irreversible right now and being together is an impossibility. Please let us just part ways in peace…”

“No Aisha, nothing is impossible! I am not letting you go and I am gonna marry you and if I have to raise Tanto’s child as a sacrifice, fine, so be it!”

“What makes you think I want Tanto’s baby mama drama or a complex family? Do you think this is the sort of life I dreamed of as a little girl?”

“Aisha baby, I screwed up. But this is my reality- our reality. I’m sorry I couldn’t give you your fairytale…”

Tosin paused.

“Aisha if you know you feel nothing for me and can never imagine being my wife under these circumstances, just tell me. I’ll walk away and never bother you again. But here I am, begging for one last time. Begging you to take me as I am, to accept my faults and my mistakes and love me regardless. Please baby don’t reject me. I need you so bad. I promise to make it up to you, I promise…”

Tosin voice broke and his soft sobs shook his broad chest.

Aisha couldn’t get herself to speak. Big, fat tears rolled down her cheeks. She loved this man with all her soul. She just didn’t know if she had the strength…

“I’ll leave you now, sorry I couldn’t be the man you wanted me to be. I’ll always love you Aisha…”

Aisha watched as Tosin released his hand from hers and exited the car. He began walking away. She watched him. Was he gonna walk back to his apartment, to Tanto?

“God help me…”

She whispered. She felt like this was the most important decision she would ever make and she needed to do this right.

Tosin walked to his car, opened the door and sat in it.
He broke down in tears.

“God I’ve screwed up so bad…”

His sobs shook the whole car.

Aisha could barely make him out in the dark but she’d seen enough. She felt like she had gotten an answer. Tosin hadn’t gone back to Tanto. She knew deep down she couldn’t live without him. She had lost him once, trying to teach him a lesson and she didn’t ever wanna lose him again.

She jumped out of her car, leaving the door open and ran across the parking lot to where Tosin was parked.

“Tosin, please open the door.”

She looked at him and wanted to hold him close. He was a broken man. She had never seen so much sorrow in his eyes.

“Tosin did you mean everything you said?”

“Yes, baby. Every single word…”

“Where’s the ring?”

Aisha wasn’t taking any chances.

Tosin felt around in his pocket. Thankfully he hadn’t removed it when he stormed out of the apartment. He fished it out as he stepped out of the car and in the parking lot in front of the few neighbors just returning from work and with tears in both their eyes, he asked Aisha to marry him.

Aisha fell on her knees beside her man and they wept together as Tosin slipped the beautiful engagement ring on her finger. They were unaware of the cheers and camera flashes. It was just both of them in their world.

“It’s gonna be OK baby, I promise…”

And Aisha believed him…

Aisha and Tosin’s story gradually comes to a close. Watchout for Tosin’s concluding tale. Have a beautiful day chutzpah fam…xoxoxo ๐Ÿ˜‰

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16. Wedding Chronicles: EHIS…the saga continues

Ehis felt like his world was falling apart. Things couldn’t possibly get any worse. He’d actually thought for a moment that he had it all figured out but when he opened his front door, bags in hand and came face to face with an unsmiling Katrina, he realised for the umpteenth time that fate was great at screwing people up big time!

He’d been so careful, so discreet, but yet here he was looking straight into the barrel of a gun just like in his dreams. Well there’d be no more nightmares after today cos he knew how the story ended. What a shame, death had chosen this bright Sunday morning to pay its last respects.

He looked at Amaka, trying hard to hide the emotion he felt. He couldn’t let Katrina see his weakness, couldn’t let her know just how much this other woman had taken her place. He looked away. Seeing Amaka as she lay in a crumpled heap on the floor beside her fierce looking attacker broke him. He felt so helpless. He hadn’t been surprised to see the man creep up behind her. It’d be foolish to assume that Katrina would appear unannounced at his home without her goons, the real surprise was seeing Amaka walk through that door. It had left him stupefied. What was she doing in his house on a Sunday morning? They had a fairly regular pattern and surprise visits hadn’t been her style till this week. It was like she sensed the decision he had made. When she didn’t show up on Friday and Saturday, he’d heaved a sigh of relief because his decision to leave was hard enough without having to worry that she’d catch him on a Sunday morning, fleeing for his life without even a simple goodbye.

Deciding to leave his family, friends, job, life in Lagos and possessions was one of the toughest choices he’d ever made but he knew that Katrina wasn’t to be toyed with. He couldn’t risk her hurting the people he loved yet he had inadvertently put Amaka in danger. He needed a plan. Today might be his last day on earth but he would very well make sure it wasn’t her last. His mind went to the conversation he and Katrina were having before Amaka walked in. Things were definitely worst than he thought.

“Nathaniel, my little puppy. Going somewhere?”

“Ermmm K-k-katrina. What are you doing here? How did you find me?”

“That was easy, Nigeria is even easier to operate in than Italia. Anybody would tell me what I need to know for some measly change. Where are the codes?”

“What codes?”

“Don’t play dumb with me Nathaniel. Nobody steals from Katrina and expects to live!”

“S-steal from you? I would never steal from you. All I took was the money you gave me, honest.”

And Amaka had burst in at that precise moment. What codes? He knew Katrina wasn’t playing. He needed to get Amaka out of this mess anyway he could. His mind was racing, things were sure to get ugly pretty soon.

“Katrina she’s of no importance to you, let her go. You have who you came for.”

“Nathaniel you underestimate me yet again. Is this not your little butterfly Amaka? The woman you bought the ring for? You know I have a penchant for details.”

“Katrina please don’t hurt her. Please…”

“Be silent. What does this woman have that I do not have? Is this the reason you left me in Italia?”

“No Katrina, I left because I was scared. Scared of getting killed, scared of Raphael…”

“I would’ve protected you. Why didn’t you trust me? Instead you stole from me, you bastard! You are wasting my time, hand over the codes now!”

“Katrina I swear to you, I do not have them…”

“Nathaniel do I look like a fool? My husband was murdered by his business partners because of those codes. They thought he was double-crossing him. Poor Raphael would never have believed his darling wife Katrina would steal from him and he paid for his stupidity with his life. I hid the codes at our nest. I knew Raphael would never suspect me or ever find out the location of our nest but you double crossed me and I will take great pleasure in torturing you before I end your miserable life!”

“Katrina I beg of you, please have mercy. I swear I did not steal from you. Where did you keep the codes? Maybe someone else took it.”

Katrina laughed.

“Everyone who ever knew about the nest has been tortured or killed save for you. You took it Nathaniel. I hid it behind a portrait of me on the oak dresser. I figured hiding it in plain sight would keep it safe. I forgot I was dealing with a Nigerian.”

Katrina spat.

“Did you say portrait? The one where you were wearing that red dress? The one I loved so much?”

“Aha, so you did take it!”

Katrina aimed the gun at his head.

“Where is it?”

“I took it as a memento. I didn’t want to ever forget you bella. I had no clue it carried codes. Please forgive me.”

“Forgiveness will come later, where is it?”

“Somewhere in this house. Please let me search for it.”

“Fernandez follow this man into his chambers. If he tries anything funny, shoot both his knee caps!”

“Si signora”

Three hours later…

Ehis was sweating. He’d checked every possible place he could have dumped that potrait but he couldn’t find it anywhere. Katrina was not a patient person, even Fernandez grew restless. He knew he would not hesitate to shoot him giving the slightest provocation. He wondered if this was Katrina’s new toy. He had tried to strike up a conversation with him an hour before but it was like talking to a wall.

“Dear God, please help me find this potrait. I promise that if you let me live, I’ll make my life count. I swear I’ll marry Amaka. Please God…”

He wasn’t sure if God had heard his whispered prayer but he began to search with renewed vigor. He suddenly had this strong feeling to search his old shoe box. It had been one of the first places he’d searched but the potrait hadn’t turned up. As he removed shoe after shoe, he thought of Amaka. He needed a miracle. At the bottom of the box was a newspaper, he picked it up and low and behold, there was the potrait under a thick layer of dust and cockroach eggs.

“I’ve found it, I’ve found it!”

He screamed in jubilation. His scream had Katrina by his side in a flash and she took the potrait from him without saying a word. She brought out her phone and began to punch in the codes.

“We’re in!”

Katrina laughed excitedly and even Fernandez seemed to visibly relax.

“Come Fernandez, we must leave for Italia tonight.”

She began walking out of the room and Ehis scurried after her.

“Nathaniel I will keep the promise I made to you all those years ago and let you and your butterfly live. We will have no more dealings. This time you should trust me.”

Nathaniel was too over-whelmed to speak.

As Katrina walked out the door, she turned to him.

“You are still the best I ever had my puppy…ciao”

And she was gone. Ehis broke down into tears. The sound of her car fading away.
They were tears of joy, tears of relief, tears that only a second-chance could bring. He allowed them flow freely.

Two hours later, Amaka was still unconscious. He unpacked and put away his bags and lay her comfortably on the couch. He was in a wonderful mood. He put a bottle of champagne in the fridge, prepared some rice and chicken sauce and started searching for his old boys2men cd. He had a plan and this time nothing was gonna mess it up.

Amaka opened her eyes and tried to adjust to her surroundings. She felt very confused and for some reason terrified but her mind was still hazy. As she sat up, she saw Ehis on his knees beside her and he grabbed her hand.

“You are awake!”

“Ehis, what happened? Who was that woman? What-”


And Ehis pressed a button on the remote control and Amaka’s favourite boys2men song began playing in the background. She looked at Ehis and then at the room. There was a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket on the table along with 2 glasses and he’d cooked.


“Amaka, will you marry me?”

Amaka looked at the ring in his outstretched hands and her eyes widened in shock.

…To be continued

Have a beautiful Sunday peeps…xoxoxo ๐Ÿ˜‰


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15. Wedding Chronicles: AMAKA…the saga continues

It had been three weeks since the phone call. She had seen him six times and every time she had ensured her makeup and outfit were perfect after all if she was gonna have a surprise engagement party she didn’t wanna be caught unawares. Six times she had been disappointed and the worse part was that Ehis didn’t even seem to notice her long face and pout every time he dropped her off. He seemed to have a lot on his mind. Maybe he was having some trouble taking the plunge and needed her to help him make up his mind.

On Monday she dashed to the market during lunch break and bought ingredients for the banga soup he loved so much. The traffic hadn’t deterred her, she had arrived at his house at 7.30pm, thankfully she had the spare key and a very surprised Ehis had met her pounding yam. On Tuesday, she had personally delivered breakfast to his office with an ‘I love you card’ and had to cook up a rather impressive lie to avoid getting a query from her boss. On Wednesday she had arrived a little later due to the horrid traffic on the island but was thankful that Ehis didn’t get home till after 9pm. She had cleaned his house from top to bottom and made him coconut rice for dinner. On Thursday she’d left work early because her boss was not at the office and she’d seized the opportunity to wash all his clothes and then make dinner.

On friday, Amaka was late for work. Not because she was carrying out her make up his mind plan but because she was so tired. She had gotten home after 11pm every night since Monday despite Ehis’s protests that she not stop by on a work night. She was a woman on a mission and at this point even her job was secondary. Lucky for her, her boss wasn’t on seat although he did catch her dozing at her desk twice that day. That evening she went straight home, changed into something slinky, made sure her hair and make up where on point and then waited. She wanted to time her movement so she arrived at Ehis’s house just as he was heading out to the club with his boys. They’d ask her to join them and she could prove to him that she wouldn’t be one of those wives who stopped being sexy after marriage or lost their groove once he put a ring on it!

Amaka woke up with a start. Everywhere was dark and she seemed to be sprawled on a chair. She felt around for her phone. The blinking red light made it a tad easy to spot. She stared at the time dumbfounded. It was 1.30am. How could she have fallen asleep? Her plan was ruined.
She kicked off her shoes and then started fiddling with her phone. She’d have to make up for this setback tomorrow. She didn’t want Ehis thinking she was inconsistent. She knew just the kind of wife every man wanted and she was determined to be so wifely that Ehis would have no choice but to propose. She’d more than shocked him this past few days yet the conversation always went the same way.

“Hello darling, what a pleasant surprise”

“I was going home from work and it struck me that you had nothing to eat for dinner and I decided to stop by…”

“Awwww you shouldn’t have. Come here…”

And all she’d get was a bloody hug and a peck! She wanted more!!!
On Wednesday he’d said he had something for her and excused himself, her heart had been pounding so hard, only for the man to return with his company’s 2013 diary. Her thank you had been forced but she didn’t think he really noticed. She absolutely refused to give up! She’d heard horror stories of men buying rings and giving it to other women while their long standing girlfriends continued dreaming away oblivious of the new development and she’d also heard of men proposing years after they bought a ring. She had neither the patience nor fortitude to wait that long or leave things to chance. She wanted a 2013 wedding and what Amaka wanted, Amaka got (some of the time!).

On saturday she visited his parents and cooked them a huge pot of soup along with a basket of fruits. She’d been the model daughter-in-law, helping them clean and go on errands despite their insistence that she not stress herself. She knew his mother would call him and she wanted to ensure that when that call was made it would be 100% in her favour. She’d also prepared a list of wifely attributes that a 21st century wife ought to have and she planned to accidentally leave it at his place on Sunday. She perused her list, looking for ways to perfect utter perfection.

Amaka’s 10 commandments
1) A good wife always dresses sexy in the house. No wrappers or hair nets, only bum shorts, slinky dresses, negligees, teddies and never wears panties to sleep ๐Ÿ˜‰

2) A good wife wakes up while her husband is still asleep, makes him breakfast, cleans the house then comes to wake him up with some good loving and after he is satisfied, she brings him his breakfast in bed- everyday!

3) A good wife never nags. She always let’s her man have his freedom and never complains if he stays out late or hangs with the boys too often. She never watches African magic and excuses herself when her man is watching football so as not to interrupt him.

4) A good wife gives her Savings ATM card and all her salary to her husband for him to plan the family’s spending. She has absolute trust in his wisdom.

5) A good wife cooks dishes from various countries and tribes for her husband on a regular and can cook better than any mama put or restaurant.

6) A good wife never goes through her husband’s phone, emails, facebook, twitter or anything he considers private and never asks to see his pay check.

7) A good wife keeps her figure and maintains her flat tummy and slim body even after 5 kids.

8) A good wife always shaves every where shave-able and ensures her eyebrows, fingers, toes and hair are well groomed.

9) A good wife prays for her husband and always encourages him and never stresses him out. She also follows him to whatever church he decides to attend.

10) A good wife doesn’t need a house help. She takes care of her home and her kids and in-laws and is also a top executive at work.

Amaka chuckled. After she got the ring, she would realistically look through this list again but for now this was her strategy. Besides she was sure somewhere in the world there was a woman who followed all 10 of these commandments to the letter. She did wanna be the best wife he could ever have and it was just a shame that being herself hadn’t earned her a ring all these years.

She woke up smiling on Sunday morning. She was certain that this was her last Sunday as a single girl. She had decided to skip church since she knew Ehis would be going for evening mass. She would miss Pastor Poju’s message but his last message on faith had her still energised!

“Faith without works is dead so it’s left to me to work that ring out of Ehis’s hand and on to my finger!”

She had dressed up in a lovely but demure outfit and a couple of minutes later, she gave herself a satisfied nod. She was definitely ready…

…Amaka had the distinct feeling that she was being watched. There was a car parked in front of Ehis’s house. It was black and the windows and windscreen where tinted too dark for her to be able to make out if there was anyone in the car.

“Thought the police had banned tinted windows? Hissss. Naija for you!”

Amaka felt a bit uneasy. Ehis rarely entertained visitors on a Sunday morning. He called it his ‘Sabbath’ and used the opportunity to catch up on precious sleep time. As she got to the front door, she realised it was slightly ajar. There were suitcases by the door which was very strange. One looked very much like the one Ehis had bought for his trip to Ghana last year.


As she pushed open the door, she caught sight of a blonde woman in a black dress talking to Ehis and then someone crept up from behind and put a cloth over her mouth.

The last thing she heard was the sound of her own muffled scream!

…To be continued!

Have a great day peeps! Xoxoxo ๐Ÿ˜‰

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14. Wedding Chronicles: CHINEDU…the saga continues

As Chinedu meandered through Lagos traffic, he felt uneasy again. Three nights in a row he had dreamt of Richard and today he decided it was high time he stopped putting off the visit and actually go see his friend. Once upon a time they had been quite close and he didn’t like to think that the distance he put between he and Richard after that fateful day was what people called stigmatisation. He prayed for Richard everyday. There was nothing God couldn’t do but he felt as a human being and a friend he hadn’t done enough. He’d tried at the beginning but really what did one say to a person who believed all hope was lost? What could he possibly say to make Richard feel better? He had no responses for the numerous questions Richard threw at anyone within earshot and it was pointless telling him all was gonna be well when it was so obvious that all would not be well at least from a human standpoint. Richard had begun to succumb to the disease and had eventually flown abroad for treatment and the relief his absence brought had made Chinedu feel very guilty.

Richard had gotten back a while ago but he hadn’t been able to see him yet and had regretfully turned down his last invitation all those weeks ago. He was super busy at work and really not in the mood for chitchat especially with this Sheila situation. Women could be so unpredictable. He couldn’t fully understand why Sheila was acting up. Agreed he’d messed up their last date but she hadn’t even given him a chance to explain and she’d refused to pick his calls or even see him and after punishing him for a while, she’d called out of the blues at a time when he was out of town. That was the last he had heard of her…

“Why are women so difficult?”

His ringing phone broke into his thoughts and he answered the call with his cautiously, aware that the place was crawling with LASTMA.

“Hey bro, I didn’t know you were taking you car out this afternoon. I have a date…”

“Take the other car, the keys are on the table”

“I don’t want that one, I’m a chick magnet when I drive your range rover…”

Chinedu chuckled! His younger brother could be such a joker. No wonder he’d come back to meet his fuel tank on reserve. He ended the call, promising to be back home in time for his brother’s date.

He felt uneasy again.

He sincerely hoped Richard wouldn’t be home. That way he could leave a message and be gone. Life didn’t prepare you for awkward situations like this one and he still had no idea what words of comfort sounded best to the ears.

He arrived at Richard’s apartment in a couple more minutes and sighed loudly when he saw both his cars parked outside. He braced himself as he climbed up the stairs. He wondered what to say to break the ice. Maybe he should have brought a bottle of wine…

He pressed the doorbell once and waited. He could see the flickering light from the television but nobody came to the door. He pressed the bell again. Still no response.

The feeling of unease returned with such violence that he felt nauseous.

He had a nagging feeling that Richard was in trouble. Heaven forbid that he was in there about to commit suicide. Lucky for him, he remembered that Richard had never dropped his oyinbo mentality and liked to hide his spare key in the flower pot by his door. He hastily moved around the loose earth till the shiny key appeared and opened the door. There were clothes strewn over the couch. Female clothes. He wondered if the unfortunate female was aware of his friend’s HIV status. He couldn’t make up his mind whether to leave or wait in the sitting room, not wanting to barge into his friend’s room. The silence was deafening and suddenly a phone began to ring. The noise made him jump and as he picked it up to kill the sound, his hands began to shake.

The screensaver on the phone was a picture of his Sheila. Bright and smiling. He couldn’t let her do this. He got up in a hurry and barged into the room. Richard was just coming out of the bathroom and Sheila lay on the sheets in a crumpled heap. She looked dead.

“Richard what’s going on?”

“How did you get in??? Oh yeah, the extra key”

Richard laughed.

He didn’t seem himself and Chinedu was worried. What had Sheila gotten herself into? He wanted to slap the grin off Richard’s face so badly but he sensed he needed to stay calm for Sheila’s sake.

“Who’s the babe?”

“Some b*tch I used to know. Probably the one who gave me this f*king disease!”

Chinedu kept telling himself to stay calm.

“I haven’t had sex since before the illness and when I bumped into her, it was an opportunity to catch some fun and of course pay back time!!! But the b*tch was playing hard to get, apparently she seems to have cleaned up her act after leaving me and God knows how many other men- Victims!!!”

“Have you slept with her yet?”

“How am I supposed to if you are here in my room?! Talk about wrong timing! I tried penetrating her twice but she was tight and dry like a bloody virgin”

Richard burst into a crazed laugh!

“Buhahahahahaha, virgin my ass!”

Chinedu considered punching him again. He was starting to breathe really hard.

“Anyway I’d just gone to get some lube from the bathroom when you barged in!”

“Richard I can’t let you do this!”

“Why? What’s it to you? This chick has slept with half of Lagos and is a useless runz girl. Wetin concern you Broooother Chinedu?!”

He drew out the brother with biting sarcasm.

“Richard you’ve obviously had a lot to drink and are not thinking straight. Does anybody actually deserve to go through the hell you’ve been through? What if she really is clean?”

“What do you know about hell?”

Richard screamed menacingly.

“I’ve been abandoned, rejected and on the brink of death more times than I can imagine. I don’t have any friends. Even the so-called Christians abandoned me! And don’t let me even get started on the side-effects of those drugs. I’m finished Chinedu! F-i-ni-shed!!!”

Richard burst into tears and Chinedu winced, his anger dissipating till all he had left were feelings of regret and pity.

He moved closer and held his friend.

“Don’t touch me! Don’t f*cking touch me!” Sob. “Aren’t you afraid of catching the disease. No one who knows will ever want me again. Ever!” Sob sob.

“That’s not true Richie! You are still the same great guy you were back in the days. You’ll pull through this son. I’m just so sorry for not being the friend you needed me to be…”

Richie’s sobs shook his entire body.

“Bro, let’s get Sheila to the hospital and then you and I can talk. I promise to always be there for you…”

“How did you know her name was Sheila? Do you know her? Did you sleep with her too?”

“No Rich, I didn’t sleep with her. We’ll talk later. I only hope it isn’t too late for her…”

“Well, it’s too late for me and I don’t see anyone worrying…”

Richie resumed his sobbing. He seemed so broken and Chinedu kept asking God to take control. He felt a sense of loss.

“God if you make Sheila better, I promise to never let her out of my sight ever again…”

He whispered the prayer with fervour.

Minutes later as he carried Sheila out the door, a very sober Richie trailing behind him, Sheila stirred.

“Please don’t give me HIV please…”

The words were barely audible and tears stung Chinedu’s eyes.

“God please don’t let her get HIV, I’m begging…”

To be continued…

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13. Wedding Chronicles: JIDE…the saga continues

Jide was in a hot mess. How on earth would Tayo understand the events that had led to him setting a wedding date? There was no use explaining. Tayo could never come to terms with the fact that he had a ready made family she knew nothing about. He didn’t think any thing he would say at this point would make any sense. Truly he’d screwed things up real bad.

The silence was deafening.

“Jide since you have nothing more to say, I guess this is good-bye. I wish you all the best…”

Jide stared blindly at the table cloth. He could barely manage a nod. As Tayo walked away from the table he felt like someone had driven a dagger right into his heart.

He called out weakly, but his whisper was drowned by the hustle and bustle around him.

Maybe it was for the best. The sooner he moved on the better. Tayo deserved more. He was only trying to do the right thing. Taking responsibility for his child by marrying the mother was a decision he hadn’t fully come to terms with but he knew what was expected of him. Besides what could a man with a crazy baby mama and a complex broke-ass life hope to offer a woman like her anyway?

“It’s best I move on…”
He sighed.

His phone began to ring and as he picked the call he hissed.

“Nkechi I told you not to call me while I’m at work”

Sob “Jide” Sob

“What’s the problem? Why are you crying?”

“Gideon was knocked down by a car.” Sob. “He ran across the road while I was doing my hair at Mama Shalewa’s salon” Sob.

“F*ck woman, how careless can you be? How bad is he? Where are you?”

“I’m at St. Agnes hospital. They said he needs blood but my blood isn’t compatible with his. Please come now”

“I’ll be there in a few minutes. Stay strong.”

Jide cussed as he made a dash for his car. Could life get any worse? He’d just had his heart ripped out again. He couldn’t bear to lose Gideon after losing Tayo, not on the same day. That woman was so damn careless. He thought of his son and tears stung his eyes.

“God please let him be alright.”

Gideon was the only reason he had risked it all. One look at the innocent child and he was ready to make the ultimate sacrifice. He hadn’t had any reason to question the paternity of the child because one thing Nkechi had boasted of during the years they were a couple was her fidelity and even when she had caught him cheating, she had kept rubbing in his face the fact that she’d never stoop so low or even imagine doing such a thing to him. Nkechi was blessed with the ability to make him feel like sh*t when she chose to and he wondered how a lifetime with her would turn out.

Her mother whom he was equally afraid of had lectured him on how every child deserved to have his two parents bring him up and he did agree that he didn’t want a dysfunctional son. He was yet to work out his issues with Nkechi but he knew they’d sort themselves out. After all once upon a time he had fancied himself in love with her. Love was a choice and he could choose to love Nkechi again.

“If that’s possible…”

Anyway whether possible or not, he had to make the marriage work. No use starting something that was bound to fail besides he knew without doubt that divorcing Nkechi would be the most financially unwise decision he could ever make.

He’d never had any fairytale ideas about marriage. When Ahmed had regaled him with celebrity marriage tales and shared his dreams on how he was gonna spoil his wife and make her the happiest woman on earth he had only smiled and listened patiently. He wanted to be a good husband too and provide for his family but only a man with the kind of money Ahmed had could make such lavish plans, besides there had to be terms and conditions because marrying an evil ex was surely a deal breaker. The only good thing he could see coming out of this was the contract he’d worked so hard to get but this was Nigeria and the contract was not guaranteed till it was sitting pretty in his lap.

Ahmed wasn’t in support of his decision to marry Nkechi. He had given rather convincing examples of men who successfully kept both a baby mama and a wife but they both admitted that it’d be tough. The constant rivalry and discord between the two women was usually enough to drive any man insane especially one who didn’t have polygamy encoded in his DNA. He had stuck with his decision for one reason. All the men in the examples Ahmed had cited had one thing he didn’t have…


He remembered Nkechi’s words as she walked out the door on him that fateful day. His money hadn’t grown significantly since then and there was no way he could support both she and mega rich Tayo on his meagre earnings. He had sensed at some point during his relationship with Tayo that she wasn’t satisfied but he’d preferred to risk being perceived as cheap than to end up broke before his next pay check. Now that he knew that her salary could pay his more than seven times, he knew without doubt that he lacked what it took to support her. As for Nkechi, she already knew him in and out so unless she was gonna give him a gun and order him to rob a politician, she must have already resigned herself to her fate.

Life truly was full of twists and turns. It never went according to plan not even for rich boys like Ahmed so who was he to complain? Ahmed had morphed into a bad boy player after his first serious relationship left him with gonorrhoea and a broken heart. He on the other hand had never really found someone he could dream of spending the rest of his life with till he met Tayo. So much for fairytales. He wondered if there was an evil scribe somewhere writing out the details of the script he had to live. The bastard whoever he was, was really bent on screwing up his life!

He arrived at the hospital in 15 minutes and after some minor delays, was allowed to see his son. Gideon looked to be in bad shape but the doctor said he would pull through as long as they could make up for the blood lost.

45 minutes later he got the shocker of his life.

“I’m sorry sir but we have a little problem, you may want to sit down…”

…To be continued
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12. Wedding Chronicles: SHEILA…the saga continues

Sheila hated her job! The revelation took her quite by surprise. It seemed that planning other people’s weddings when she didn’t even have a boyfriend much less any hopes of anyone putting a ring on it, had slowly aggravated her to a point where she could hardly stand the whining brides. Her work ethics kept her civil but her manner was brisk. Thankfully her clients saw that as a sign of efficiency after all she always did deliver the grandest, most romantic weddings. She smiled sardonically. Here these women were, complaining about colours and arrangements not fully realising they had something that so many women were begging for.

“Not me though, I beg no one!”

Not even Chinedu. She had come to the conclusion that Chinedu’s recent misdemeanours were as a result of what he’d heard from Soji. She couldn’t blame him. She and Soji had parted on less than amicable terms and he’d sworn to get even. Well karma was a b*tch she admitted wryly. Chinedu had lied that he was away on a business trip yet she kept seeing his car around town. Guess he was too much of a gentleman to outrightly dump her.

Her phone buzzed in her pocket. As she fished it out it occurred to her that she had a date with Richard. They’d been seeing quite a lot of each other recently and even though she made it a rule not to hang out with the same guy more than once a week, he was a welcome distraction. He’d been trying to get her into bed for some weeks now but she didn’t think it was a good idea. Richard like Soji, was one of the guys she’d rolled with back in the days, when she was heartbroken and desperate to fill the void with as much sex as she could possibly muster. And of course there had been the gifts. He’d always been her most generous lover but unlike Soji he hadn’t gotten mad when he realised he wasn’t her only lover. Soji’s territorialism had been uncalled for and after she gave him a piece of her mind, he’d done his best to frustrate her in school.

Anyway Richard seemed sent from heaven. He’d been off her radar for a long while and suddenly re-appeared a few weeks ago with renewed fervour. He’d changed but she couldn’t put her finger on what it was about him that was different.

“Hello Richie, how far now?”

“I’m good dear, when are we seeing? I miss you baby and I wanna rock your world if you’ll let me! My place, 6 o’clock?”

“Sorry Richard I can’t. I’ve got work”

“How about Sunday? Baby nobody does me the way you do and it’s been so loooooong…”

Richard finished off with a sulk. She was amazed at the new Richard. The old one allowed her go at her own pace but there was an urgency about these incessant requests that was mind boggling.

“Ok we’ll see on Sunday but no promises!”

“Great, take care babe!”

Sheila hadn’t had sex in a while. It was hard to believe but Chinedu frowned at pre-marital sex which made him all the more intriguing. It was amusing to see him struggling to hold back when they kissed and on some occasions she deliberately tempted him to see just how much he could resist. He was so different from any man she had ever met.

“Thinking about Chinedu won’t do you any good! He turned out to be just like every other d*ck head you’ve ever met!”


Sheila’s week flew by in a flurry of events and on saturday as she stood admiring her decor she afforded herself a smile. Maybe her job wasn’t so bad after all. The bride’s mother had popped in to see the hall and had left beaming from ear to ear. She wondered if she’d ever be a bride or a wife or a mother. Those were dreams she had locked away. She didn’t wanna be like all the pathetic women around her but who was she kidding? She had started to dream again when she met Chinedu…so much for dreams.

“Love don’t live here anymore…”

The next evening as she sat watching Richie she wondered what was going through his mind. They were in his apartment having drinks and making small talk but he’d get an occasional gleam in his eyes every now and then and coupled with the fact that he was topless, she knew he was a man on a mission.

“Can I refill your glass?”

“I usually don’t drink so much Richie. You know that”

“Come on, we are in my house, relax ok!”

The more reason why Sheila couldn’t relax. Her unease was growing and her instincts were on red alert.

“Are you alright Sheila?”

She hadn’t even realised she was nodding off. What was happening?

“W…what is h…a…ppening?”

“You are getting drowsy Sheila, I drugged you!”

Sheila’s eyes widened in terror. What sort of game was Richie playing?


“Like you don’t know!”
Richie replied with a cruel laugh.

“You ruined my life babes! You or one of the other b*tches I slept with. I have HIV! Can you imagine that? H-I-V! And guess what? I’m not going down alone! Someone has to pay! You ruined my life Sheila. You f*cking b*itch!”

Sheila could feel the effects of the drug and struggled to keep her eyes open. She’d never been so terrified. The Richie who was pacing the room shouting like a maniac was not the Richie she knew. God please don’t let him give me HIV she begged silently but why would God even listen to her? She had gotten herself into this mess without God’s help after all.

Richard walked up to her and began to undress her. She couldn’t even struggle. Keeping her eyes open took all the fight in her. She shook her head feebly, begging him with her terrified eyes but every time he looked into her eyes he laughed a cruel laugh. How many other women had fallen victim she wondered?

He picked her up and carried her to the bedroom and the white sheets were the last thing she saw as darkness enveloped her.

…To be continued

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