8. Wedding Chronicles: EHIS…Amaka’s soon to be fiance (amen)

28 Jan

It had been a good evening. Ehis was stretched out on the couch, eyes fixed on the TV screen but his mind was miles away. Why couldn’t his days be as perfect as this evening was?

He’d been dating Amaka for 6 years and despite her frequent, less than subtle get-him-to-propose moves, it had been a good relationship but he knew life was changing for the both of them soon and he had to savour the peace as best as he could.

Katrina was not to be messed with. She had taken over her husband’s cartel and from what he heard she was even more ruthless than he had been. Her obsession with him had been his lifesaver and now threatened to be his death sentence…

It seemed like yesterday that he had finished secondary school. He had had no hopes of going to the university because his father was quite poor. When uncle Obasuyi had offered to send him to Italy to further his studies, he had jumped at the offer. Nobody told him he’d have to sell drugs on the streets of Italy just to get a morsel of bread. He remembered the fateful day Katrina had come to his rescue…

The police had been trying to bust the drug ring in his area for a while and he’d been very careful cos uncle had warned him that he was on his own if he got caught. On that fateful day, his instincts had told him not to sell drugs to the scruffy looking teenager who walked up to him on the streets. The guy had pleaded and cajoled and used all the right code words and he really hadn’t sold much that day and didn’t want to get uncle mad. As he brought out the white envelope he had been surrounded by policemen and everything became a blur.

He had refused his one phone call at the station remembering uncle’s strict warning and had resigned himself to whatever life he could hope to have behind bars in a foreign land and refusing to think about his mother or sisters lest he burst into tears. When the policemen told him he was free to go and his guardian was waiting outside, he thought they had mistaken him for some other dude. His Bini instincts told him to just take the offer and run. He had no clue who this guardian was but he knew it wasn’t uncle Obasuyi. Maybe God had sent an angel to his rescue…

An angel she was. Katrina was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. Her long blonde her was the blondest he had ever seen. Her lips were dripping red and formed a perfect pout. He walked up to her and could barely utter the words ‘thank you’. So awestruck was he that when she asked him to get into the stretch limousine, he had entered without question. That day changed his life forever.

It had been the typical Joseph-Potiphar’s wife story except this time Joseph had not been able to resist the beautiful Katrina. Her husband had taken a liking to him, teaching him all he knew and appointing him as commander over several of his boys including Uncle Obasuyi. He had made many enemies and it was one of these enemies that eventually whispered into Raphael’s ear that his favourite boy was sleeping with his wife. Thankfully Katrina had many loyal spies and he’d been smuggled out of the fort to an undisclosed location long before his boss could lay hands on him.

He had begged Katrina to let him return to Nigeria but she had refused. His papers were with uncle Obasuyi and so he could not sneak out on his own. It wasn’t that he didn’t love Katrina, theirs was a madly passionate and very tumultuous affair but she was married to one of the most powerful drug lords in Italia and he feared what she or her husband could do to him. Raphael was not to be toyed with after all.

It was the recurrent dreams of being tracked down and brutally murdered that caused him to find other ways out of his dilemma. Katrina had never been stingy with money and he increased on his demands. Once he had gathered a nest egg, he found a man who was willing to get him a passport and all the travel documents he needed at a fee and one day while Katrina was at the fort, he had left her a note and returned to Nigeria.

Several years later, the dreams had started again. He was a successful auditor and had a lovely girlfriend and should not have been bothered when CNN reported Raphael’s brutal murder by unknown assailants but that news turned his after dark hours into a living hell and that night the first of the all too familiar dreams paid him a visit. This time Katrina was the one with the gun. He had woken up drenched in sweat and with the acrid taste of terror in his mouth. He tried to rationalise that Nigeria and Italy were worlds apart and that Katrina would have moved on and found herself another love interest. She still was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on but the need for self-preservation was foremost in his mind.

He was used to the dreams now and actually dreaded going to bed at night. He had told his friend Sam about his constant nightmares not giving him the origin or reason behind them and Sam had advised that he needed some security in his life and proposing to Amaka would give him that. For all he knew, Amaka could have been talking to Sam because she’d gone to great lengths to prep him for marriage even getting his parents to worry him but he had decided to take the plunge and make Amaka the mother of his children because he desperately needed a distraction and maybe the flurry of wedding activities would chase away his demons.

He loved Amaka, there was no doubt about it and he knew it was unfair of him to reduce her to a desperate schemer just because he kept holding back. He hadn’t meant to hold back for this long, he already had caught a glimpse of how beautiful marriage to Amaka would be but his instincts kept staying his hand. After Sam’s advice he had decided that there was no better time to propose than on their 6th anniversary.

He had walked into the store, found the ring Amaka was so obsessed about and a pair of earrings he knew she’d love and had just paid for his package when he heard it…


Only one person called him by that name. His hands began to shake…

…To be continued

Have a lovely day peeps…xoxoxo 😉 😉


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2 responses to “8. Wedding Chronicles: EHIS…Amaka’s soon to be fiance (amen)

  1. uche

    January 28, 2013 at 12:49 pm

    Wow! Just wondering…Didn’t he gist Amaka all these things?

  2. nshina

    January 31, 2013 at 8:17 am

    @Uche: If na you, you go gist Amaka all these things?

    But after 6 years, omo!, I would like to know everything about my bf sha.

    Nice one Neetah!


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