The Side Chick!

04 Oct


I love the hit series ‘Scandal’ but who doesn’t? The complicated lives of Olivia and Fitz keep me enthralled and in love with love. But is anyone worried about the subliminal messages being passed? The sidechick fad is slowly creeping back and now women are gonna wanna emulate Olivia Pope aka the Fixer and fix married men, engaged men and men in serious relationships or NOT?

What is a side chick anyway?

The urban dictionary has 5 definitions for the sidechick…Here goes:
1. The other woman; also known as the mistress; a female that is neither a male’s wife or girlfriend who has relations with the male while he is in another relationship.
2. A position allocated to a girl which is neither a wifey or a girlfriend but a side dish like nandos rice (ouch! I don’t even like nandos rice 😦 )
3. Girls you have sex with (or date) on and off whilst you’re looking for THE ONE you want to go out with (or marry).
4. Female version of a “wingman”. I.e. a female willing to rescue her friends from awkward social interactions and  help them find successful, romantic partners (aww@ all my girlfriends, I’ll be your sidechick any day! 😉 ♥ )
5. A woman who provides a male show host (primarily in radio) with occasional, or sometimes frequent input and conversation on the current topic. She is rarely credited formally for contributing to the show and can be present from the outset of a show, but usually is added in when ratings drop to increase female demographics. (Hmmm naija radio stations I see you!)

Ok back to Olivia Pope the goddess of all things on the side ;-). Being a side chick has it’s perks. Many times you get all the bonuses of a relationship without the heartaches and drama and you don’t have to put in as much effort to make things work as wifey does because it’s not like you are tryna build anything anyway!

The only time there’s a problem is if you get caught by the woman whose house you are renting for free or you catch feelings! Both are very bad. Bad for you, bad for him and bad for wifey. Bad for you because that’s usually the end of the side matter. Most men would never pick their side chick no matter how awesome she is over their wife or girlfriend. Even worse, you get disgraced (sometimes publicly), let’s not begin to talk of the scorned girlfriend/wife who happens to have hot water, acid or a loaded gun on standby (Hell hath no fury!). You also get stuck with a badass reputation not to mention several curses (every strange woman fall down and die sturvs #MFM). Then of course, if you are religious, being a side chick makes it a tad difficult to believe God for your man ko? “Dear Papa God, as I am stealing this woman’s food, finish preparing my own sharp sharp so I can chop it alone, hunger dey catch me!” (I hear you 😉 )

Now there are two types of side chicks. The accidental one and the intentional one. Let me give you the gist;

The accidental side chick didn’t do her homework. She failed to notice the ring mark on his finger, settled for his vague answers and didn’t probe deeper. She also lacks aproko friends to help her dig up dirt. Many times she is the victim (in quote oh).  She’s been deceived by one over nice guy who failed to mention his happy family abroad or the girlfriend he has taken home to meet his family. Sometimes she isn’t deceived by a particularly clever guy, she just decided to bury her head in the sands like an ostrich and not see the obvious. This side chick is far from cool. This is not the Olivia Pope kind at all but sometimes an accidental sidechick can port to the dark side. It usually happens when she discovers, he begs and she looks at the opportunity cost. Maybe the relationship is too sweet or the benefits are too mad and there’s no other correct guy in sight. She then realises that half a loaf is better than none and carries on.

Now the intentional side chick! (Aha)
She usually doesn’t start out as the chick out to wreck your marriage or your relationship. These are things she dreamt of having herself one day but things happened. Her heart may have been broken more than once or her bank account (who knows?) and here comes this unavailable man offering her everything she ever wanted. Well it’s a dog eat dog world and she’s not gonna let something as mundane as another woman stop her. Sometimes it’s less cold blooded more out of this world-one of a kind-love affair. He may be in a loveless marriage of convenience and she may be the only one who can save him (I see you Olivia!) sometimes the wife or the girlfriend may not even mind her being around. The girlfriend may be practising abstinence and have given her boyfriend a hall pass. The wife may feel you make her husband happier or more focussed and is content with just being his Mrs (First lady things). Whatever the case may be, sometimes the side chick gets upgraded to the wife, girlfriend or who knows second wife (our culture does allow this, religion however, doesn’t! Even Islam says you should be able to love them equally and i have never seen a man love two women equally jare 😉 ). Other times she ends up discontented, bitter and having to raise a kid alone (if she happened to have one) plus she has no control about when she gets to see her man (His real family is his priority).
It’s cold. I wouldn’t wish side chick status on any woman. We know how many depressing moments Olivia has and how many times she struggles to do the right thing but hey she still is the coolest side chick in the world. Sometimes even found myself wishing the first Lady would just carry go! 😉 🙂 😉

Anyway before I conclude, I’d like to give you 10 things to watch out for so you don’t become a side chick cos even the cool ones crave more…

1) He is ready for marriage in every way but seems to be seriously dragging his feet where you are concerned (definition  number 3)
2) He has a deep ring indentation on his ring finger but no ring ( Don’t jonze, it’s in his pocket)
3) He doesn’t pick his calls at night (midnight calls are lost on him)
4) You only know a few of his friends and none of his family save for one distant cousin (Yea we both know why)
5) He never takes you out in public (not to the cinema or club, talking about to his aunt’s 50th birthday)
6) He claims he is separated from his wife or taking a break from his relationship (Separated is not the same thing as divorced, very few couples actually go the whole 9 yards)
7) He admits he has a woman but they are having problems
8) He doesn’t pick certain calls in your presence
9) His phone is allergic to you. You havent even touched it much less looking at his gallery
10) Your name is saved as your name. No endearments, no pet names just your name and occupation

Disclaimer: The points above are not absolute but they should get you thinking. Ladies abeg make you shine your eye. Your knight (armor or no), emphasis on ‘YOUR’ cometh. Stolen bread is sweet but like most awoof e dey run belle.

Have a fabulous weekend chutzpah fam, love u muchos. ♥♥♥♥♥


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3 responses to “The Side Chick!

  1. mine

    October 15, 2013 at 12:13 pm

    Olivias place is every side chicks dream but u wuld have to walk wit caution. Wow!! Check dis out

  2. drnsmusings

    November 23, 2013 at 10:49 pm

    I love the pic of 3 kids u used. Lol. I think Olivia’s skills as a negotiator are downplayed by her affair wt Fitz. Reinforcing the belief that no woman is really that independent. I think it’s a negative message

  3. liminality

    May 27, 2017 at 7:57 am

    Thank you for the post. I referenced this page on my “resources” page. Please check out my website and show some love. Peace.


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