10 things I learned from playing Candy Crush!

15 Mar

Candy crush saga is my newest addiction. A terrible one if I may say so because it competes for my most precious resource- my time- and more often than not, it wins! I have deleted the game twice but somehow it found its way back into my life and it and its evil twin (Candy crush Soda) are now cohabiting on my devices.

Can any good come out of it you ask?

Well some people have reportedly won holidays abroad from playing Candy crush but that’s a remote occurrence and definitely not the reason why this game has been rated one of the most addictive games ever created.

Anyway I am writing this post not to justify my addiction but to show you that there are lessons to be learned even whilst playing
a game as mundane as Candy crush. All you have to do is take a moment to reflect.

Without further ado, here are the top ten lessons I have learned!

  1. If at first you don’t succeed try, try, try again!
    I have been stuck on a particular level of Candy crush for almost a week and I kept up with the cycle of ‘lose-retry-wait for more lives-lose again’ till at last, one day my avatar danced for joy that I had won the challenge. Nobody said life was gonna be easy. It’s full of tests and quests that one must attempt in order to move forward in life and learning to dust yourself up and try again each time you do not succeed is the true mark of greatness. Thomas Edison said “I have successfully discovered 1,000 ways to not make a light bulb”. If you were in his shoes would you have tried 1000 times or given up at the 10th try?

  2. Money gets you out of any mess: I have a friend who spent more than NGN3000 the very first time he downloaded Candy crush. He kept buying new lives, new boosters, name it. The cost seemed so little but when added up he was well on his way to paying for gratification. I set him straight sharp sharp but in retrospect, money seems to be able to get one out of any sort of mess in Nigeria and truly in most parts of the world. This shouldn’t be but alas it is what it is and even though money still is the root of all evil, it also answereth all things and it wouldn’t hurt to have a pile of it! Just make sure you don’t sell your soul, cos what is money without life and peace of mind?

  3. We all need friends
    Everything in Candy Crush is tied to friendship. You win a level, it compares your score to that of your friends. You need an extra life, you have the option of asking your friends. You need to move to another phase of the game, you have the option of having three friends to bail you out. Friendship is like a pyramid, the older we get the less friends we have. A man of many friends comes to ruin. You need to ask yourself who your friends really are. Who are those three people in the world who would rescue you, fight for you, pray for you and hold your hand? Enough with the fake friends, frenemies and overfamiliar acquaintances! A man who cannot distinguish between friend and foe inadvertently entertains an enemy.

  4. Victories won in the past may be future quests
    Every battle we win, every challenge we overcome prepares us for some other quest in future. Candy crush gives you the option to play a quest to unlock a new level and the quests are always replicas of previous levels. What lessons do we take out of the victories we have? Its so easy to learn from a failure but there are important lessons to be learnt from successes as well. No matter what it is- good or bad, the quest isn’t complete if you haven’t learnt a lesson from it so learn to reflect. The movie ‘Slum dog millionaire’ illustrates this with precision.

  5. No matter how bad the situation is, give it time
    In Candy Crush the lowest times are when you are out of lives and the painful countdown begins. The truth is however painful the wait is, you know you are gonna get a new life at the end of it and if you are patient enough, you’ll be good as new soon enough. Life can be painfully slow when we are at an ebb with crisis looming but He promises that joy comes in the morning. What doesn’t kill you definitely makes you stronger!

  6. Success is relative
    In Candy Crush, winning a level doesn’t mean you were the best at it. At the bottom of the screen your position is clearly displayed and a star awarded at the end of each level. Sometimes I get really pissed when I pass an extremely difficult level only to realise that I only earned one star and my position is 15th (ugh!) Same thing applies to life generally, there will always be someone better than you and someone worse off than you, the trick is to keep moving, cos if you allow yourself wallow in the same position for too long then one day you will wake up and realise you have been left behind. That being said, learn to celebrate the little victories alongside the big ones.

  7. Your actions affect others
    I have a love-hate relationship with Odus the owl, he sits on a balance of 2 colors and if you upset the balance badly enough by matching one color repeatedly over the other the damn bird falls down and that ends the game regardless of where you are or how many moves you have left. This is real life babe! You can’t go around carrying on like your actions don’t matter because they do. They affect the people around you especially the ones you love. It’s a ying yang affair and if you are not careful you could end up hurting that which you treasure the most! Be considerate…

  8. When it’s your time to shine, the odds will be in your favor
    You may have applied all the skill in the world to that particular level on Candy crush and each time fell flat on your face but the very game you finally win is usually one that didn’t even require a fraction of the effort that you put into your previous losses. It’s happened so many times to me that sometimes I feel like the computer is doing ojoro! LOL Naija mentality. Anyway this happens a lot in real life. There’s a time and season for everything and when it’s your season you won’t have to try so hard. It helps a great deal when the Lord orders our steps so always involve Him and if things are continually tough, have a rethink; ‘Is God leading you elsewhere or is He strengthening you for what lies ahead?’

  9. Find your daily booster
    Candy crush gives a daily booster via the booster wheel and it brings joy knowing that everyday I get to have some help in winning the level I am on. In life we all need daily boosters. For some it’s coffee but that is nowhere as energizing as some time spent in the presence of God or the look in a loved one’s eyes as you depart from home to start your day. Find that thing that gives you a kick and sets you in a good mood without fail and make it a daily booster. An extra boost can go a long way. (P.S: alcohol and drugs not inclusive)

  10. Chocolates are bad for you
    I can tell you with certainty that my cravings for chocolate have reduced by about 10% since I started playing Candy crush. It sends subliminal messages to my brain in the ‘eat the chocolate’ levels. The Chocolates keep growing everywhere no matter how hard you destroy them and it puts chocolate in a bad place for me. Sorry malteasers! I have learnt that good things can kill you and too much of everything is bad!

Enough said, on this note I will like to announce that in the near future I will be deleting the entire Candy Crush family from my life but status quo remains till then. I have also been able to far advance in levels without bugging my friends on Facebook. Yes I forgot to add. Candy crush is also the fastest way to get blocked on Facebook. For months I kept getting annoyed every time I got a request to play Candy crush and since I started playing I have kept my Facebook far away from my Candy crush. Moral of the story: Don’t mix business and pleasure/ keep your personal life private (pick one)

And lest I forget, happy mothers day to all the fantastic women out there. We rock!!!

Have a lovely night Chutzpah fam and if you haven’t downloaded Candy Crush already, please don’t!



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2 responses to “10 things I learned from playing Candy Crush!

  1. nini

    March 16, 2015 at 3:33 pm

    Very apt lessons from candy crush, as I’m also an addict. My personal lesson has been: THIS TOO SHALL PASS!!! No matter the length of time spent @ a level, one will surely overcome. Nice one.

    • Miz Chutzpah

      March 16, 2015 at 4:08 pm

      We should form a support group CCA- Candy crush anonymous… 😉


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