How to break his heart gently!

06 Feb

That awkward moment when you feel nothing anymore, when your relationship goals are no more in sync and his touch doesn’t bring you the pleasure it once did.
You know it’s time to cut loose but bae’s talking forever and all would be perfect if he was the one, except he isn’t the one and now you have to break his heart gently but you don’t know how.

Here’s how:
1) Honesty
It really is the best policy!
You need to sit him down and let him know things have changed and that he didn’t do wrong (well unless he did). Also make him understand through the shock and hurt that your decision was well thought out and is final and that you’ve had great times and you’ll miss him but you are better off apart!

2) Don’t look for the best time
There will never be the best time to break the news. He will get sweeter as if by instinct and you will feel guiltier by the second about hurting him. It’s better to just let it off your chest before he surprises you with a ring!

3) Space
Give him space. Don’t try to be there for him or help him grieve. You are the source of his pain and the only way he will grasp reality is if you exit his space and he doesn’t see you there doing all the things his heart is so fond of.

4) Don’t push a friendship.
It’s way too much too soon. Imagine if the tables were turned. He doesn’t wanna be friends. No one ever wants to go from being lovers to friends. It’s selfish to assume he would just move on and willingly be in the friendzone after he has had so much more. Give it a rest, if you will ever be friends he has to be the one to extend his hand of friendship.

5) Don’t be a dog in the manger
He will move on. It may not be immediately but he will move on and the irony of life is at the time he finds love again, you may not be seeing anyone which means it may sting a little. So don’t be a dog in a manger, don’t try to get him back only because you don’t wanna see him with someone else. Don’t try to remind him of how great you were together just because he seems to be having great moments with some one else. Just don’t!

Breaking a heart is tough, don’t you just wonder how the men seem to do it so easily?


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3 responses to “How to break his heart gently!

  1. Michelle

    February 6, 2016 at 9:43 pm

    There is no easy way to break a relationship I don’t care how gently u do it.

  2. Adesuwa

    February 7, 2016 at 4:13 am

    This is never an easy mission. Calling off a relationship is hard and painful even for the person doing it. I think it’s good advice though to vanish after doing it and allow the guy to lick his wounds in peace or else e fit plan revenge wey no go sweet at all.

  3. Christine

    February 7, 2016 at 8:06 pm

    Nice write up!


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