The Mockingjay- the koko of the gist!

21 May

I didn’t mean to write another  soap opera honest! I was running late for work and thought I was saving the post in drafts. The oversabi thing published itself. Anyway back to my story 😉

The Mockingjay

In the hit movie ‘The Hunger Games’ the Mockingjay was symbolic. Rue and Katniss used them to send a signal to each other saying they were alright and voila an idea was born. Wouldn’t it be socially life-saving to have a way of sending a signal to le boo that he/she was treading on dangerous ground in a particular discourse with a stranger and without making that message so obvious? Of course we can’t go around cat calling or jay mocking when we are not in the woods, we’d look like savages but what if like the poker game we could rub an ear or wrinkle our noses to pass a subtle message across or not to over think it, instead of saying Cecilia, you could just call her by her native name Abike and she’d know something was up.

Still think it’s too much trouble?

Why this might just be a smart idea:

  1. If Jide in the story in my previous post had ‘mockingjayed’ his wife, he would have prepared her and maybe she wouldn’t have been caught off guard by the seemingly innocent invitation.
  2. It’s essential for a couple to know that for this to work there has to be a high degree of honesty and trust. Partners shouldn’t be made to feel like the Mockingjay is a prelude to disaster. The intro for a horrible truth that has been kept hidden from them up till now.
  3. There has to be unity among the partners. If le boo mockingjayed you for example, You shouldn’t eye ball him and continue like he hadn’t just sent you a signal all because you didn’t understand why. You just go with the flow and expect to understand why sooner or later. You guys are supposed to be a team. You both vs world.
  4. Focus. If you are one of those chatterboxes who loves the sound of your own voice or undue attention, you’d most likely miss out on a lot of mockingjays or your boo wouldn’t even bother. He’d just beg the earth to swallow him up so he could die.
  5. It prevents drama jare. There are a lot of words that have been said that we all wish we could take back. Words said in public are even harder. Imagine talking about a great family trip to your boo’s boss when he had lied to his boss that he was on admission in the hospital at that time. #disaster #roughplay #verbaldiarrhoea.

So all in all having a mockinjay isn’t such a bad idea. What it’ll be is essentially up to you and le boo although i’d suggest you didn’t use your native dialect as the world is really small and you’d be surprised how many foreigners understand your secret code.

And as for my illustration, common things occur commonly and for some reason there are one two many stories of guys having awfully long engagements with one bae and then dumping her to marry a second bae who they courted for half a second. Guys that scenario just could be yours. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned #nobemetalkam #notsubbinganyoneoh #where’smypopcorn

Have a drama free weekend Chutzpah fam,
Thanks for hanging in there.
Love you all.

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