Making your dreams come true!

16 Jul

         Everybody has dreams. Martin Luther had them, Joseph had them, the beggar on the streets has them and you definitely have them.

So what determines if your dreams are gonna come to pass in this lifetime or float away into neverland and never return. The bible says that time and chance happen to them all. A wise man said all men are born equal, so how can you step out of the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary? How can you live an ordinary life, work at an ordinary job, have ordinary qualifications and yet make something extraordinary out of your life?

It sounds like magic huh? Sounds basically like taking nothing and creating something from it. Sounds like something only God could do huh? But the bible refers to us as ye gods and says we were made in His image and likeness, the psalmist also says having made him a little lower than gods… So now you know it can be done. You can take that ordinary scrap of metal and make a private jet out of it but then I hear you say everyone knows rain falls out of the sky but no one knows how to make it fall at will so it’s easy to acknowledge that one day your lot will change and you’ll be greater, richer, more successful and celebrated but now the question is how and when? Many a man has died waiting for their change to come. Life is short and time and chance happens to us all but how can we take advantage of the little minutes that make up our days? How can we use the seemingly small opportunities we have each day? How can we make every positive encounter count towards making us great?

I call them the three G’s. You gotta have them to succeed. They’ve been proven time after time after time. Ask any rich man.

Now the first G is a capital G. It could come in two forms but the difference between the two G’s where creating wealth is concerned is as great as the difference between gold plated iron and pure gold. Sometimes you don’t even need to pass them through the fire to know which is long lasting and which is just an echo of the real thing. No wise man picks the small G. The first G refers to God. Yes, God. The almighty being who created you, who holds the earth in the palms of His hands. Who loves you so much that He sent His only son to die for you so you’d be acceptable to Him, whose thoughts for you are thoughts of peace and not evil to give you a future and a hope, who gives you power to make wealth, who puts upon you an excellent spirit, who knows the end from the beginning, who is the same yesterday, today and forever, who owns the heavens and the earth and all their wealth and man’s very existence??? Now you get the picture, no successful man ventures out  without God on His side. You need Him so much. Now how does He speak to you? How does He guide you? He gave us His Holyspirit and if you have trouble hearing the Holyspirit talk to you, then there’s always His great letter to you- the bible. What if Warren Buffett walked up to you and handed you a book and said read through this book and at the end you’ll know the secret to being as wealthy as I am, we’d all jump at it even if it was a thousand pages of boring history. Now the only being who knows the exact location of every oil well, precious stone deposit and treasure on our planet as well as having the wisdom to solve every problem man could ever invent gave you a book with His precise words in it and you’ve only read bits and pieces all these years? Tsk Tsk…now do you realise you really haven’t tried everything you know to succeed? Imagine buying a new gadget and trying everything to make it work and almost giving up in frustration when you haven’t fully read the manual? Not so bright ay?

Well there’s always the small ‘G’ now this g represents god with a small g. Everything else you make god in your life in a bid to succeed, the street smarts, the corruption, the shady deals, the occultic influence…everyone knows someone who’s become mega rich using the small g and to tell the truth sometimes it’s a whole lot faster and less stressful to use it but it’s end is destruction. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? There are some principles that can never be taken lightly and one of them is whatever you sow you reap. Ask any farmer and he’ll tell you it’s a fact. You can’t sow corn and reap yams hell no! Ask Alexander the great, he’ll tell you wherever he is that ‘he who lives by the sword will die by the sword’ people get this twisted sometimes, you see a very corrupt wealthy man who lives a full life and dies an honorable death but hey you aint judge and jury, God is and where we end isn’t always the end. So if you’re looking for quick gain with small g, you’re in the wrong place. This write-up isn’t for you… Shoo before I call the EFCC.

Now the second G is for goals. Any soccer fan knows you need goals to win. If you don’t have goals then you are far from being a winner. Your goals can be expressed in different forms but they always start with a dream. If you haven’t dreamt of where you wanna be, how do you know what goals to achieve to make those dreams come true? Some of us have dreams, dreams that like a flickering flame are dying because there’s no wood to keep it burning. Ask any losing team and you’ll hear a million and one reasons why they didnt score any goals. The other team was better, we werent given a chance, we were too busy defending to strike…sound familiar? I have dreams but the competition out there is too strong, i don’t have any funds and no one will give me the chance to make my dreams come true, I’m too busy defending my present Job and making ends meet to make those goals a reality. Wow, you’d do well as the PR for arsenal. Trust me, there’ll never be enough time, or enough money or enough opportunity or enough connections and if you wait for just the right moment you’ll go old and grey waiting. So what are your goals?

Start with your dreams, Joseph had dreams, big dreams. It was almost a taboo in his time for an insignificant almost last born to dream of ruling the family and having everyone bow to him but he dreamt it twice! And rather than tossing the dreams aside like most of us would, he told his family. Sometimes telling people who you feel accountable to about your dreams forces you in the right direction. In Joseph’s case the jealousy of his brothers was a catalyst for his dreams coming true and with the first G operating in his life even when he saw opportunities for quick wealth like when his master’s wife made advances at him, he refused. Someone else without dreams could have jumped at it as an escape route afterall he pretty much controlled the house already and having the lady of the house in his bed would have made him the new master and it would have ended with him killing his master and taking control of all that was his but Joseph knew better than to settle for d small g. We know how his story ends.

So how does this all relate to you Mr Bigshot sitting by a desk in an office, qualified but under-utilized, wondering how you’ll ever transition from being the employee to becoming the employer and having sleepless nights about your inadequacies and all the seemingly unending list of connections you have to make to succeed in your town but hey let me take you back to David.

David was the youngest of his father’s son, very insignificant, his only use as the errand boy or shepherd boy and I can bet david had dreams that went beyond tending his father’s sheep but while he tended them he got really good at it. He was adding to someone else’s wealth, wealth that would mostly go to his elder brother when the inheritance was shared but he worked diligently at it. No one asked him if he wanted to be something else, perhaps a soldier and as a matter of fact he was an accomplished writer but none of  his family had ever read his writings or even bothered about him save to ask if the sheep were safe. Do u feel like that sometimes? Like you are only relevant to the people around you as long as you keep doing your Job or keep providing a need for them? It can be quite depressing but David wasnt just anyone. I imagine that his typical day left him with so much time on his hands but it wasn’t time he could use for personal stuff, it seemed to be wasted time cos even though he had to sit somewhere for hours while the sheep grazed, he couldn’t just leave them there and have a day off cause they could require his attention at anytime. Do u feel that way? Sitting at your office desk, knowing you are being under-utilized, worrying about the missed opportunities, imagining the connections and possible advancements your peers are making while you just sit there not even able to watch a foot ball match at least to kill time? Yeah david felt that way, worse sometimes so what did he do? Whine? Complain? Worry? Get depressed? Get desperate? No.

Life was giving him lemons and he decided he’d be better off making lemonade rather than sucking on the sourness of life. He did three things.

1. He got to know God. David is the only king recorded in the history of the world who pleased God. He became God’s friend. While his mates were chasing the small g as a means to a better life, he chased the big G. He studied God’s word, and built himself up in strength and character. He used the time alone to think and really ponder on all the things around him. He increased in wisdom and became a man that most men could look up to all this time sitting amongst sheep, away from the action. Unknown to him, he was preparing himself to fill a position. A position he didnt even know existed. Having a close bond with God and developing your character are tools that come in handy when you least expect. A man doesn’t learn to be a king after he is made king, the learning process occurs before causing him to even qualify for the kingship in the first place. Don’t learn the mentality and principles governing wealth after you become wealthy trust me, then there would be too many other things fighting for your time and attention, it starts now.

2. He developed his skill. David was not in the king’s army like his brothers neither was he great in his own eyes but while tending his father’s sheep, he learnt to throw a stone with a sling so far that he could stand distances away from a mighty giant- Goliath and aim the stone right at the little portion of exposed flesh on his forehead that his helmet left bare. Mind you Goliath was a skilled warrior and avoidance techniques must have been the first thing he learnt in the art of war so don’t think that was an easy task. David learnt to play a harp so well that when King Saul was tormented by a demon and sought peace no other person in the whole country was summoned to play for him but david. If david had been free of the sheep and chasing the small g, he’d never have had time to develop his skills. He was smart enough to realise that the time on his hands wasn’t time to waste but time for action like a king takes time apart to strategize for a war. David also developed his writing skills while in the fields. I can imagine him reading out his write-ups and songs to the sheep and hearing them bleat with disinterest but that didn’t stop him. Little did he know that one day he’d write the great book of psalms included in the greatest book ever written-the Bible! David was a man who knew how to prepare. Are you annoyed at the time you have on your hands? Remember that one day God will ask you to account for every minute spent. What are your skills? You have no excuse for not being the best you can be. Every moment is the right moment. That qualifying exam, that skill, that thing you’re exceptionally good at, they were given to you for a reason. If you wait for the right time to polish them or assume you may never need them you are only being myopic as no one knows what will be the turning point of their fortune. Don’t be like the servant who buried his talent and was severely punished for it in Jesus’ parable. To him that has and utilizes it, more will be added but to him that has little and witholds it, the little he has will be taken from him. Don’t let the skill you have become redundant. Don’t be confronted by your miracle quite suddenly and be ill-prepared to take advantage of it. Imagine if david had not perfected his sling-throwing or harp-playing. Missed opportunities rarely come back.

3.David did his work diligently. It was a boring job, he was under-utilized, he was helping to make some other dude rich while he had nothing of his own save for his bed in his father’s house but yet he put his all into it. He fought a lion and a bear and killed them all because they threatened his sheep. I believe that if david ran home to tell his folks that a lion or bear had eaten some of the sheep and he was lucky to escape with his life they wouldnt have been angry with him afterall his life was more important but he protected those sheep to the point of risking his life and I know the heavens witnessed that. How diligent are you with your present job? Don’t wait till it’s your own empire to put your all in it cause that’s not the way things work. Kingdom principles. How will God ever see you as worthy to own yours when you treat that entrusted to you with disdain? We all know how David’s story ended. Greatest king in israel, ancestor to God’s own son, Great warrior. He was celebrated. Wouldn’t we all want to end up like that.

So begin by having a dream and then outlining the goals you need to attain  to make that dream a reality. The goals may include furthering your education, renewing an expired license, making new sets of friends, developing a certain skill, turning a passion you have into something lucrative, whatever it is, it all starts with a dream.

The third G is grace. Grace means unmerited favor. It’s not because you’re the finest, most educated, smartest, most intelligent, most connected man in the room that you’ll be picked. Ask Bill Gates the school drop out. Chances are if a poll was taken in the world about what the profile of the owner of microsoft would be, they would have said a harvard graduate, master’s at wharton’s, internship at the white house, well-travelled, well-spoken, well-connected and exposed. Go read up on Bill Gates history, he’d never have made the mark but he did. Everyone knows a graduate without a job, a school cert holder who cant pass jamb, a key player in an office who remains an employee all his life and is suddenly sacked without pension or severance pay. We also know that billionaire who didn’t go to university, that president who didn’t go past primary school, that man who didn’t deserve the good he got in life. Oh the lucky ones. It’s grace. And here’s where prayer come in. When I talked about the first G, I focussed on how you could hear from Him, through His word and His Holyspirit but now where grace is concerned here you do the talking. Prayer is the key and this isn’t a cliche statement. Ever heard of a man called Jabez? Jabez was cursed, nothing he did prospered, he was doomed to failure and he had a bad name to seal the deal but Jabez prayed and God not only changed his destiny but he changed his name as well. Not convinced? Maybe you’re thinking it’s my destiny, I can’t change it. I may never be as wealthy as the Sultan of Brunei well let me introduce King Hezekiah to you. Good man, God-fearing, very good king but then he got really sick and was dying and God sent a prophet to him to tell him in a powerful voice ”thus saith the Lord, you shall surely die and not recover from this disease” now we are talking about an authentic prophet bringing an authentic message from God and what did King Hezekiah do? He prayed and guess what the prophet hadnt even left the King’s courtyard when God sent him back to announce to the king that God had added 15more years to his life and the sickness left him immediately. Now I can imagine how the prophet felt bringing two conflicting messages in a space of minutes I’m sure He was wondering what was up with God that day but that’s just what happens when Mr Grace come on the scene. Pray for grace. Grace to overcome the limitations and obstacles and weaknesses that make it so hard to achieve your dreams and as you do so I promise you that His grace is sufficient for you. Amen


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6 responses to “Making your dreams come true!

  1. Yetunde

    October 19, 2010 at 8:05 pm

    This Is such a lovely piece and very timely as well. Really nice dear,keep it up. So proud of you.Thank you for a wonderful write-up.

  2. nene

    July 20, 2011 at 7:50 am

    Beautiful!! Given me sumting 2 tink abt n act on

  3. yetunde abatan

    August 23, 2011 at 8:39 pm

    Anita, I read all ur blogs and av never bn disappointed. God bless u

    • Neetah

      August 23, 2011 at 8:45 pm

      Thanks so much dear.

  4. hrh7

    November 19, 2012 at 1:12 am

    great post. u have a really admirable perspective on spiritual things

  5. michelle

    March 21, 2015 at 9:08 pm

    Like your spiritual insight.


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