It’s all for the money $$$- “A tale of one Lagos big girl” Episode 5

30 Sep


He stifled my scream half way out of my mouth with a dirty palm. I struggled as he pushed me indoors and bolted the door.  
“I am going to release you and you are going to be calm you hear me?” He growled menacingly.  
I nodded absolutely terrified. Why was he here? He was obviously no ghost but really I would have preferred if he was dead and buried. He let me go and I sat down on the chair farthest from him.
“What are you doing here? I thought you were dead, the police-”
“Don’t tell me about the police, trust me I know all about it. Just listen to me, we don’t have much time…”  
He proceeded to tell me about his escape from that building, his partner whom he had maimed but not had the courage to kill because of the loyalty he once had towards him. Alhaji and the role his organization played in his untimely death and then about his constantly being on the run since the envelope was found. Really it was a very great story but how did that have anything to do with me? I needed to know and damped the consequences. I had to know.  
“Sammy why are you here?”
“Damnit I hate it when you call me Sammy! You are the reason I am in this mess. They asked me to kill you and I hesitated that’s why my partner had to turn on me. He had been given instructions. Now because of you I am a fugitive without the protection of the organization I worked for. Because of you Modinat!” “Because of me you are alive!” I retorted angrily.  
He looked at me incredulously.  
“No be me wake you up? You had passed out. If not for me that your partner for kill you finish!”
“You would have been dead too! Anyway we have to leave first thing in the morning. I think we would be safe here tonight. Tomorrow you will gather as much money as you can while I get us new passports. We will cross the border and go and live in Ghana as husband and wife. It’s a new start and that way we will be safe-”
I hissed out with all the pent up anger and frustration within me. Was this man a joker? Did I follow him to kill pessin? This criminal wanted my money and on top of it all wanted me to join him as his wife. Bonny and Clyde ko, Sammy and Modi ini. I needed a plan. I looked at him, wishing he would just vaporize. If looks could kill ehn.  
“Modi it’s for your own safety. I know you would rather marry someone else and live a normal life but you and I are alike, we are tainted and have done things we are ashamed of. Also there is no guarantee either of us will live past this so let’s stick together. You need me Modi, I am doing this for your own good.”   I kept quiet. Really I couldn’t be bothered with all this long story. The koko was I wasn’t going anywhere with this man. Just when I had decided to put my life in order. Lai lai.  
“Can I boil water for you to take a bath and perhaps give you some food to eat?”
“Yes Modinat, I would really like that.”  
I half expected him to follow me into the kitchen but I didn’t hear footsteps behind me, then I realized I had left my two phones on the table. I groaned. No wonder he didn’t follow me. I contemplated using one of my kitchen utensils as a weapon but I couldn’t be sure if he was carrying a gun and everyone knows a gun is faster than a knife. I decided there was only one thing left to do. I had sworn I would never do this again but really this had to be the exception. I prepared his bath water and ushered him into my bathroom.  
“Alhaji left you all of this? You must have been really good in bed.” He murmured.  

I ignored him and focussed on the task at hand. I had warmed some efo riro and was making some eba to go with it. My plan was simple. Drug him through his food and escape while he was asleep. By the time he woke up, so much time would have elapsed that he would have no choice but to go on with his escape plan alone. The only problem was he might probably suspect foul play and demand I eat with him, it wouldn’t be the first time a demand like that would be made, the only problem was I couldn’t find the damn antedote.
Back in those days as a newbie aristo chick I had had to drug a few disgusting clients, those I would rather die a slow, painful death than sleep with. Many of them had insisted we eat together and along with the native sleeping medicine I had gotten from iya Bola at the garage was the antedote. A small black bottle with foul smelling liquid that made one instantly alert and a tad hallucinatory if I may add. Usually when the men awoke with me at their side, they couldn’t remember anything but assumed we had had a night of wild, passionate sex.

The sounds coming from the bathroom ceased and I was jerked out of my reverie, time was running out. Frantically I rechecked the kitchen cabinet and heaved a huge sigh of relief when I spotted it behind a jar of curry. No sooner had I mixed the medicine into the efo that I heard the room door open. Samsudeen had found one of alhaji’s jalabias and had eased himself into it although it was a little short. No respect for the dead. I hissed.  
“Food is ready!” I called out.  

Soon we were eating and like I foresaw, he had asked me to share his food, even joking about me poisoning him. Throughout the meal, I kept stealing glances at him. I wondered if the effect of the drug would be dramatic, I had taken the drug several times and knew I had ten minutes before it’s effect would hit me but for a first timer it was usually faster. The meal was finished and he was still up. I offered him a glass of juice and he obliged. I ran to the kitchen to drop the plates and drink the antedote and out of annoyance I poured all of the remaining medicine into the pack of juice. Thankfully the medicine was tasteless.   “Here’s your juice.”
“Why only one glass? Please get another glass”.  He said quietly and my heart began to pound. I had drank all of the antedote. What would happen if he insisted? I had to think fast.
“I don’t drink juice.”
“Very funny so why do you have it in your house?”
“Haba Samsudeen, you know the line of work I used to be into. Alhaji had a sweet tooth. If I used to drink juice anyhow would I have been able to keep my body in such great shape?”  

As I emphasized the word body, I gave him my sexiest pose and rubbed my body as if unconsciously but in a manner so seductive that I knew I would definitely have his attention. I had decided that rather than he drinking the juice and forcing me to drink it too, I would distract him totally from the juice matter and pray the powder in the efo riro did its magic.  

Samsudeen swallowed hard. His mouth was suddenly dry. Modinat was so beautiful and the thought of spending forever with her was so appealing. He grimaced as he saw her seduction for what it was. He would have preferred her as the good, Muslim girl she had been a long time ago but all hope was not lost. He would lead her back to the faith as soon as they were out of harm’s way. Now he had to resist spending the night in her arms, he really needed full concentration for the next 24 hours at least till they were safe and he could already feel the tiredness taking its toll. It wasn’t easy to be on the run. He needed a few hours of sleep. He tried to say something. She looked wanton, horny and very inviting. No words came out of his mouth. He looked at the glass of juice he had suspended in mid air and downed the whole glass.  
“Modinat I don’t think that is a good idea. I think we had better get some hours of sleep before tomorrow”.  
He rose up from the dining table and staggered. As he clung to the table, a confused look on his face, I smiled a small smile.  
“Are you alright?”  
…… be continued………

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