The Devil’s spawn!!!

18 Oct

    “And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” John 8:32

There are many types of truths, some undoubtedly will set you free but how about those that get you into more trouble? Telling the truth never helped a thief or an adulteress or a cheating husband! We humans run from the truth, unable to embrace it for with it comes consequences. Women say ‘I love a man who tells me the truth always’ and then flare up when he says damn, you’re too fat! So what is it with truth that always spells trouble? Children learn from the time they are very young that telling the truth still gets their asses whipped and the lie creeps in and becomes a trusted ally but if the devil is the father of lies and freedom depends on truth, how can we beat the devil and transcend above white, black and pink lies? By the way pink lies are lies women tell when they blame their inability to do something on their reproductive system or body in general e.g; 1. I have to leave work now, I’m having bad menstrual cramps. 2. I wish I could make love to you baby but I have a splitting headache! Pink lies are as old as time and just as bad as the black and white ones. So how do we embrace the truth. Many times the most dangerous shackles are not obvious chains or stark disabilities but the invisible ones that we barely realise hold us bound. The first step to setting yourself free is to reduce the number of words coming out of your mouth! The bible says where words are many sin is not absent! Most compulsive liars are obsessive talkers! Do a word count everytime and you’ll realise with more words comes more blunders. Before you say something ask yourself this question; Are my words kind, necessary and true? If the answer to all three parts of the question is yes, proceed ahead. If the answer to any part of that question is no…stop the words from coming out! The second step is to be accountable to yourself! Some of us pride ourselves on being such great liars and never getting caught! We have all sorts of nicknames for lying! ‘Being smart’, ‘Being sharp’, ‘formation 123’ you name it! But a man’s true worth is judged by how he acts when he thinks no one is watching. If you were accountable to yourself then someone would always be watching and that someone is you! Not to mention the bible admonishes that we ought not to forget that we are surrounded by such great a cloud of witnesses! They see us….imagine being spartacus in an amphi-theatre in rome, the crowd cheering or booing depending on his actions! That’s you alright and guess what chances are your dead grandma is amongst them. Please let her always shout “There’s my boy!” Be accountable to yourself. And remember that doing unto others what you want others to do unto you is a very very reasonable rule even if at that moment you cannot see yourself ever being in the victim’s shoes! Remember life’s funny. God decidedly has a sense of humor. If not why is it that the employee who misbehaves and lies at work gets so mad when as a struggling entrepreneur in the near future, his employees do the same or worse? We humans are famous for our self-righteousness! We are quick to judge all others but ourselves. The third and most important step to setting yourself free is to hand over the reigns of your life to God! Paul said something noteworthy in the scriptures. He was lamenting about the weakness of the human flesh, how he never did what he set out to do that was right but that which he knew was wrong was what he succumbed to. We humans like to say, the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak. Pls don’t let your flesh land your spirit in eternal condemnation. Only Jesus can help us put to death the deeds of the flesh so that we begin to work solely in His steps and can then say we are free indeed. Today I walked by a girl vexing with a cobbler at the market for ruining her fresh out of the shop, only just paid for knock-about slippers. If you’ve ever bought knock-about slippers from the market you’d remember those shady looking men who follow you out of the shop and are quick to point out that the slippers won’t last and they can fix it for you and before you can say jack robinson they are gone in a flash and you are left confused! The first time it happened to me I thought I was being robbed then some market woman hissed in yoruba; “follow him ojare!” I pushed through the crowd and when I finally caught up with him breathless and harassed, he had already started driving nails through the slippers. Ugly brown nails! I was almost in tears. I told him to stop but he continued like a man possessed, saying it would make the shoe last for years. For pete’s sake who wants knockabout slippers to last for even 8months? To make matters worse after he was done, the slippers looked hideous. Like the type that you’d be ashamed to leave by your neighbor’s door if you had to go to their house and he was charging me 150 per nail which in total was more than the slippers cost themselves! A fight ensued and I told him he could have the slippers. I was almost in tears and cursed him in all the languages I knew. Anyway that day I learnt my lesson! So when I heard a similar argument between this random girl and the shoemaker I smiled because she was learning a bitter truth that I’d learnt earlier and I did feel liberated knowing that never again would I fall for that trick! Yes my people, the truth does set you free, don’t be the devil’s spawn, He truly is the father of lies! Have a great evening! Xoxo

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  1. hrh7

    November 17, 2012 at 12:59 am

    i love this article. and i just discovered your blog. do you mind if i reblog this?


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