17. Wedding Chronicles: AISHA…the concluding story!

13 Feb

Aisha cried like her heart would break. Things had gotten so bad. Not even the fact that Tosin was seated beside her and not with Tanto could still her aching heart.
The words kept playing in her head;

“I’m carrying Tosin’s baby so I suggest you find another man to shower your pathetic gifts on…”

How could Tanto be pregnant? The triumphant smile she’d seen on Tanto’s face as she left her standing by the door had confirmed her worst fears. She’d lost Tosin truly. Maybe they were never meant to be, maybe God was punishing her for her past misdemeanors. She glanced at Tosin with tear-filled eyes. She wasn’t sure if he could ever make things better. Things were beyond screwed…

“Baby I’m so sorry about Tanto. She means nothing to me. I was using her to make you jealous because I was so mad that you were seeing that Dayo boy…”

“But she’s carrying your baby. That changes everything. How could you Tosin. Every time you have cheated and lied, why are you even here? Do I mean anything to you at all? Damn this is so screwed!”

Aisha burst into tears again.

“I love you Aisha and I’m sorry it took me so long to realise that you were enough for me. I wanna be with you. I don’t care about Tanto or her baby. For all you know it isn’t even mine. I slept with her just once and I was pretty f*cked up that day or I wouldn’t have cos baby it’s always been you…”

Aisha didn’t know what to say. Tanto had a reputation of always getting what she wanted and she didn’t think she had the strength for a drawn out, fierce, public battle with a celebrity over a man. Maybe like Dayo said she should just start over. She was still young, she could find another man and forget Tosin.

“Maybe you should just marry Tanto and forget about me”

Aisha finished tearfully.

“No! Tanto and I can never be together. Don’t you understand? I hired her to do a job. I paid her cash.”

“But you slept with your hired help and now she’s pregnant. Leave me alone Tosin, I don’t want to be involved in your drama. I’ve had enough…”

“Aisha please…”

His unspoken words hung in the air as both fell silent. Aisha had a defiant air around her. She was tired of taking rubbish. She deserved way better. It was time she followed her head and not her heart. Her heart was the one that got her into this mess in the first place.

“Tosin it’s over. Please it’s getting late and I’d like to go home.”

“Back to Dayo?”

Tosin replied scathingly.

“Dayo’s my cousin, was using him to punish you. Not that it matters anymore…”

Aisha replied wearily. All she wanted was for him to leave her car and allow her drive home in peace. She knew Tanto was still in his apartment and the last thing she needed was a scene. She wasn’t even ready to fight for Tosin. She had stopped seeing him as worth all the trouble. She really needed a break. She made a mental note to take her long overdue leave and go someplace quiet by herself. Maybe the Gambia…

“Aisha, I’ve made so many mistakes. I know I do not deserve you but baby I could never live without you. Please give me one more chance to make things right. I promise to spend the rest of my days making it up to you…”

“One more chance? Tosin you are gonna be a father in some months. You have a ready made family. What role could I possibly play in your life?”

“Tanto will have an abortion. Every woman has a price-”

“And what if she doesn’t? It was this your flawed logic that got you into this mess in the first place! Love is not a game!”

“Look who’s talking about games? I asked you to marry me Aisha and instead you pulled a Dayo from your hat of tricks- to punish me? You are one to talk!”

The atmosphere was tense and both Aisha and Tosin were breathing hard. Aisha felt so drained. She didn’t wanna have this conversation, didn’t wanna argue. She had preferred the tempo of the previous conversation.

“Tosin I don’t wanna argue. We’ve both made mistakes. But things are irreversible right now and being together is an impossibility. Please let us just part ways in peace…”

“No Aisha, nothing is impossible! I am not letting you go and I am gonna marry you and if I have to raise Tanto’s child as a sacrifice, fine, so be it!”

“What makes you think I want Tanto’s baby mama drama or a complex family? Do you think this is the sort of life I dreamed of as a little girl?”

“Aisha baby, I screwed up. But this is my reality- our reality. I’m sorry I couldn’t give you your fairytale…”

Tosin paused.

“Aisha if you know you feel nothing for me and can never imagine being my wife under these circumstances, just tell me. I’ll walk away and never bother you again. But here I am, begging for one last time. Begging you to take me as I am, to accept my faults and my mistakes and love me regardless. Please baby don’t reject me. I need you so bad. I promise to make it up to you, I promise…”

Tosin voice broke and his soft sobs shook his broad chest.

Aisha couldn’t get herself to speak. Big, fat tears rolled down her cheeks. She loved this man with all her soul. She just didn’t know if she had the strength…

“I’ll leave you now, sorry I couldn’t be the man you wanted me to be. I’ll always love you Aisha…”

Aisha watched as Tosin released his hand from hers and exited the car. He began walking away. She watched him. Was he gonna walk back to his apartment, to Tanto?

“God help me…”

She whispered. She felt like this was the most important decision she would ever make and she needed to do this right.

Tosin walked to his car, opened the door and sat in it.
He broke down in tears.

“God I’ve screwed up so bad…”

His sobs shook the whole car.

Aisha could barely make him out in the dark but she’d seen enough. She felt like she had gotten an answer. Tosin hadn’t gone back to Tanto. She knew deep down she couldn’t live without him. She had lost him once, trying to teach him a lesson and she didn’t ever wanna lose him again.

She jumped out of her car, leaving the door open and ran across the parking lot to where Tosin was parked.

“Tosin, please open the door.”

She looked at him and wanted to hold him close. He was a broken man. She had never seen so much sorrow in his eyes.

“Tosin did you mean everything you said?”

“Yes, baby. Every single word…”

“Where’s the ring?”

Aisha wasn’t taking any chances.

Tosin felt around in his pocket. Thankfully he hadn’t removed it when he stormed out of the apartment. He fished it out as he stepped out of the car and in the parking lot in front of the few neighbors just returning from work and with tears in both their eyes, he asked Aisha to marry him.

Aisha fell on her knees beside her man and they wept together as Tosin slipped the beautiful engagement ring on her finger. They were unaware of the cheers and camera flashes. It was just both of them in their world.

“It’s gonna be OK baby, I promise…”

And Aisha believed him…

Aisha and Tosin’s story gradually comes to a close. Watchout for Tosin’s concluding tale. Have a beautiful day chutzpah fam…xoxoxo 😉

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