18. Wedding Chronicles: TOSIN…the concluding story!

13 Feb

Tosin was a man on a mission. He had never had such extremes of emotion in one day in his entire life. He was just grateful to God that it had ended well and he was bent on making sure it remained that way.

He had insisted on driving Aisha home and they had had a long talk. He would handle Tanto and her issues and Aisha would take a long vacation to Paris where she could relax and of course shop for the wedding. He would send her car to her in the morning along with everything she’d need for the trip. It was his way of saying thank you but more importantly he needed to get her away from it all. He knew Tanto wouldn’t go down without a fight and he didn’t want Aisha caught in the crossfire after all, it was his battle!

He got back to the apartment to meet a sleeping Tanto. She was scantily clad and reeked of alcohol. The bottle she brought had been downed in the few hours he had been away from her. He shook her awake.


She slurred as she struggled to sit up.

“Oh, T…tosssssin you are back darling.”

Tosin turned his head in disgust. The thought that this woman carried his child filled him with anger.

“How much do you want?”

His air of seriousness and words brought Tanto some much needed sobriety.

“For what?”

“To be gone for good. You and the baby!”

“WTF are you talking about? I am not going anywhere. Neither is this baby. I cannot be bought!”

“Five million naira!”

“Tosin you are wasting your time!”

“Seven million naira!”

Tanto laughed!

“I wouldn’t budge for even 100 million naira. Tosin why would I want to take your money when I can have all of you?”

“You will never ever have me Tanto. If you continue on this path you will find out just how difficult I can be. If you choose to have this child, after a paternity test is conducted, all you will get from me is monthly upkeep for the child. I will not be a part of its life or yours. I suggest you take the money and leave.”

Tosin struggled to keep his anger under control.

“Tosin you are just bluffing!”

Tanto screamed.

“I will makesure you lose everything if you do not step up to your responsibilities-“

Tosin cut her off with a laugh.

“Do you not know who you are dealing with? I am Tosin McFoy, you are some miserable actress who gained some popularity and thinks she suddenly has a say in the way things work around here?”

Tanto decided to change her tactic and broke down in tears. Tosin was taken quite by surprise.

“Tosin I have feelings for you. Nobody has ever made me feel as special as you did. I love you Tosin. I thought you’d be happy about this baby. Please give us a chance. When you get to know me, you’ll realise that we really are meant to be together. You and I are so alike. We were cut from the same cloth…”

Tanto sobbed loudly.

“Tanto I am sorry. Given other circumstances maybe things would have turned out differently but I love another. You and I can never have any future and I would not want you bringing a baby into this world under such circumstances.”

“ want me to abort?”

Tanto’s silent question hung in the air. Tosin sighed. Now that he stopped to think about it was killing an innocent child really the only solution or just an easy fix for his problems?

“Tanto, ultimately the decision is yours but I want to make it clear to you, what you are getting yourself into before you make any moves.”

“You are a wicked man Tosin! God will punish you!”

Tanto shouted vehemently and began to wail.

“Tanto stop being such a drama queen! Please. For all I know this baby isn’t even mine. I’m really sorry for being a part of this mess but spending the night at my place was entirely your idea…”

Tanto was silent. She never should have listened to her manager. Drugging Tosin’s drink had been fun because Mr. Fine Boy was playing hard to get but getting pregnant for him was another matter entirely. She didn’t wanna mess with Lagos cabal. She knew what they were capable of doing. She needed a plan…

“Tosin I’m leaving now but you will be hearing from me soon!”

And with that she silently packed up her clothes, dressed up and left his apartment.

The next week passed by uneventfully. Aisha was having a good time in Paris though she worried constantly about the Tanto situation. Tosin was just glad to see her happy again. He hadn’t been able to do much work in the last week and wasn’t sleeping much later. His guts told him he hadn’t heard the last of Tanto and his mind tortured him with scenarios. He needed to be prepared.

On saturday, the news was all over town. Nnamdi had woken up a grumpy Tosin who had only managed to fall asleep in the wee hours of the morning, eager to share the news.


“Dude wake up, it’s all over twitter.”

“What is? Geez man, can’t a brother get some sleep?”

“Tanto fired her manager but that isn’t the real news. She released a statement to the press about her relationship with you…”

“Shit! That b*tch, what did she say?”

“Calm down! It’s all good man. Check your phone, sent you the link. I’m coming over!”

And with that Nnamdi hung up.

“God please…”

Tosin began to pray silently as he opened the link on his phone…

“…I and Tosin McFoy are no longer together. We broke up due to irreconcilable differences but in other news, I and Wiz are back together and we are expecting a baby…”


Tosin hadn’t even realised he was reading out loud. He swore again. Was she pawning off his kid to another man? How lame could she be? This definitely wasn’t the plan. While it meant he was in the clear and he and Aisha could get married and live happy ever after, it just didn’t feel right.

Against his better judgement, he dialled Tanto’s number.

“What do you want?”

“Tanto was that the best you could come up with? Does Wiz know the child isn’t his?”

“Shuooo! See me see local trouble. Wetin concern you with my mata? Haven’t I cleared your name from all this? Pikin wey you no want! Abeg abeg leave me ojare, hisssssssss”

Tosin waited for her to calm down a bit.

“Tanto be reasonable. I cannot have my child growing up with another man’s name. There has to be another way…”

“Mr Na-you-righteous-pass! So now you want to do what is right? Abeggy! I thought you were querying his paternity before. Please if you have nothing better to do with your time, don’t spend it wasting mine!”

“Tanto I will take you to court!”

“Mr Big-time-lawyer! Ehn take me na! The publicity will be good for my career but I can’t say the same for you.”

Tosin was silent. He whispered a prayer for strength.

“Tanto I’m really sorry for all I put you through and I am very grateful that you decided to publicly break up our relationship but please let us consider what’s best for this child. Would you want to knowingly bring up a child surrounded by lies and deceit?”

Tanto was silent for a while.

“Tosin, apology accepted. You have nothing to worry about. The baby isn’t yours. I went for an ultrasound scan and the doctor dated the pregnancy. It belongs to Wiz…”

Tosin exhaled deeply. He hadn’t realised he was holding his breath.

“Thank you Tanto, Thank you.”

“Have a good day Tosin and I’m keeping the money as payment for all my effort though I’m sorry things didn’t work out with you and Halima. You are not my type anyway, you too dey worry.”

“Her name is Aisha and don’t worry we’ll be fine. You can keep the money. Take care Tanto!”

“Take care Mr Fine Boy!”

Tosin gave a shout of joy and then hurriedly began dialling a number. He had a very important phone call to make…

*Hey chutzpah fam, the wedding chronicles is gradually coming to a close. Watch out for Tayo, Sheila and Amaka’s concluding stories in the days to come…please remember to leave comments, your comments fuel my imaginative fire! Xoxoxo 😉


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5 responses to “18. Wedding Chronicles: TOSIN…the concluding story!

  1. shalewa

    February 13, 2013 at 12:09 pm

    Whao dis is a very interesting story dat make so much sense , but I tink tosin was suppose to confirm d baby is truely for wiz, for future purpose incase tanto come back and say anoda diff story .q

  2. christine

    February 13, 2013 at 7:53 pm

    whew the annoying actress is off the scene. I knew she was lying about the baby mscheeeeew!

  3. kay

    February 13, 2013 at 10:14 pm

    …..And they lived happily ever after

  4. mpb

    February 14, 2013 at 12:19 am

    yay conclusions! ANd i have said this before but will say it again, you are an awesome writer.

  5. Osas

    February 26, 2013 at 4:01 pm

    beautiful beautiful


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