For Ronie; There’s always a reason to smile…Part 1

29 Dec

It’s countdown time!!! 59hours and 30minutes till the new year and yes 2013 is gonna be a remarkable year. (I promise on God’s authority)
You may have had it pretty rough in 2012 (who didn’t?) and you’ve gotten used to that plastic smile that’s necessary to exist in polite society but deep down the oomph is gone and it’s such a great effort to keep your shoulders from sagging as you remember the hopes and dreams and get rich schemes you thought 2012 would usher in. Well most of us have had the good and the bad but I want you to know there’s always a reason to smile. And smiling is the first step, once that goofy crack lights up your face, it infects you faster than the ebola virus and soon a heart of gratitude and mirth overwhelms your entire being making you forgetful of your worries and eager to try again. 😉 😉 🙂

2012 was gangster, no doubt. Even the Mayans couldn’t see past 2012 but guess what? The calendar don finish oh! The Mayans couldn’t write the story after page 21122012 so you get to be author now and decide just how awesome your life is gonna be. I know the government made life harder in a bid to make life easier with the subsidy removal and increased taxes and all others but only the living worry about that right? People died and died and died this year! From the victims of Boko Haram, to Aluu 4, to the Connecticut massacre, to all the road traffic accidents, to the Dana crash and other air crashes and all the disasters, floods and deaths in-between (RIP). Good people died, good people were injured, good people lost their homes and families, good people got diagnosed with cancer. Good girls didn’t get married and good guys didn’t hammer so yea what’s so great about this year? A lot actually. And are you wondering why I said ‘good people’? Well I can’t be blogging about bad people, it’s bad enough that God causes the rain and dough to fall on the good and the bad (Merciful as He is) but I’m only human and I’m gonna focus on good people, those who tried really hard to earn an honest income, to support their families, were responsible, didn’t drink and drive, obeyed rules and didn’t deliberately hurt anyone. These fantastic minority are a light in this dark world and many of them had it pretty rough this year. Bills piling up and other unfortunate events and like me they are looking at their bank statement and wondering if being good even pays…

I’m gonna give you 20 secrets to re-writing 2013. Why re-write a year that hasn’t been lived? Well seriously can you do the same thing every year and expect to get different results? E-x-a-c-t-l-y! So for some of us, new year resolutions or no, we are already sure 2013 is gonna be pretty much the same as any other year we’ve lived! Same old job, same old partner, same old house, same old you but really it isn’t same old you. Compare your pictures from last year to this one. I know pouting is the new fad but is it just me or is your smile a tad dimmer, are your eyes a l’il heavier? Is your countenance just a l’il duller? The world is losing its oomph as problems surge and as natural highs become somewhat extinct, people desperately seek the high that comes from excesses that give transient pleasure. I said 20 right? I have no idea how I’m gonna get through it without sounding cliché but I’ll keep it simple and hope that at least one will stick, sink and transform and make you a better you for a better year!

Here goes…
1) Be thankful. Every time you hear someone dies or something dreadful happens to someone other than you, say thank you Lord I am alive and well. Your world is like a hot air balloon. Complains are cold air and gratitude is air at just the right temperature. Till you start saying ‘Thank you’ you will not get the uplifting you need for the new year and you’ll be stuck in a rot. You are not better than the person who has all those troubles or a trouble more than you and it’s reason enough to say thank you!

2) Smile! It prevents wrinkles, it makes you finer and more approachable, it looks great in pictures and it’s infectious!

3) Kill the thief of times past- Procrastination! What you have to do, do quick! Don’t wait till a mole becomes a mountain or till your workload becomes a query! There’s no better time than the present. Dump the excuses, ‘I have a business plan but I don’t have the resources yet, ask Dangote, Zuckerberg, Gates et al how much they had when they started their companies! Where there’s a will, there’s a way…where’s your will?’. The clock is ticking!

4) Get a hobby! You don’t have to do something cliché like writing, painting etc You can be a 21st century, 2013 hobby-creator! You like playing video games? Enter an online video game challenge or arcade! (Google is your friend). You spend hours on twitter? Consider using your twit-influence to raise awareness about a good cause started by you! Slum2school was started by one boy-Otto Orondaam and he has impacted the lives of hundreds of less fortunate children and gotten awards and recognition! Be a hobbit! 😉 Your hobby could take you places!

5) Compliment one person everyday. My pastor, Reverend Ben always says no one cares about how much you know till they know how much you care. Have you ever done or worn something remarkable and no one even noticed? It sucks. Open your eyes to the people around you. Taking a moment to compliment someone can lead to you learning things you never did plus you get to make someone smile and remember compliments beget compliments!

6) Give to the poor! Forget jazz, forget robbers, forget lazy pretend-beggers! Give to someone less fortunate than you. It releases endorphins in you and makes the world a better place and remember- givers never lack!

7) Run from impulse buying! ‘Sales! Sales!! Sales!!!’ Is not a friendly sign! Run. That sign makes you buy what you don’t need with money you don’t have to impress people who don’t give a f**k about you and even when they notice you, all their tryna do is be better than you! Don’t live above your means. Don’t clutter your house in the new year with worthless items that were ‘on sale’!

8) Get a savings account WITHOUT an ATM card! No point saving for the short term and that’s exactly what you’ll be doing if you have immediate access to your money via an ATM card on a whim! That’s like transient delay of gratification! If you aren’t already, aim to be a millionaire this year. If you can’t aim for a million, aim to save at least 10-20% of your monthly income. See your savings account grow and you’ll be surprised how exhilarated you’ll feel every time you look at your bank statement. Not to mention the bulk money comes in handy.

9) Join a new group- real or virtual. Stuck with the same old friends and acquaintances? Expand your horizon. Ditch the frenemies, bond with friends and make new ones. You’ll be surprised what open doors and new experiences bringing new people into your life presents.

10) Get a journal. Famous people sell their journals for millions at the peak of their lives. Trust me, if you wait till you are old or till a publisher is ready to pay you to remember all your favourite past times, memories, ideas, experiences or just tell a story of your life including all the funny titbits and goofy moments, you’ll be quite dismayed that your brain awesome as it is, is very unable to dig up memories that have been locked up in its recesses. Write it all down now, one day the world may just be dying to live life through your eyes! Plus it makes a pretty good memorabilia!
……….To be continued………..

This post is dedicated to Ronie who says my blog makes her smile. There’s always a reason to smile and as long as you are alive, you can close your eyes, snap your fingers and start over! God gives us as many chances as we need!

Compliments of the season chutzpah fam…xoxoxo


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4 responses to “For Ronie; There’s always a reason to smile…Part 1

  1. eva

    December 29, 2012 at 8:01 pm

    Nice points! I intend to follow them, rly good…

  2. ronie

    December 29, 2012 at 8:45 pm

    Just a word.’Grateful’.

  3. Akeem

    December 30, 2012 at 7:29 pm

    A positive attitude to all things in life is imperative.
    Thanks for that piece iyawo!

  4. nshina

    January 11, 2013 at 4:10 pm

    Awwwh..I’m so proud of Otto Orondaam!! It’s great to see a fellow AIESECer doing what the AIESEC core values encouraged.

    I hope my hobby brings as much fame and recognition some day.. 🙂


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