Naija Politics, a different kettle of fish!

15 Jan

     It’s that time of the year again! We waited four years to have a chance at a better Nigeria. Four years of saying ‘E go better, one day!’
Now the day has dawned, like the leap year, elections are here again!
Nigerians watched with bated breaths as the PDP primaries unfolded. Every man, woman and child glued to their television sets, hoping that this time NEPA would be an ally. One would have thought it was the counting of the votes for the presidential elections but this was a close second. The biggest and most powerful political party was picking a presidential candidate.
We watched and waited and prayed….

Goodluck Jonathan emerged winner and as a greater part of the country celebrated this victory not only because it was a free and fair election but mostly because the masses saw hope and good luck for them in the eyes of that one man.
Turaki Adamawa was de-mystified, the man has been humbled and frankly I think he should just take a political retirement. One good thing about this 2011 polls is that it has retired IBB and now Atiku. IBB had earlier on stepped down for Atiku so that he would be the northern candidate. Now one cannot but reason that finally karma has caught up with these political godfathers.
I just hope in the new dispensation whoever wins the general election retires other old school politicians like Obasanjo and makes them irrelevant. We need a paradigm shift and the sooner we stop recycling politicians, the better for our Nigeria!!!

While Atiku goes on a long vacation to soothe his frayed nerves and massage his publicly bruised ego, I’d like to also commend the boldness of Sarah Jubril. Her name will go down in history probably as the first presidential candidate ever to have just one vote. I admire her courage because she probably never had any support from the beginning save for a handful of people. Not necessarily because Nigerian politics has always been male-dominated but because all eyes were on the two giants vying for the post of PDP presidential aspirant. She was determined to make a change despite the fact that the odds on both sides were always against her but don’t be surprised if she dusts herself up, learns from her mistake and comes back with a bang in a couple of years. I don’t think we’ll be hearing the last of her!
I wonder if both of them were given ‘hypertension allowances!’ Really, political parties should include this in their budget to cushion the falls of ‘almost-presidents!’
A trip to Hawaii would do a bruised ego a lot of good! 😉

Again it has been proven that incumbency remains a big factor in Nigerian politics.
No sane political party will allow a sitting president who is legally allowed to run for election to lose a primary election, the president is the leader of the party and it would amount to political harakiri for the party if he were to lose in the primaries.
I’m only glad that despite the opposition to the move to go against the unwritten zoning agreement of the PDP, GEJ still emerged as the presidential candidate. It would have been quite a sorry sight if the leader of the said party was voted out by his followers.
I don’t think this system is peculiar to Nigeria alone, the Labour party in the UK went into the general election last year with Gordon Brown, even when most of the party knew he was not the right man and he would be floored, but he was the leader of the party at the time and they went to polls with him and lost. It’s really very difficult to unseat the incumbent from his party. But the general elections is a different kettle of fish, as long as it remains One man – One vote!

So my fellow Nigerians, now is the time to do something about the country’s helm of affairs. Registration starts today and only a duly registered citizen has a voice. It’s a bit of a bother to stand under the sun on a long queue but it’s only a little sacrifice. Think of the great men who lost their lives fighting for this country. Think of men like the late M.K.O Abiola who were never given the chance to rule. Now is the time to act. If you don’t register then all your opinions and round table discussions would all have been for nought. You might as well have been discussing who was the hottest actor in Nollywood.
As we all prepare our minds for the upcoming elections, continue to pray that they will be free and fair and without bloodshed and be rest-assured that all things being equal, our next president whoever he is, will be the people’s choice!

Arise o compatriots!
Nigeria calls to all of us….
Please obey!
And while you’re at it, have a lovely day….xoxo

*This article would not be complete if I did not include the name of the co-writer, Mcdonald. Now I’m sure you fellas wondered when Anita became such a political guru. 😉
Thanks for your input dear, it was greatly appreciated!

I have registered, have you?

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One response to “Naija Politics, a different kettle of fish!

  1. Dr Henri

    February 14, 2011 at 11:37 pm

    Nice one…again. I am impressed by the laterality of your thinking on diverse subject matters.I think Nigerians have realised that ‘this is our chance’.


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