6. Wedding Chronicles: CHINEDU…Sheila’s main scoop!

26 Jan

Chinedu was frustrated. He had to be the butt of some cosmic joke cos it seemed the guys upstairs had conspired to make this one of the worst days in his 33 years. First his car had been towed right in front of a client’s office. The client hadn’t even been on seat and to make it even more annoying, there was no one on the quiet street save for a nitwit of a boy who assured him that his car had not been stolen. There were no illegal parking signs to be seen so what was wrong with the people of this country? He sighed…

Two hours later, he had located their yard only to spend another 30 minutes bargaining and had only been allowed to go after wads of his money unwillingly left his hands. It was weekend after all. He had gotten behind the wheel only to discover that his car wouldn’t start. He looked at the fuel gauge and almost passed out in disbelief when he saw the pointer on empty. Those thieving crooks had emptied his fuel. He had been forced to leave his car there while he went to look for fuel, too angry to even fight the men lest things got out of hand.

The closest petrol station for miles around had a queue longer than he could count and he’d had to wait alongside a crowd of other people with empty jerrycans till his turn finally came. As he was speeding back to his car 45 minutes later atop a rather unsteady bike, he remembered his date with Sheila or better put, her phone call jogged his memory. He knew picking his phone on a speeding bike was foolhardy but her ring tone was more insistent than romantic and as he pulled the phone out of his pocket his wallet had fallen out. By the time he got the inebriated okada man to come to a halt, his wallet had disappeared as if by magic. They combed the short stretch of road several times but there was no sign and the people on the road looked unperturbed.

Sheila’s call came in again and then just as he pressed the answer button, the phone had switched off. Typical blackberry. He was so mad. He felt like screaming his head off. Thankfully he had some change in the car to pay the okada man. By the time he finally arrived at the restaurant there was no sign of Sheila and his phone was still dead.

He cursed under his breath. He usually was careful about the words that came out of his mouth but today had been the heights.

“Lord help me please…”

As he drove home, he thought of Sheila. She would be so disappointed but he knew she’d understand as soon as he told her what a horrible day he’d had. He smiled. There was something about her that made him feel so good inside. As he parked his car he caught himself humming the love song playing on the radio. He didn’t believe in the whole butterfly, fireworks concept of love that was peddled everywhere you looked. He believed love was a choice and he had started to feel like he’d made the choice in her favour. He thought of how great she looked last week at the party and how excited he’d been to introduce her to family. The family had been just as excited to meet her too because they’d gotten rather exasperated at the countless, failed matchmaking attempts. He chuckled as he remembered the last girl.

“What’s your plan for the next five years?”

“Well…um…my plan is to get married, have kids and take care of my husband…”

“And what if the husband doesn’t come in the next five years? Do you have a plan B?”

“Olorunmaje why would I still be single at 33? Abeg oh! This is my year!”

He had smiled and the evening had passed in shades of grey. He couldn’t wait for it to be over and declined her seemingly over eager request to spend some more time together.

Why were some women so desperate for marriage he wondered? Why would anyone keep their life on hold in the hopes that the ‘one’ would come galloping into their lives on a white horse. He admired a woman with drive. Admittedly he was set in his ways and believed he’d seen ’em all and dated ’em all but even though he had agreed to have at least one date with any girl he was match made with just so that his folks would quit nagging him to settle, he still hoped to find that woman who wasn’t waiting for a man to make her complete. Maybe that’s why he had been drawn to Sheila. Sheila was her own woman and she’d intrigued him from the moment they met. He had boasted about her to his cousins and not even Soji’s useless talk of Sheila being one of his runz back in school had bothered him. Maybe he had found the next Mrs Obirima but only time would tell. He certainly had some praying to do.

No sooner had he switched on his phone that a text message came in. He hurriedly opened it, hoping it was Sheila but it was from MTN. He hissed. He dialled Sheila’s number but it was busy. Maybe she was trying to call him.

He got a ping and this time he was sure it was Sheila but it turned out to be his home boy Richie.

“Wanna come hangout with me at the club? We could shoot some pool, I haven’t whipped ur ass in a while”

Chinedu was about to decline the offer when it occurred to him that he and Richie hadn’t hung out since the incident. He didn’t want Richie thinking he was stigmatising him since he was the only one that actually knew about that fateful day. The one that changed Richie’s life…

“Guy what does your result say? I’m HIV negative thank goodness! Richie? Are you listening? Richie-”

“Guy I’m finished…”

…To be continued

Have a great day peeps…xoxo 😉 🙂

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One response to “6. Wedding Chronicles: CHINEDU…Sheila’s main scoop!

  1. nshina

    January 29, 2013 at 11:07 am

    ….and so the plot thickens! Nice one! I’m so looking forward to the rest of the story.


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