Love, Desire and a girl called Toyosi!

04 Nov

You have always been out of my grasp but my feelings for you leave me with gasps
Why God Almighty,
Made you so flighty,
Makes me wonder
If you were made to wander
Or if it’s just a twist of fate
That we weren’t meant to be soul mates
Life could be cruel
And its burdens such a gruel
Love, its only respite!

For centuries in
And centuries out
A suitable explanation for this wonderful phenomenon
Has subtly eluded the best of philosophers.
Is it never having to say I’m sorry?
Or the warm, tingly feeling I get when I’m with you.
Is it something to give?
Or something you receive
An illness
Or a madness
A lasting emotion
Or a passing phase

————— A Song ———————

You promised that you’d never hurt me,
Promised never to leave my side,
All is well now, your loving me,
My heart beats with the strength of your love…

Loving you…
Loving you…

What would I do if you forsook me?
Would I remain if you seized to care?
My heart if broken just won’t heal, Couldn’t imagine loving anyone but you…

Loving you…
Loving you…

My heart beats with the strength of your love,
Loving you…

—————— TOYOSI —————–

The name…
It begins with a T and ends with an I
Reminding me of my pain
Mocking our love
That name…
Memories of broken promises
A love lost
Destiny changed…
Taking what is not hers
Reaping where she didn’t sow
Erecting walls between me and mine
Beware T!
Love conquers all
One day he’ll be mine again
And your memory will just be a dirty stain
Long forgotten
For what God has put together,
Let no man put asunder!

————–The Considerate Luv—-

A considerate lover,
Is as lucky a thing as a four-leaf clover,
One who puts your needs first
Like mother robin in her nest,
One who smiles when you smile,
And accompanies you mile after mile.
One who lets you take a rest
And doesn’t put you to the test. One who senses your distress,
And is prepared to build you a fortress,
One who doesn’t think of himself alone,
But is ready to seek your own,
One who appreciates your worth, And remembers your birthday is on the fourth.
A wonderful treasure to have around,
Like a beautiful seashell just found.
But like a diamond, one must seek far and wide,
To find a true gem, who won’t take you for a ride.


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3 responses to “Love, Desire and a girl called Toyosi!

  1. luscious lush

    November 4, 2010 at 3:27 pm

    What’s with all these lovey dovey sappy posts?
    Getting very bored!

    • nitarules

      November 4, 2010 at 7:08 pm

      Sorry babes, wrote most of the poetry when I was 16….the age of love! Now I’m more cynical but as I said before, to understand the woman I am now, you must first understand the kid I was back then! More interesting posts in future and less sappy, I promise 😉

  2. luyi

    November 4, 2010 at 7:51 pm

    So how did u kill toyosi


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