Who are you?

22 Jun

I have been sick for a couple of days and as a medical doctor, admitting I’m sick comes after repeated ingestion of varied medication. In simpler terms, I’d done all I knew to do and it wasn’t working. I have always had a sensitive tummy but this had to be one of the worst cases of the stomach bug in history. My glucose, water and potassium depleted body tossed and turned for 3 days on my bed alone in a big house only stumbling to the door when my food was delivered. Yes, too sick to cook! 

Hubby is a traveler and many times I have to be strong for me while he sends love and goodwill and tons of instructions (take your meds, eat some food, don’t use tissue lol) from miles away. So there I was sick, weak and wondering why on earth the drugs weren’t working and feebly chatting with le boo via WhatsApp who by the way was on his way to Lagos from Port Harcourt for a meeting, when my bedroom door creaks open… 

It was threatening to rain, the power was out which is usual in Nigeria once the clouds get a bit dark and with an overactive imagination thanks to back to back episodes of Doctor Who (can’t get over this series) there I was trying to process the shadow in the door frame. It was certainly too dark for my brain to register the silhouette and my husband who was the only one with a key was miles away. Thoughts of Evans the famed kidnapper and extraterrestrials flashed in my head. I was undressed under the duvet and I pulled it under my chin and shouted; 

‘Who are you?’ 


And then I closed my eyes in fright, expecting the worst and wondering if delusions from dehydration had beset me and then he jumped on the bed and I smelt his perfume and I burst into tears. 

It didn’t make sense at all. How could he be here? I had been chatting with him since I woke up and he was on his way to Lagos! I touched him to be sure he was real and then hugged him tight. He shouldn’t  be here but yet he was. My husband had come home! I wish I could tell you that I didn’t cry twice more before he left or that he cancelled his trip, but just making a detour amidst the bad roads and the threatening rain because I needed him totally made me feel amazing. 

He made me the dreaded ORS (doctors are the worst patients I know) and sorted out food and drugs for me and with a kiss said his goodbyes and by the way, he had a great laugh about my response to his breaking into our house and I know for the next few weeks I’m gonna be taunted with the ‘Who are you?’ catchphrase but hey I don’t care because my hero showed up just when I was at my weakest and sickest. He is the sweetest, kindest person I know and yes today is husband appreciation day! God bless you OJ.

P.S: I feel better already. 😉

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