24. Wedding Chronicles: EHIS…the concluding story!

27 Feb

Ehis was going to tell her. He had arrived at that conclusion while watching a wedding on TV. He knew Amaka had doubts, he saw it in her eyes every time he looked at her. He missed the old Amaka. The one who loved him without questions and trusted him 100 percent. He had secrets but who didn’t? The things he had kept from her where to protect her, he wished she could understand. There was only one secret he had held back for selfish reasons but now he wanted to tell all. He wanted to erase all doubt from her mind once and for all. He wanted her to look at him once again the same way this blonde woman on TV was looking at her new husband. He wanted to be her world again.

He believed so strongly that the foundation of a good marriage was laid in the very beginning and he didn’t wanna spend the rest of his life struggling to earn his wife’s trust. He knew telling Amaka this would change a lot of things but he had to. He was willing to take the risk. Amaka had more than proven herself in the years they were together and he knew deep down that she could handle the truth.

He had started rehearsing his speech as soon as he got behind the wheel. He knew if he didn’t put it the right way, it’d all blow up in his face.

15 minutes later he was seated in his future wife’s apartment and you could slice the tension with a knife.

“Amaka I have something to tell you”

“Another secret?”

“Please hear me out first boo”

“I have something to ask you too but after you are done”

“Babes I know I told you about Italy and my drug dealing days but there was something I left out…”

“A baby mama? A secret marriage? A criminal record?”

Amaka had to hold herself back. She was starting to sound a lot like Vivian.

“Please hear me out first”


“No I’ve never been married and no I do not have a child somewhere and no I haven’t been in jail. I told you about the only time I was ever caught and how-”

“Yea, yea how your blonde friend who almost had us killed bailed you out. Please spare me the details…”

Ehis was getting frustrated. Obviously Amaka was on the war-path. He needed to tread carefully or he’d mess things up further and he couldn’t risk losing her.

“Amaka please…”

“Ok I won’t say anything again”

“When I was with her, from time to time she gave me little gifts. Sometimes it was cash, other times it was paper. I didn’t understand what the paper was but she asked me to keep them close that one day I would need them…”

Ehis paused. He silently said a prayer in his head.

“When I got back to Nigeria I hid the papers from my family. I was afraid they’d take one look at them and know what I had gotten mixed up in while I was away. Soon I forgot about the papers. The week after the incident, I was spring cleaning my house when I discovered them. I looked through them again and suddenly understood what they were.”

Ehis paused again.

“So what were they?”

“Treasury bonds”


“Amaka those bonds are worth over five hundred thousand dollars”

Amaka was silent. She didn’t know what to say. She hadn’t expected this in the least. Ehis had just informed her that he was bloody rich but it was drug money. She struggled within herself.

“Amaka please say something…”

“What do you want me to say? Do you want me to jump for joy that you are suddenly rich without considering the fact that the money was given to you by a drug dealer?”

Ehis kept quiet. The ball was in Amaka’s court now. He hoped he wouldn’t have to make a choice between his money and his woman. Life was tough as it was.

“I’ve been re-thinking this engagement Ehis.”


“I want a man who is trustworthy. I want a man who won’t disappear or get killed. I want a man with an honest income, an honourable man. What if EFCC tracks you down? I just don’t know anymore…”

“Amaka I was young. I am no longer the man I was then. You know the circumstances surrounding my drug dealing and how I was forced into it. Baby we’ve been together for years, isn’t that enough for you to know how much I love you? Isn’t that enough time to judge my character?”

“I’m sorry Ehis but I have to look out for myself. Marriage is a life long commitment and I don’t think I’d feel completely safe with you not after what happened…”

Amaka slipped the ring off her finger…
Ehis felt like his world was crashing down around him. Tears stung his eyes as he struggled to remain in control.

“Amaka please don’t do this. I have loved you since the first time I met you. You are my world and I’d die before anything happened to you. Babe I’m straight I swear. I’m sorry my past is such a let down and if I could change it I would. You have no idea how terrible things were back in the days. Honey you turned my life around. Please don’t leave me. I couldn’t live without you. Amaka you are a part of me. Please I’m begging you…”

Amaka was silent. In all the years they had been together she had never seen Ehis cry and it broke her heart to see his tears. She loved him with all her heart but she needed proof. A sign maybe, that Ehis was her husband. Now that she had gotten the ring, somehow the ring had magnified all her fears. She needed to be certain.

“Baby I’ll give it all away if that will show you how sincere I am. I don’t need the money, I have a job. I’ll make it all back someday. I didn’t get it doing drugs, I got it satisfying a woman at the risk of death if I failed in my duties but I’m ready to give it all away cos I’d rather have you and no money than have all the money in the world without you!”

Amaka smiled. It was a small smile that only tugged at the corners of her mouth but with it came a giddy feeling. This dude loved her. She didn’t need any other sign.

“You don’t have to give the money away though we are going to use a great part of it to help keep young boys off the streets-”

“Did you say ‘we’?”

“Yep, I love you too much to let you go Ehis and I felt the sincerity in your words but baby promise me that no more secrets between us ever again”

“I meant every word my darling and I promise you that no more secrets”

“Everything’s gonna be alright!”

“Yes, everything is gonna be alright”

And it did feel like the heavens were in agreement…

Have a lovely day peeps…xoxoxo 😉 😉

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