Are we safe?

03 Jun

Two consecutive road traffic accidents on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway, two consecutive plane crashes and a bomb blast? So many deaths, so much destruction. Could it have been avoided or have the fates set the grim reaper upon us?

Nigeria has always been a country that depended on luck and prayers as protection rather than investing in security measures. Can we actually blame God? Should we sweep this under the carpet of God gives and God takes? Or is there something we could have done? We’ve taken too much in our stride, we’ve witnessed the wasting of countless lives but everyone sighs and continues business as usual because they are not affected directly. Even those affected lack the anger and drive to fight and even when they do fight, they fight alone.

If we can occupy Nigeria when our finances are threatened and go on strikes when our needs are not met, why can’t we as a country arise and take a stand? This affects everyone. The rich, the poor the middle class. We all suffer from the effect of bad roads, old tankers carrying highly flammable material, written-off planes forced to function so the airline can make an extra buck and even security threats posed by militants and terrorists who claim to be fellow Nigerians.

When will we stand up and fight against this? When will we start co-operating with those put in charge of enforcing our safety? When will the government stop the compromise and start taking every matter of national security seriously? When will a human life become precious in Nigeria? There was a business class on that plane, all the passengers there perished alongside the economy class. This issue knows no class. Will we continue to do nothing till the next tragedy strikes? Will we fume at lukewarm condolence messages by the presidency while the status quo remains?
Could those people have been saved if the drills performed on the plane before take off were performed while the plane was crash landing? Did the emergency doors even open? Does anyone know for sure if an oxygen mask with oxygen actually being supplied would fall as promised in times of peril? Who actually checks these things before the plane takes off? And why do Nigerian paramedics and emergency services get to the scene of an incident long after everyone else? Why do they show up after the crucial few minutes that determine whether a victim lives or dies? Can anyone answer these questions? Or will they stay unanswered again and again till tragedy strikes too close to home? I weep for my country.

I can only imagine the pain and sorrow those bereaved would be feeling this moment. Death in a church, death on a plane, death on the streets, death on the highway, death even in the house while watching tv cos you never know if a plane is gonna crash on your house. Let us pray for Nigeria and the families of the departed but let us act, cos faith without works is dead. Nigerians take a stand, it is our right to be safe!!!

May the souls of all those that died in the last four days find peace and may their families receive comfort from above, my heart is heavy…


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4 responses to “Are we safe?

  1. worshipandswag

    June 4, 2012 at 8:09 pm

    I could only sigh while reading this. At this point I’m too tired to be angry at anyone. Should I direct my anger towards the government officials or blame the citizens who are satisfied with “so so”? We’ve become so good at stating “By God’s grace…” before every task while compromising on quality. Another one is “Do your best and leave the rest”…to who? Is our “best” the best best there is? I weep for my country too 😦

  2. daviruz

    June 5, 2012 at 6:35 pm


  3. Humilitas

    June 6, 2012 at 10:32 am

    It probably ends here…and out there government had already mandated an immediate investigation into the immediate and remote cause of the accident,that ends there too,we never hear of the findings of the investigation and subsequent implementation… and then we hear President Jonathan condemns the act…at best doles out money to victims…it ends there as well, I think the problem is persistence, follow up…if only government will leave every other thing and face these issues squarely at least for a given time…we wil definitely make a headway just like Yaradua did for the militants. as for the writer of this article…i share in ur pain,but i fear it will stil go down the line like others before it…there is need to stop talkin and start doing…but then who wil do? Me? Yes but how? I wont mind a suggestion…at least it is a step ahead…we’il take it from there…

  4. Loveday Ogaga Onokwakpor

    June 21, 2012 at 7:28 am



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