My Teenage Crush! part 1

04 Nov

The very first time you are smitten, is hardly a time that can be remembered fondly! Oh the folly and foibles of youth….

He waltzed into your life,
dancing the cha-cha with his butchacha.
A perfect gentleman no less
and with a sigh,
you realize,
that you’ve been shot by cupid’s arrows!
You feel yourself floating on to cloud 9,
and imagine yourself a bullfrog, gulping down unsuspecting butterflies.
This must be so, considering the absurd fluttering in your stomach.
Your friends don’t see what you see in him.
Forget them, blind lot
You’ll buy them all contact lenses when you’re less busy with your man.
That won’t be soon.
He smiles at you,
and melts your heart
He laughs,
and sets your heart racing.

You know nothing about him,
But that he is perfect.
Even though he has faults and shortcomings,
The good surely overshadows the bad.
And he’s yours for the taking!
But out of the blues,
A faltering step sets all your hopes ablaze.
If you had been blessed with foresight,
You could have avoided this oversight.
Your first meeting couldn’t have gone worse.
His little play of deception, sets you off balance,
You wonder if he can hear the thudding of your heart
And words, blast them!
Won’t come out right.
You appear dumb, no incredibly stupid.
Who’d believe you had an I.Q. rating of 105%
Your heart bleeds as you see the look of disappointment on his face.
But yet he gives you a second chance.
Not trusting yourself this time,
You seek the advice of a woman
supposedly worldly wise instead of just following your heart.
Things blow up in your face
Now, he is gone for good
You’re just a fleeting memory in his mind’s zone.
Well, Life goes on.
You must admit that you were never sure of his feelings.
You should never have taken things seriously in the first place,
Then you would have been yourself
And things wouldn’t have gotten sour.
Maybe by the close of the century you’d have forgotten all about him
But it seems Hades isn’t going to allow you forget your pain in a hurry.
Your friends………………….
So-called friends,
Who claimed they couldn’t see what you saw in him
Yeah right! (Sic)
They can’t resist having a piece of the pie,
Your pie!
Insufferable bitches!
It isn’t enough for them that you’ve lost him
But they want him to despise you as well
They smile at you
(Oh what crooked teeth!)
Telling you they’re just trying to help,
while they go on a phoning spree
using your name (imagine that!)
Eagerly casting their nets hoping to catch a fish
Your fish!
Well they can have him
He’s done with you anyway
But ouch!…………………….
Is that your stomach hurting or a much deeper pain?
Oh well,
You’re perfectly happy
And not one to chase after shadows
Your favorite words —–“it was fun while it lasted”

You’re young, beautiful and talented
`N you can’t spend your whole life brooding over something that was never even meant to be
Now can you?
Of course not!
It was just an infatuation
That’s what you tell yourself everyday,
`Though it doesn’t sound convincing, not even to you
Man! It ain’t easy.
You wish you hadn’t screwed up.
Now he won’t even be your friend.
A sad ending to what could have been a marvelous association.
But don`t fret.
You’re wiser now.
At least, something good did come out of this
A more thoughtful you, that is.
Well there’s a never-ending stream
Of over-eager guys at your beck and call as usual but how come the most fascinating is usually the one out of reach.
Now you understand how Eve felt in the Garden of Eden.
Well life goes on.
You’re perfectly happy and content and you hope he is too!

These verses you have just written are a glimpse of a flippant thought which pervade the serenity of your subconscious mind once in a while
But apart from that……………………..


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3 responses to “My Teenage Crush! part 1

  1. luyi

    November 4, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    There should b a male version.

  2. Purple Knight

    November 4, 2010 at 8:03 pm

    A brief tour of the female emotional psychology. . . . Beautifully written. . . Wish I knew all these when I first stepped in2 d game! My work would have been much easier!;)

  3. ladi

    November 5, 2010 at 10:03 pm

    its a general feeling. it happens to guys too.nice one. cheers.


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