The Mockingjay

21 May

Cecilia was leaning on her husband’s arm affectionately greeting all who came her way. She didn’t think twice of the woman who lingered just a bit more than the others, didn’t think it odd that her usually talkative husband had stiffened beside her. He often got bored of such social gatherings and she took it as the first prompt that she needed to wrap up their evening out. She excused herself and headed for the bathroom, hoping that on her way she could stop at the dessert table for one more helping of the delicious cakes before she resumed her diet the next day. She bumped into the lady she had exchanged pleasantries with a moment before. Her open friendliness a bit overwhelming. Her name was Bisi and all she did was gush and gush about how pretty Cecilia’s hair was, how good she looked, how much taste she seemed to have blah blah. Cecilia kinda liked the attention but had to hurry on, not wanting to keep hubby waiting. Moments later, mission accomplished and smiling like a Cheshire cat she waltzed back to her husband’s arms. She was ready to leave but just as she turned towards the door Bisi called out to her, inviting she and her hubby for a house party next week. Cecilia nodded, she wasn’t about to say no to this poor dear who was obviously desperate for her friendship and she seemed like a nice person too. She saw her husband’s disapproval too late…

As soon as they got to the car she sensed something was wrong. Jide could barely hide his feelings.
What’s the matter boo?
Why did you have to say yes without even asking how I felt about it?
It’s not a big deal hon, I didn’t want to seen impolite, we can always cancel. Don’t you like her?
Hubby was silent…
Bisi and I dated some years ago…

Did someone shout OH MY GAWD?!!!
What on earth…?
No wonder the sneaky snake was so all over her…
Cecilia was beside herself in fury. Any woman tryna break up my home fall down and die, she seethed. She had a good mind to attend the party and show the babe that five years of marriage wasn’t beans. The nerve of the woman. The look on Jide’s face though.

Bisi smiled. She had thoroughly enjoyed the look of discomfiture on Jide’s face. The bastard! He had put her through hell and back. After making her the Lord of the rings, he had run off to marry a girl he met at a work retreat. The funny thing was the babe wasn’t cuter than she was and had even allowed herself get fat. ‘See her guzzling cake like it was going out of fashion hiss’. Bisi had to take a deep breath, she wasn’t a hater. Her beef wasn’t with the cute but clueless Cecilia in fact she had no beef at all because her life was great. She finally had a great man, a great career and a great life and simply wanted Jide to see which was why she had invited them to her engagement party but the look on Jide’s face made her know that wasn’t gonna happen. Heck maybe she should have just gotten herself invited for dinner at theirs LOL. She wanted to watch that rotten worm squirm.

Jide swore under his breath. The one girl he hadn’t told wifey about had come to f**king bite him in the ass. Karma wasn’t gonna win, not if he could help it. He needed to have a talk with Cecilia before things escalated. He wasn’t proud of the things he had done in his youth but hey he wasn’t the worst out there and he wasn’t gonna let a mistake rock the stability of his marriage certainly not a mistake he wasn’t hitting anymore!

Cecilia walked into the bathroom.
‘We need to talk’ ….both said it at the same time and the look between them spoke volumes.

To be continued…

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