One lovely blog award!

15 Nov

Where did my zing go? Been so caught up with life in recent times that all the blogging I get to do is in my head.   I still take out time to read some blogs cos there’s nothing like a good read to take your mind off life’s dramas. I was pleasantly surprised when I was nominated by for the One Lovely Blog Award! Thank you so much for the nomination. Y’all especially the ladies should checkout this fab blog.

The award comes with a few conditions or rules…

1) I have to thank the person who nominated me and put a link to them in my post (Done ;-))
2) Share 7 random facts about myself…here goes…
a. I hate cockroaches! If they cross my turf, it’s run or die for them or just run, squealing out of the room- for me, either to get bugspray or to get a 6foot tall XY bugslayer! And have you ever been woken up by one? No matter how deep your sleep is, the feel of their cockroachy body against you makes you as alert as Nikita. Usually that’s the end of sleep for me and I become the creepycrawly night patrol. Again I say- I hate cockroaches!!!
b. I just got married to one of the most awesome men ever! Now singing “Nothing you can do can take me away from my guy…nothing you can say cause I’m stuck like glue to my guy…he may not be a moviestar but when it comes to being happy-we are…there’s not a man today who can take me away from my guy!” 😉
c. One of my favourite songs of all time is Harry Belafonte’s ‘Banana boat song’…love it, love it, love it!!! Most of you remember it from the movie Beetlejuice- Daylight come and me wanna go home…
d. I was your typical lasgidi babe. Went to Queen’s college, then UNILAG then got a job that had me working some days in VI and other days in Yaba. If anyone had ever told me I’d be living in Benin city and not totally hating it, I’d have called him a joker! Guess the joke’s on me now! This thing called life…LOL
e. I can’t drive! It’s utterly embarrassing and I’m a driving school dropout and the butt of countless jokes but I promise you that I will learn cos I dream of driving an Aston Martin and those babies don’t look good chauffeur driven. 😉
f. I’m social and antisocial at the same time! Half of the people who know me think I’m a social butterfly, extrovert extraordinaire! The other half think I’m shy or a snob and very uptight. I do a very good job of making sure those two halves never meet. And if you are wondering how I could ever muster enough calm to deceive 50% of the people I’ve met in this life into thinking I’m an introvert then wonder no more. I call it locking up shop. My mind is my matrix, my utopia and my wonderland and when I’m hanging with those people, I actually am not there…hehehe
g. Sometimes logic clouds my faith. I know it’s the price to pay for an intelligent and analytical mind but sometimes when I’m believing God for something, my mind goes into overdrive tryna rationalize and give me a logical solution and sometimes logic doesn’t cut it! Faith is believing the impossible and I just need to muster some more of it if I’m ever gonna be on Forbes richest!
Ok that’s a wrap!!! 😉
3) Next I have to nominate other blogs or bloggers for this award. This is gonna be tough cos with my busy schedule I’ve only had time to follow two blogs of recent and yet I know there are tons of awesome blogs out there. Anyway here goes *drumsrolling
i. Tunde Leye’s blog
ii. Dipo Awelenje’s blog
4) Lastly I need to contact these two gentlemen so they know they’ve been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award and so they can link back to my post and follow the rules too! (I promise to squeeze out some more time to read more blogs- promise!)

So thanks again truthseeker411 and to all my fans who are mad at me for not blogging in weeks, I just moved towns and I’m still tryna adjust. Love you all muchos. Gotta run……xoxo 😉


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2 responses to “One lovely blog award!

  1. truthseeker411

    December 10, 2012 at 3:27 am

    I nominated you for the “Blog of the Year 2012″ award. Please go to for more information. Congratulations!

  2. ronie

    December 13, 2012 at 7:41 am

    Will love to meet you.I live in benin with my kids when ‘m not in school.otherwise ‘m in akure (futa) studying.


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