To serve and protect!

06 Dec

I saw a cute policeman today. He was hunky and clean, his uniform was well pressed and he had on a pair of dark shades to ward off the heat.

I saw a cute policeman today and he stood by the traffic controller, an air of authority around him. He said come and they came, go and they went, stop and no one dared move a muscle.

He was ever so polite. Greeting every car for half a minute or more. No one seemed to mind the traffic he caused for it was all for a good cause. Our safety, law and order primarily on his mind. His duty to serve and protect. I hastily awaited my turn.

I saw a cute policeman today. When I looked at his ring finger, hopes of a valiant man giving me his seed were dashed to the ground. I gave him my brightest smile and he turned to me and with a breath that smelt faintly of alcohol and cigarettes said to me ‘Madam how now, anything for your boys?’

I saw a cute policeman today.
That cute policeman begged me for some money. I had only a little but he said ‘At all, at all na im bad pass’. I could see the tension behind the smile as his hands clutched his gun a little nervously. I gave him my little and he sent me on my way but since the traffic held me up, I decided to say it as I thought it. ‘Mr cute policeman, why?’

I saw a cute policeman today and I asked him why.
‘Why?’ he repeated as the sadness settled amidst my wonderment.
‘Why will take a while.’
Please park madam and show me your particulars as I tell you my story. I am married with 4 children and my wife carries the fifth. My children are lean and hungry, junior got sent home last week because I couldn’t pay his fees. I hide from my landlord because he wants his rent. My ageing mother is ill but I cannot afford the hospital bills. I stand under the hot sun each day, thinking about my life and the misguided notion that made me choose this profession. I ask you for money to put food on my table. My salary barely scratches the surface. Everyone expects me to be brave and strong, I am all these things after a bottle.

I saw a cute policeman today. As I drove off I wondered about he and his kind. They had been heroes turned villains for far too long. Forced to kill conscience in order to survive. They had become like a sack of beans, the good amidst the bad. I looked at my cute policeman and I saw a hustler. A poorly trained almost-soldier who took up the job as a means to survive never for once entertaining the idea of getting shot at or dying for the peanuts he was paid.

I saw a cute policeman today. He was weather-beaten and despondent. He was aggressive and desperate. He was high on the little he could afford to extort. He was trigger happy as a defence against the feelings of suicide that washed over him.

I saw a cute policeman today. I ran to him asking for help as my life was endangered by the men of the underworld. He looked at me and then looked away. Wondering if his family would get enough to sustain them if he died on the job.

I saw a cute policeman today. He sold his soul to a bunch of thieves for a share in the loot and sanctuary from their superior ammunition. He got upset when the man next door refused to bribe him or even drop a farthing for the boys.

I saw a cute policeman today. He was cute till the moment he cocked his gun and shot at an innocent civilian standing up for what he believed was right. I saw a not so cute policeman today not so different from the criminals he apprehended. He buried evidence and wrongfully accused the weak. He aided and abetted heinous crimes not caring about the victims’ cries. I saw an ugly policeman today, he was mean-faced and wicked and I wondered if he remembered he had entered the force to serve and protect!

——The end——

In memory of ‘Dejavu’- Ayodeji Onafuye who passed away on the 19th of November, 2011. May the murderers be brought to book and may your death not be in vain. R.I.P. My condolences are with the departed’s family…

Have a lovely day peeps…xoxoxo


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4 responses to “To serve and protect!

  1. ace

    December 6, 2011 at 11:47 am

    You drove??????
    Our policemen really need help.

    • Neetah

      December 6, 2011 at 11:52 am

      😉 Overcoming my phobia is a gradual process dear. Hehehe. Will let you know when I conquer! And yes, our policemen really need help! If we have no protectors then let it be known rather than suffering at the hands of those charged with our safe keeping.

  2. Kaffy

    December 6, 2011 at 1:17 pm

    Hi Neeta, just wanted to say thanks soo much for this beautiful piece & dedication to my uncle. My family & I really appreciate it. And if uncle Deji was here with us too, he would have said a big thank you too; thank you so much!!! Oh and by the way, you are such an amazing writer-keep it up! :-). A grateful family member of Deji Onafuye

    • Neetah

      December 6, 2011 at 1:21 pm

      You are most welcome Kaffy. May his soul RIP…*hugs


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