23 Mar


Ever hear the story of the one eyed CEO? He was a great man, started tons of businesses and was very successful but the thing is nobody ever really knew his name except those he was really close to. The rest of the world called him ‘the rich one eyed man‘ or ‘the one eyed CEO‘ or ‘that man with one eye‘. You see, they just couldn’t get past his one deformity. To them that lost eye was more significant than all his achievements and all the good he had ever done. Sad innit?

How many times have you felt limited or defined by a particular circumstance in your life? How many times have the labels put on you by other people robbed you of the joys of the present. Sometimes these labels cause us to forget the myriads of other things going well in our lives and focus on that one thing we don’t have. Sticking a label on you is easy. People look at you and sum up the insecurities they sense into one great adjective and that becomes your definition. Here are some very common labels that a lot of us carry around like billboard signs:

– Single
– Barren
– Failure
– NFA (No future ambition)
– Dreamer
– Loser
– Broke
– Player
– Heart breaker
– Easy/ Loose / Ho
– Bad breath
– Body Odor
– Deaf
– Blind
– Ugly
– Dumb
– Widow
– Divorcee
– Ex-con
– Liar
– Albino
– Criminal
– Black
– Fat
– Skinny
– Gossip
The list is endless.

Do you know Amaka? Oh the _________ babe? Yes! (Insert label).

So many of us are tired of labels defining us. We can’t seem to get past that one mistake or weakness or one thing that makes us different. It haunts us, every time we hear our names it becomes the dreaded prefix or suffix that blurs all our accomplishments both real and imagined as well as all our positive traits and the awesome parts of our personality. It becomes a constant reminder of what one person or a group of people believes our place in society should be. (Dreadful huh?)

The truth is that people will always see you in a way that makes you ‘ordinary’. Being extraordinary is almost too hard to bear because it reminds them of their own insecurities and ineptitudes. So how do you make an extraordinary person ordinary? You take away the magic by sticking on a negative label effectively reminding the person and the rest of the world that no matter his achievements he  ain’t all that!

Do you have a friend or co-worker who constantly tears you down with a single label dropped at the most precise moment guaranteed to make you look bad, ruin a first impression or take away the hype you are struggling to create? HATER ALERT!!! No matter how subtle it is, no matter how you try to avoid it, no matter how you accept it or how you laugh over it, if that label makes you feel bad inside about the way other people perceive you then you need to take a stand and say a firm NO to that label rather than just ignoring it even if you risk being tagged as guilty or oversensitive.

Guard yourself against these emotional worms. They eat deep into your self- confidence and psyche and make you less of the person you were created to be. Nobody has the right to define you by a mistake or weakness or handicap. Nobody is perfect. Crippling your success with a negative label is something you need to put an end to today. So the next time someone introduces you with a label you’d rather not have, make sure you set the record straight there and now. Polite society makes allowances for polite but firm corrections. The only label I wanna have is superduperdappergenius!

😉 😉 😉

Have a great night Chutzpah fam,

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