Who Wears The Pants Around Here?

09 Feb


The battle of the sexes is as old as time itself. Eve reportedly ate the forbidden fruit first which means she was older in wisdom than Adam since her eyes were opened to good and evil before him and that’s probably why God specifically cursed Eve that Adam would rule over her because judging by the new order set in place by the forbidden fruit, Eve should have been ruler. Age doesn’t make you king, wisdom does!

Flip through a lot more pages of the bible and you get to the passage that has become a thorn in the modern woman’s side. “Wives submit to your husbands”. The writer was just repeating what God had said in the beginning but it has become the pillar of all marital guidelines and the stronghold for which the average man bases all wife-related marital discourse.

This same bible tells of many strong women both good and bad who clearly wore the pants although the wearing process was not ceremoniously announced. The thing is men have very fragile egos; they like them stroked and fed fat and in that utopian state will give you anything and everything but the moment they feel threatened, you will face the emotional obstinacy of the XY gene. A guy once admitted that women have 80% of the power in a relationship and that men spend a lot of their days doing stuff they would rather not do just to please the women they love but that the very minute the woman announces that she wears the pants and that her man is under her control, he revolts and she loses everything.

A friend once argued that the smarter of the two people in a relationship should wear the pants; another said the breadwinner male or female ought to wear the pants (She who makes more money wears the crown). A lot of women wish this was their reality but the thing is societal norms dictate that the man is the head of the house. However, what happens behind closed doors is essentially up to the couple! Men don’t care much about the pants, women have been deprived of the pants for so long that many see it as a prize to be had at all costs regardless of the conflict that arises as a result of the tussle (wrong approach).

The truth is men just want respect and respect is something you can give regardless of who is wearing the pants. Mutual respect is necessary for any healthy relationship. The reason why submission is emphasized is that many women find it hard to give a man respect. He doesn’t have to earn it; respect to a man is like love to a woman; A woman wants to be loved when she is good, bad, silly, brave, sick or acts stupid. A man wants to be respected just as many times. Give him respect and he would give you the pants if you wanted them!

Men are like babies and after all the hustle of the outside world they would gladly give you the reigns of the home so that all they worry about is how much they are gonna eat for dinner and what’s showing on TV. Giving you the reigns doesn’t make him less of a provider or a man, only you can cause him to feel this way and if giving you the pants means he will constantly feel like less of a man, he will hold on to it with his very life!!!

Make your man secure, show him you trust and respect him no matter what and he will give you the keys to his kingdom. Ask Sarah, Abigail, Deborah and Jezebel these women both good and bad clearly wore the pants but unlike Vashti who openly opposed her husband the king and was severely punished (to appease his bruised ego), these other women gave their men so much respect that the men never lost face in the world.


Hope you had a great weekend chutzpah fam?

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One response to “Who Wears The Pants Around Here?

  1. Bykerboi

    February 10, 2014 at 5:40 pm

    “A woman wants to be loved when she is good, bad, silly, brave, sick or acts stupid. A man wants to be respected just as many times. Give him respect and he would give you the pants if you wanted them!” Right on point


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