Chocolate-flavored Vodka!

04 Nov

The story of a gal and a guy 😉
Toasting ko easy, even when it seems like everything don click, e fit scatter, Gbam!

Here’s a poetic war of love between my friend V and I, don’t pity him too much, he enjoyed small….

Am swimming in a sea of dark brown goodness. Aphrodisiac kind sweetness Chocolate dreams giving me the stiffness.
U dig?
Must be made in Amsterdam, guilty pleasures handed out in minute measures which to some be an overdose,
I got the vodka, let’s make a toast!
5 feet away & I still miss you sitting and thinking of how I wanna kiss you.
My vodka, my sweet, not gonna let any man diss you.
Playing hide&seek & stolen kisses so nobody sees you.

Chocolate hymns,
chocolate dreams,
chocolate streams I’m swimming in.
Chocolate hymns in my ear. Chocolate in front, chocolate in the rear.
How does chocolate know that I do like her?
Well that’s easy, eyes blood shot, tools hell hot from a touch.
Got vodka passing boiling point. Sensations got nerves jangling as they travel down part synapses Got me thirsting for a relapse after asking for an end.
Pity my health with this trend,
I got the one willy wonka didn’t have.
Like usher I got it bad.
Aphrodite’s jealous;
mad at your song.

I want you so bad I get jitters when u come near,
I have to fight falling for you. You’re so manly, so erotic
you smile&I turn to jelly. Someone save me…
I couldn’t give up true love for a facade
but a l’il part of me is hoping you fall for me hard
so that I have a good excuse to change the path of my destiny if I choose to.
Like pretend luv,
cos I cant justify my feelings.
How can you care for 2? Still want you,
still miss you,
still like you so so much.
For a whole week I fancied myself in love with you
but after I finally got the courage to say it
I realised that I didn’t feel the release I should have.
Guess it was probably me still on the verge of falling or deeply infatuated.
Give me some more time, my feelings will make sense.

~And then she dropped the bombshell~

I picked him over you. I’m marrying him.
He may not be perfect but I love him.
I’m sorry I hurt you, wish things were different.
You’ll make a woman a good husband, I’m sorry i’m not that woman.

Vodka has remained speechless till today!
Drink in silence….
Have a great day peeps and remember chicks, guys have it tough too, no matter the lyrics, sometimes ko si kankan 😉

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Posted by on November 4, 2010 in Poetry


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One response to “Chocolate-flavored Vodka!

  1. luyi

    November 4, 2010 at 8:39 pm

    Shoot her!!! Unless its strictly fiction. Inspired


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