Resurrection Morning!

31 Mar

They told me I was too late,
Told me it was fate,
With tears in my eyes I searched for where He lay,
My mind filled with horror flicks of the price He had to pay,
The cross He carried,
Oh how I tarried,
If I had made a little more haste,
I may have been able to gaze upon His face,
But what do you tell the Son of God,
When for you He bore the rod?
Wounded for my transgressions,
Slained with aggression,
Maybe if I was obedient and didn’t seek my own way,
Maybe He wouldn’t have had to die on crucifixion day,
He loved me so much,
That I knew as much,
For what innocent would choose to die,
For a guilt-laden girl such as I.

But here I am too late,
Sitting at the tombstone of one so great,
Wretched sinner that I am,
As guilty of murder as the men that caused Him harm,
Big fat tears roll down my face,
As my thoughts wonder through a maze,
I find myself slipping into a trance,
As I plead with my Lord to give me one more chance,
You promised you wouldn’t be gone forever,
Come back oh Lord so I can repay you with love like a river,
No one ever did what you did,
No one ever loved me with such a need.
I’d make a difference I swear,
And you’d never have to go through such fear,
Such pain, such torture, such darkness,
Would be things of the past with my steadfastness,
And suddenly I look up and there you are,
My Master, My Saviour, risen again without blemish or mar.

It’s been 2000 years since resurrection morning,
Times past since the day of mourning,
I still remember the price He paid,
And on His shoulders my sins that were laid.
As I prepare for church I whistle a tune,
It’s time to put on my dancing shoes, it’s Easter morning and the feasting cometh soon,
But as I step out of my house,
I gaze upon His face and from a slumber I rouse,
Jesus you are here,
My daughter I am always near.
Today we celebrate you I say,
I wish you’d do that everyday,
I think of all the days gone by and gaze downcast feeling floored,
I think of just yesterday when yet again, I betrayed you my Lord.
Sin is such an enticing evil,
But my grace is sufficient for you to overcome the devil,
But Sir, I say; If only I had someone to show me the way,
My Holy Spirit is there to be your advocate and friend, if only you’d listen to what He has to say,
He reaches out for me and I see his wounds, the cross, the price and His blood that was shed,
Oh how wretched I am, how soon I forget, tears sting my eyes as I behold His blood so red,
Every time you disobeyed,
You made a joke of the price I paid,
I look into His eyes and behold what manner of love,
I will do right by you I confess, and I feel the resurrection power fill me with a surge,
He is Risen I sing,
A new meaning it rings,
I will not live my life like before,
I am a child of this world no more,
I rejoice at my liberation,
No more moved by the devil’s declaration.
I’m gonna love Him with every breath I make,
And do absolutely all it takes,
Things are gonna be different now, why the world asks? As they behold me with apprehension,
Because He loved me first, He loved me beyond comprehension…
It’s a new day folks, a new day to look at your life circumspectly,
A day of renewal, a day of rebirth, a day we remember the life He gave for ours unconditionally…..

God bless you chutzpah fam,
Happy Easter. Jesus is alive.


Posted by on March 31, 2013 in #TeamJesus


2 responses to “Resurrection Morning!

  1. Stella Eyo

    April 1, 2013 at 11:19 am

    God bless you too Anita, i just love that you’re so unashamedly christian in the face of seemingly growing apathy for godliness in today’s world. I pray more of God’s inspiration on you.

  2. hrh7

    April 25, 2013 at 1:24 am

    lovely poem. so fluid. nice one chutzpah woman!


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