9. Wedding Chronicles: AISHA…the saga continues…

28 Jan

It’d been two weeks since Aisha started ‘Operation Tackle Cheating Tosin’- OTCT like she fondly called it and no other person in the world had ever been more devoted to a mission.
Tosin had killed her battery on several occasions. Stalked her at all her favourite hangouts. Bought her countless gifts and even embarrassed himself at her office. She was certainly enjoying herself.

Dayo had played his role very well and she chuckled when she remembered how Tosin had almost fought Dayo at Auto lounge. If not for the fact that Dayo was 6feet 5 and all muscle, the glares would have turned to fisticuffs. She and Dayo had grown really close over this period and he found it hilarious that she was punishing her cheating boyfriend.

It hadn’t been easy though. She had almost cracked when she’d seen the dazzling engagement ring but she didn’t wanna be one of those wives who were constantly having heart attacks due to their husbands’ infidelity. It was bad enough that for the past two weeks she had been plagued with thoughts of Tosin moving on and some other crazy b**ch taking her place. She really wanted this to work.

“I miss you so much”

“Hey babes, I’m sitting right beside you!”

They both burst out laughing.

“Not you silly, I was thinking out loud.”

“Don’t tell me you miss that cheating b*stard? Babes you are so pathetic!”

Aisha playfully punched Dayo. Dayo was of the opinion that she move on. He had many friends who were more than willing to fill Tosin’s shoes and a simple hook up would do the trick but Aisha was tired of the dating scene. She wanted to be somebody’s wife and look forward to having precious kids and building a home. 2013 was as good as any year to get married and she intended to make it her year.

“But Seriously Aisha, if you want to train your man, staying apart from him for too long might not be the best solution. What if he thinks you are gone for good and moves on?”

“Oh please! Tosin’s lovestruck he ain’t going nowhere. But you are right sha”

“LMAO @lovestruck! Lovestruck men do not cheat remember?”

That got Dayo another punch much harder than the first.


“Ok Tosin’s birthday is next weekend. Maybe I could call a cease fire and do something nice for him.”

“Kai so that’s how fast you are gonna dump me? I was gonna use you to make one of my runz jealous next weekend!”

“Go joor this is serious! You have a million runz just pick a girlfriend already! I swear you are just as bad as Tosin! In fact all men are the same!”

“Hey I take offence to that! I am very different from Tosin. I’m unattached so I can play. Why get a girlfriend and form commitment when you wan still roll like a single guy? Abeg joor!”

Aisha had no response to that. Dayo was right. Her instincts were telling her it was time to ditch rule number 7 on her mission list. She didn’t want Tosin becoming a stranger. She still dreamed of being Mrs Mcfoy but she wanted to be the wife to a faithful man. She decided that she could only do most of the other things on her list if they were together and Tosin’s birthday gave her the perfect opportunity to extend an olive branch of forgiveness and a new beginning…

It was three days to his birthday and Aisha was flipping through City people magazine when she saw something that made her hands quiver;

‘Lagos Big Boy Tosin McFoy esq in hot romance with actress Tanto Chikeh…rumours on impending marriage’

She stared at the pics taken some days before. They looked like a couple alright. She threw the magazine across the room and burst into tears.


30 minutes later, Aisha was still wailing. She dialled Tayo’s number.

“Hello Aisha how are you? It’s been a while.”

“Tayo” sob

“What’s the problem?”

“Tosin” sob

“Did he cheat on you again?”

Sob sob

“Hello Aisha?”

“Ok babes I’m coming over. Let me pack a few things. I’ll crash at yours and go to work from there tomorrow. See you in an hour. Be strong ok?”

Two hours later the two girls sat holding each other on the floor as they listened to Sheila talk. It wasn’t often they had a conference call and work had made their usual hangouts a rarity.

Sheila: “Babes you know I don’t have time for men and their rubbish. Aisha just dump this guy once and for all.”

Aisha: “He thinks we have broken up already” sob sob

Tayo: “Guys she was tryna get him to be faithful and decided to punish him for a while. She put his proposal on hold and even rubbed another man in his face.”

Amaka: “You put his proposal on hold? When some of us are praying for ring! Hian!!!”

Sheila: “Do you expect her to marry a cheating bastard? Not all men are as great as Ehis oh!”

Tayo: “Girls you can argue all you want but I’m the one here consoling a crying Aisha so we need a plan and forget all the advice on letting him go because this girl don spiritually join herself to this bobo.”

They all burst out laughing but Aisha’s wails cut them short.

Sheila: “Aisha I swear this boy don jazz you so now you want to compete with Tanto? No offence but that girl is fierce!”

Tayo: “Sheila you are not helping! That girl has only been with Tosin for a couple of weeks, Aisha has four years in her pocket. Besides I tend not to believe everything I read in these naija magazines”

Amaka: “Why don’t you plan a nice seduction and get him back? Like you said, his birthday is a perfect excuse and you know that man like the back of your hand.”

Sheila: “In that case you need a plan. Cos it won’t be easy to outshine Tanto. She makes men drool and she’s very sexy meanwhile Aisha’s just Aisha.”

Tayo: “Sheila shut up! Whose side are you on sef?”

Aisha: “I will get him back Sheila. He stayed with me even when he was cheating with all those hot girls and I was the one he proposed to not her!”

Sheila: “Babes you know I gats your back any day! In that case, here’s what we are gonna do…”

It was Tosin’s birthday and Aisha stood nervously outside his apartment door. Cake in one hand, bottle of wine in the other. She wasn’t wearing anything under the sexy short dress she had on. Her friends had made sure she was ready for tonight in every way and Tayo had even informed her that she heard from the grapevine that Tanto would be out of town tonight.

As she stretched out her hand to knock on the door. She heard footsteps and turned her head. Her mouth dropped in shock as she saw Tanto dressed in a hot mini dress carrying a cake and a bottle of wine!

“Who d’hell are you?”

To be continued…


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4 responses to “9. Wedding Chronicles: AISHA…the saga continues…

  1. nshina

    January 29, 2013 at 12:00 pm

    Hahahahahahaha! Lwkmd o! Please continue this story asap. I can’t wait for the rest of the gist.

  2. christine

    January 29, 2013 at 6:05 pm

    lwkmd at ‘tanto chikeh’!

  3. kimono

    January 29, 2013 at 8:18 pm

    Aisha go learn!!!

  4. Oshoke

    January 30, 2013 at 4:53 pm

    looooolzzz! quite an interesting read…suspense all the way!!! I like… kudos Anita 🙂


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