04 Nov

——My version of the story——

Life blows both hot and cold For a green horn not even old.
Wolves in sheep’s clothing Cost nothing but a farthing.
So like a vulnerable reindeer Not ready to succumb to its predator, I masterminded a subtle disguise And went forth to subdue the world. With the pretended wisdom of a professional, I curtailed an unsuspecting buck.
But Oh foolish me, I didn’t realize that the coin bears two sides
‘Tis the summer of long ago. What fun we had you can never imagine. Your fine ears would tingle
At all our funny jingles
And without a further thought,
On and on I waltzed with my delectable ally
On and on we delved until Cinderella’s clock chimed twelve!

I had run out of time
Winter was drawing near and the prize was still not mine for the taking.
I succumbed to the words of greener horns
And sold my precious coat in exchange for the prize.

Oh poor soul,
After giving your fair coat, one which had never been hurt or even mal-handled into the hands of the keeper of the prize,

It was returned to you rejected and not just the same and the prize refused you.

Oh life, your coat will heal and its sheen return
but one must pray that the pining does stop
For it must be that yours was never meant to be.

~ The Version told under the mango tree~

‘Tis the tale did go,
Two summers ago,
A lad and lass
danced once again
to the wondrous tune
of the sisters of fate
The lass
(bless her heart)
was nothing but a minor
not aware of the unexpected visit
of our flighty cupid
Their paths sure did cross
in a very remarkable way
and if one was to say modernly,
in the fashion of the times,
one would say theirs was surely
A meeting on the line

They talked and talked
My, my, dear gentlemen and ladies of the audience
Your fine ears would tingle
at their morally shocking jingles.

The lass (poor dear) was awed by the stranger
But as would be expected, that didn’t affect her chatter
On and on they went,
As surely as the clock strikes ten
So bold she did go
Like a reindeer in the snow
until a heady climax was reached

She was asked to be his queen
She shied away like a scared donkey
And brayed unintelligibly
till her prince was distraught.
He chastised himself on his mistake
For ever dreaming she was the one
And all was sad up in heaven
as the lass and lad different paths were driven.

Hear!! Hear!!
In this whirl and twirl
And tumult within and without,
Hope’s little fingers remains crossed
As she beholds the lass’s despair
only she sees the rainbow beyond the looming dark clouds.

There are times when right beautiful things
Could come at the wrongest of times
To the wrongest of people.

When God with his uncanny humor
Would make the paths of the most unsuitable enigmas cross

The physicists say opposites attract
but the counselors say you must have something in common.
Which do I follow, science or ethics.

Poor me! Being a science student has affected my choice unconsciously,
As I have waltzed to the tunes of Sir. Isaac Newton and Lord Earnest Rutherford not to mention Madame Curie.

I have fallen for the wrongest of people,
A prize not even mine for the taking
A real jewel in the rough.

What is it about him,
that leaves me sleepless at night?
My parents would chastise me,
my friends despise me,
my colleagues disapprove of me,

Shouldn’t I use my head in this matter,
why do I succumb to the yearnings of my heart?

This is a man who scorns etiquettes.
A man who is as wily as a cat.
A man or yet even so a boy

But sometimes at night, I remember his smile
And the look in his eyes as he mercilessly teases me.

I mustn’t fall but alas I fell a long time ago.
He leaves me ever so vulnerable but gullible I am not!!!

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One response to “EVOL~

  1. luscious lush

    November 8, 2010 at 5:09 pm

    C’mon! Serzly…don’t think any of us signed up for this poetry ish!


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