23. Wedding Chronicles: AMAKA…the concluding story!

24 Feb

Amaka looked at the ring on her finger!


She’d waited so long for Ehis to propose. It really seemed like she had just been passing the time till the real show began. Now her life could start. She had the wedding all planned out. Had even book-marked all her favourite vendors and knew their rates. So all she’d have to do was call them up and finalise plans. She’d settled on a wedding dress 2 weeks before she got the ring. Life was perfect. It’d have been even more perfect if Ehis hadn’t kept so many secrets from her. She tried to put it out of her mind but she kept seeing that woman’s face and then the story would play out again in her head.

Did she really want to marry a man with such a coloured past? She knew she loved Ehis and she definitely was tired of being single but she couldn’t help worrying about how many other secrets were gonna pop up after they were married. She’d always trusted Ehis but now she wasn’t sure if she could still trust him 100 percent.

“What’s a marriage without trust?”

She asked aloud. She needed someone to talk to and of recent her friends had been so hard to reach. Aisha was in paris and planning a wedding, Tayo was dating that new guy and blissfully happy and the relationship was definitely heading for the altar and getting her off cloud nine was too tasking to even bother with and Sheila was planning her wedding too. She sighed. There was no other person that readily came to mind. Every time she called one of the girls, they ended up excitedly comparing wedding notes and she was unable to pour out her heart each and every time.

Love wasn’t her issue at all. She knew she loved Ehis with all her heart but this trust thing made her uncomfortable. In the past, she could have boasted about knowing Ehis like the back of her hand but now she wasn’t even sure she knew who he was for sure. She felt like someone had swapped the back of her hand for something else. She glanced at her hands and sighed as the ring caught her eye again. Ehis had tried on several occasions to reassure her that other than not telling her about his past life in Italy, he held no secrets from her. Ehis loved her, she knew it but her over-active imagination kept conjuring up unbelievable scenarios. She imagined being kidnapped on the wedding day or Ehis being bundled off to Italy never to be seen again. On a whim, she decided to call Vivian. Vivian always gave her candid advice…eventually. She sighed. Before the candid advice came the sarcasm and caustic remarks and truth be told she really didn’t need that right now but Vivian could be trusted to speak only the truth. She sighed as she dialled her number.

“Hey babes, this one that you remembered me today, is it time to buy asoebi or you want to make me a bridesmaid?”

“Like you’d ever agree to be my bridesmaid…”

“Thank God you have sense! Because I’m 31 and being unmarried doesn’t give people the audacity to be making me bridesmaids up and down like I don’t have other things to do with my money!”

She ranted.

“How’s Nicholas?”

“He’s fine oh. Amaka I don’t know how you got Ehis to propose oh cos that Nicholas don dey taya me. Soon I’ll be given d award for longest relationship ever since my only competitor- yours truly, finally got her man to put a ring on it.”


“Yes? Why do you sound so serious all of a sudden?”

“It’s Ehis”

“Don’t tell me you are having cold feet? C’mon you guys dated for a century!”

“N…not cold feet, just a bit unsure…”

And Amaka proceeded to tell Vivian everything that had happened the last couple of days.

“So what’s your fear? It seems the woman is gone for good and you both can finally put that part of his life to rest…”

“I know, but I keep worrying about what other surprises may be in store after we are married”

“Like a kid? Or a secret marriage?”

“Very funny Vivian!”

“Babes I think you worry too much. Lighten up and plan a wedding even I would have to work really hard to top!”

“You really think I have nothing to worry about?”

“Yep and you could pray about it. I always believe in committing the unknown into God’s hands since He alone knows the end from the beginning. Talk to Ehis while you are it.”

“Ok dear, thanks a bunch.”

“If he ever springs you a baby mama surprise I’ll be by your side to whip her ass and his!”

Amaka laughed as she said her good-byes.

She knelt down and said a prayer. Not really knowing the best way to put it but yet she was assured that God knew exactly what she wanted to say and things could only get better. They did get better cos she felt an odd sense of peace as she got off her knees.

She’d been putting off setting a date for a while now but she knew she was ready to take the plunge. Whatever marriage brought she was ready to face it with her man Bonny and Clyde style, guns blazing! Divorce would never be an option and she’d guard her marriage with her life but first of all she needed Ehis to make a promise to her. A promise he would hold close to his heart. A promise he would never break. A promise as vital as the vows they would exchange on their wedding day. Her trust was hinged on that promise. She got up and began to dress up. She really needed to see her fiance. They had something very important to discuss and she’d have to postpone her meeting with the lady baking her wedding cake cos there were more pressing needs to attend to.

As she opened the door, she jumped as she saw Ehis, his fist about to knock on her front door.

“Hey babe, sorry I startled you. Are you going out?”

“Y…yes, I was coming to see you.”

Amaka took a deep breath, her mind fixed on the promise…

Have a great night peeps…xoxoxo 😉 🙂 😉

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