My Teenage Crush Part 2; Heartbreak Motel!

04 Nov

When I met you, I was afraid to love you,
When I loved you I was afraid to lose you,
I lost you because of my fear.

Two years have almost gone by
If I could I’d change the past
But it wouldn’t change much unless you cared…

Everything that could go wrong, went wrong
Bittersweet memories and the pain of not knowing what could have been, pursue me.

Friends would do anything to see the guy who dented my poise and cool exterior and exposed a vulnerable side I didn’t know existed in me.

All are eager to see what kind of guy could make me go berserk and dent my seemingly strong facade.
The guy who struck a cord in my heart
… Only you could do that to me.

Feelings for you won’t go away
Infatuations are supposed to die right?
Passions to fizzle out sooner or later, then what do you call these pesky feelings that just won’t go away?

What is it about you that makes my heart betray me?

I offered you nothing but my friendship in a bid to protect my heart but you captured it anyway
and broke it unconsciously.
It wouldn’t have hurt so much if you hadn’t withdrawn your friendship.

Not having your love was bad enough but taking away your friendship was absolutely cruel.

When feelings of nostalgia threaten to drown me and memories of you fill my every being:
Your laughter, your voice.

I try to get them out but I fail at every attempt and with growing frustration I realize just how much you mean to me.
…What is it about you?

I’ve been thinking…………………….
Maybe if I see you again, the hold you have on my heart will be broken, the spell broken forever.

But my heart reminds me that it wasn’t just your looks that held me captive, for I had surrendered my heart a long time ago

Even after thinking that you were far from being the prince charming of my dreams due to your clever deception.

Oh life! Oh love! Why have I been treated so unfairly?

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Posted by on November 4, 2010 in Poetry


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